Ladyboys – Can You Tell The Difference?

Would you bang a ladyboy?

ladyboys tell the difference

Before I came to Asia I said “no way, that’s gay as fuck” however after spending a considerable amount of time here I’ve noticed that the ladyboys are more feminine and sexier than the actual real ladies you meet. After a few beers at the start I couldn’t even pick up on it, my radar for ladyboys was very broken but as time has gone on I’ve learnt a few ways to tell the difference even when they look so good.

In Thailand a ladyboy is also known as a Katoey and that means they are a transsexual or transgender and they seem to flock to tourist hotspots in every city.

Most people go out of their way to avoid them but if you see the picture on this post you’ll see some of them are fucking stunning, now imagine you’ve had a dozen beers and with the beer goggles even better in real life.


A good way to spot if they are a ladyboy is to look at their hairline, in males the hairline is a lot of the times higher and has receded edges near the temples if you look closely.


Another good way of telling is to look at their eyebrows, a real womans eyebrows will be higher than a males.


Try and make them laugh, while a large amount of speech therapy or training can make them sound like real women I’ve found that if you can get them to actually laugh, they often struggle to change that noise as it comes out of them and if they try hard it will sound like Mr. Ed the horse is laughing as they fight the voice box to contain it.

Bended arm

The best method is to check their arms (Antecubital fossa) the opposite side of the elbow, a real female can stretch her arms out and the crook in her arm will be recessed so you’ll notice the arm bends backwards a bit. With a male try the same thing, you’ll notice that it will remain flat every single time.

Hand size

Check the size of their hands, Asian women have tiny hands and fingers. Asian men however have larger hands, you can usually tell just by the hands and fingers if it’s a real girl or not.

Overly feminine / over acting

A ladyboy will also typically be overly feminine and put on a huge act walking and swaying their hips, flicking their hair, just going over the top acting how they think women should act as if they were walking down a catwalk in a modelling show.

Check their friends

Also have a look at the persons friends, if someone adds you on Facebook or whatever you use, are their friends mostly ladyboys? If you meet in a club or bar, see who they are with, if they are mostly ladyboys the chances are that she is one too.

In Thailand the best indicator is their Thai ID card as no matter what it will always say “Mr” however lots of them carry around someone elses ID or a fake ID.

On my second trip to Thailand I was drinking in some small bar in Soi 6 in Pattaya and had a shit load to drink and I didn’t realise that half the staff were ladyboys and half were real ladies. I had (what I thought at the time) the hottest girl I had ever seen in my life on my lap straddling me in the bar and grinding away at me for an hour while I had my drink and talked with some friends.

It was only after the hour or so of talking with her and her hips grinding into me that something in my head clicked and I asked her “so are you a lady?” and she said “yes of course I am a lady….now” and then the penny dropped. I felt a bit gay and was a bit sad with myself, knowing I had been drinking and having a gyrating ladyboy rub against me for the better part of an hour but that was my fault not hers and you’ll get over it the first time it happens to you. It will happen to you!

Now if you are with a lady and you get into your room or anywhere and then you find out she may not of told you the truth or even flat out lied to you, this isn’t the time to get aggressive. Too many times angry drunk foreigners will get really angry and call them faggots or gay or whatever they want to say and yell and scream and abuse the ladyboys who haven’t really done anything too wrong.

If you raise your voice or get angry do you really want a tall Asian guy well versed in Muay Thai kickboxing to be upset with you? It just doesn’t end well for many if they get angry. Just apologise, say you are sorry you didn’t realise but have a smile on your face and everything will be okay.

There is a quiz here on this website where it will show you pictures of women and you have to guess lady or ladyboy and if you give it a try believe me you’ll get at least some of them wrong.

Have you been tricked by a ladyboy? Is there a better fool proof way of telling the difference between a real lady and a ladyboy? leave a comment and let me know.

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