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Introduction to sex with hookers and young women


FUN – fun. It’s gotta be fun , or forget it : )

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This is a specialist website for those about to start their whoring career. All the info a novice would ever need for a fun filled , safe and sexy trip to Thailand and the Philippines. If your new to whoring touring and are ‘budget conscious,’ you have come to the right place. No ‘big spender’ attitudes on this website. If you’ve got a lot of money to get rid of, send it to me : )

Alternatively, if your not new to whoring but have been away from the Front (Thailand/Philippines) for a while and need to update, this website will assist. Experienced up to date mongers are also welcomed to post in the automated Forum , their latest info , or simply have a chat with fellow whorists/mongers.



Whorist.com was created to help fellow whoring tourists (whorists) enjoy even more, the lifestyle of whoring touring, having sex with Hookers in Thailand and the Philippines. Especially newbies.

There is only one lifestyle, right ? : )

My name is Thomas, self appointed Senior Citizen and Elder Statesman of the whorist.com community (as at 2012 , thirty eight years experience, whoring touring).

Main emphasis on this website is Thailand and the Philippines, possibly the two top sex destinations in the world.

Welcome aboard, I hope you will become a regular participant and we can help each other enjoy even more our ‘hobby’ and passion – whoring touring/having sex with ladies in foreign lands such as Thailand and the Philippines.

Please Note – persons interested in illegal activities, including under age girls and drugs, are not welcome. Regular normal horny gents, yes. There is no information on illegal activities on this website, apart from the occasional warnings re such.


who is a WHORIST ? :

Well, the tourist goes overseas to check out the Mountains, Pyramids and such, whereas the whorist goes overseas looking for young women, hookers ‘n whores, and not much else : ).

The Whorist doesn’t have a lot of time for ‘tours’ to pyramids and all that, but he always finds time for hookers, freelancers and whores ……… provided the price is right : )

Why pay they say, when you can get a lay, for free?

Yes, you can get it for free, but being the honourable gentlemen that we are, we prefer to pay for a lay. As all experienced whorists know, the advantages of paying far outweighs the disadvantages of not paying. I am living testimony of that, and I am sure a lot of you gentlemen out there are too.

To quote :

“The difference between sex for money and sex for free is …….. sex for free costs too much”
(Quote kindly supplied by Roland)

Puzzled ? Read on.

The hungry hookers ‘n whores have their needs and we are the ones to satisfy them, bless our souls. The hungry whorist has his needs too, and the lovely hookers/whores satisfies them, bless their souls. If they don’t satisfy them, we ask for our money back : )

Mutual respect for services rendered.

Long live hookers , whores and whoring !!


‘WHORIST’ word explained :

What every whorist should know, and essential reading for those wishing to become a genuine member of the whorist fraternity (whorist. com) :

  1. Correct pronunciation of the word whorist : Being the sophisticated gentlemen that we are, we place great emphasis on the correct pronunciation of the magic word ‘whorist’.

Let’s start with the root : ) word ‘whore’. Surprisingly, amongst cultured gents the word whore is not pronounced as in door. If you pronounce ‘whore’ as you pronounce the word ‘tour’, you have got the correct pronunciation of the word – whore. Try, “I went on a tour, with a whore”

Remember, ‘the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain’ ? By George , I think you’ve got it.

So, it follows that whorist rhymes with tourist.

Whore/tour, whorist/tourist, whoring/touring. So, when the general populace asks “are you a tourist”, you can reply, “heaven forbid man , I’m a whorist” ! (pronouncing it correctly of course : )

Now you have got it, and have taken your first important step towards becoming a fully fledged member of the whorist fraternity, and its a very unique one at that. Certificated courses will be offered to suitable applicants in due course, however our most popular course, “intercourse” is fully booked right now. Those interested in intercourse should read on, there is much more information on that subject further down the track.

  1. Whorists Creed – “It’s better to pay for a lay”. I think we all agree that it is cheaper to pay for services rendered than to get the so-called ‘free’ stuff. There is usually a catch at the end of the line with the free stuff. Exceptions do exist, but to put our mind at rest, its better to pay up front than to wait for a big bill at the end. Because, we do pay, one way or another, and the payment at the end invariably costs more than the one up front : )
  2. We respect Host Countries – We remain sensitive to local traditions and customs and obey the laws of the host country, whilst enjoying to the full, the nightlife facilities and the girls they so kindly provide : )
  3. “The grass is greener on the other side” – Like all good Caribou’s we believe the grass is greener on the other side and we’ll stretch our necks to get to it. Likewise, as with the Caribou we prefer to munch on ‘fresh’ grass. No old ‘boilers’ (40yrs old plus) for us.
  4. More guidelines and prophetic (?) sayings will be added as we journey along the exciting road of whoring touring.



This site will develop according to your wishes and needs. You have the opportunity to influence this websites direction and content, through contributions, so long as they are legal/legitimate and mutually beneficial/friendly.

It’s time to boogie …… back to the home page , and the key to all things good …. hookers ‘n whores , and regular ladies .. swapping their honey for our money : )

…………………Thomas (your host and guide)