Vung Tau – Vietnam – A Great Alternative To Thailand / Philippines For Bar Girls

Vung Tau is a path less travelled for many people as most people looking for bar girls generally only visit the Philippines or Thailand with perhaps Cambodia and Laos on the list too however the same operations exist in a small town in Vietnam named Vung Tau. It’s a small beach town just about 3 hours outside of Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ) and you can get there via many buses that operate frequently from the Bui Vien areas and most other areas in town. You can also get a taxi for about $50 USD and take you there directly. Always use Vinasun taxis as they use meters and give receipts so they will never rip you off. Be warned, there are plenty of ‘fake taxis’ running scams all over town in Saigon. Always get a Vinasun Taxi.

vung tau sex

Best advice is always to stick in District 1 if you’re a newbie to Vietnam as it is considered much safer than some of the other nearby districts and caters more towards offering services to foreigners. Even great Blow Job bars / Hot Toc’s such as Benny’s 110 or Ben Ny’s where for only 25 bucks you can get your dick hoovered up by a tidy little Vietnamese lady. I have written about Benny’s Blow Job Bar before so you can read that article if you need information on Ben Ny’s and a map of where to find that if you’re in the city for a night or two.

However on to Vung Tau. Once you arrive in town you will find that it’s local expats and regulars are mostly Australians, Americans and mostly people from other nations that were involved in the American War. Vung Tau is really laid back compared to almost everywhere else in the whole country of Vietnam in regards to prostition and there are loads of bars and erotic sex massage shops all over the town. In comparison, I would say the size of Vung Tau would be pretty similar to the size of the bar areas of Angeles City from the bottom of perimeter all the way up to the Jollibee at the top of Fields Avenue and over the road or to even compare the place to Pattaya, it will be about the size of the half of Pattaya but the bars are all centrally located so you wont need to venture very far away.

You will get to know the town after a short stroll around on your first day there and know it like the back of your hand after a few days in to your trip to Vung Tau.

vung tau bars

Unlike the ‘beach’ in Pattaya, you can actually swim in Vung Tau and it’s absolutely a real gorgeous beach destination


Regular visitors to Pattaya will understand the concept of all the beer bars in town and that is exactly what the scene is like in Vung Tau, many open air beer bars and absolutely zero GoGo bars or strip joints. At least not for a foreigner anyway that anyone has discovered. There is no nudity in the bars unlike Thailand either and resemble almost a Japanese hostess bar where the girls will sit and drink with you and pour your drinks and just take an interest in you and your stories as best as they can.

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Vung Tau Best Girly Bars

So the best bars in Vung Tau itself are all pretty similar in how they are setup but the most popular ones are the Red Parrot Bar (probably the most famous and most liked) and then you have Darling Bar, Hot Dragon Bar, Do Duc Inn, Snack Bar and dozens more but the ones listed here are a great starting point because of the friendliness of the staff and management.

There are also a load of bars near the big square on Ba Cu Street such as Vitamin C and M&K Bar and all of the bars in Vung Tau work the same as every where else. You enter the bar, sit and order a beer or water or soft drink, soak up the atmosphere and have a quick look around and see if any of the ladies tickle your fancy. If a lady is giving you the eye, that’s a good sign. In all the years of mongering the best approach seems to be LET THE GIRL PICK YOU (within reason!) – Walking into a packed ladies bar and trying to locate the 10 out of 10 stunner and just barfining her straight up has never really worked that well at all and you need to find one that is actively trying to get your attention and almost seems to be fawning over you. Yes it’s always about money, but sometimes it’s not always just about the money.

Once you buy a few drinks for a lady you like and she passes your vetting, you will give the bar a small barfine payment and then you are both free to leave the bar and head out elsewhere or just go back to your hotel for some hot sex with a nubile 20 year old Vietnamese woman.


For average prices in the bars you will more than likely get quoted about $50 USD or 1,000,000 Dong – WARNING – the bar girls in any Asian country can smell a newbie from 50km away and will hunt you down like a pack of rabbid dogs once you get inside a bar and quote sky high prices because most will believe you don’t know any better. It’s always good to get an average guide on the prices regulars pay and not get ripped off, however Vung Tau is pretty damn laid back and relaxing and the sort of scams that happen in the major cities do not often happen here.

With the Vung Tau hookers, they are generally very business orientated and might seem a bit colder than their neighbour countries counterparts so it’s best if you can build some rapport and guage how genuine she really wants to be barfined you from there.

vung tau hookers


There are so many erotic sex massage businesses in town it’s not funny. 99% of the massage shops will blow you in a private room either upstairs or out the back of the shop and the girls that work in the Hot Toc’s are simply stunning. They don’t tolerate hiring ugly 30 year old’s and putting them on podiums like what happens these days in Pattaya.

Once you find a shop that looks OK from the outside, walk in and they will generally speak enough basic English to tell you how it all works and show you a price list. Handjobs cost around 350,000 Dong although on a newbie trip old SingleMan got the tidiest smallest and probably prettiest girl ever seen all over the world. She was 19 years old and had whiter skin than most white people. She looked like a model and went upstairs and took her kit off and rode for a few minutes before the job was over. After it was over the small lady went and fetched some hot stones and gave the best massage and took her time and you will leave the Hot Toc venue feeling like a billion dollars. Hands down best experience in paying for sex has been in Vietnam in regards to quality of the women’s looks from the bars. She then popped the question ‘Mr SingleMan, I get no salary, can you give me tip 1,000,000 Dong ($50 USD)’ and thinking about it for a split second calculating how to convert Vietnamese Dong VND to USD – the realisation that such an absolutely gorgeous girl like that only asks for $50 USD for what was possibly the best sex, albeit shortest sex session (not her fault she was as tight as a mouses ear), no one would ever hesitate to pay it straight away like it’s nothing.

You can find these sort of sex erotic massage shops by noticing red lights or lanterns outside the shop fronts almost all of the time or failing that just hit one of the bars mentioned above you will always find a regular visitor who can guide you to a good place with hot girls so you don’t pay over the odds.

vung tau blowjob

Your typical Hot Toc / Hair Salon employees waiting for male customers. Not like your regular hair salon that’s for sure.

Condos – Where To Stay In Vung Tau, Vietnam

There are plenty of great places in the area of Vung Tau listed on AirBNB where you can rent massive apartment condos with all your requirements like a swimming pool, clothes washer and dryer, kitchen, etc. Honestly, AirBNB is probably the best choice and it’s cheap too when you first sign up you will receive a free $30 off your first booking on top of that too so you get that discount straight off the bat and you wont have any issues bringing as many girls back to your apartment you want (either seperately or all at the same time for a mega orgy party)

Dating In Vung Tau, Vietnam

To be honest, the place just isn’t really setup for the likes of Tinder, WeChat, the Cupid sites, DateInAsia so if you are looking for dating normal girls head elsewhere in the country unless you are staying at least a month and can put some ground work in. Staying in Saigon is a gold mine to meet an unlimited supply of single normal girls that aren’t selling sex.

vietnam and vung tau dating and love

You can try and pick up in the few nightclubs in Vung Tau, one of the main ones being the Blue Moon Disco (The music is so loud in Blue Moon Disco too that unless you head outside it’s extremely hard to have a conversation with anyone) but also you will find it split about 50/50 with freelancing prostitutes off bar-duty and perhaps just local regular girls enjoying a night out with friends. When they are in groups they tend not to associate too much with others, by all means give the Vietnamese Cupid site a try for Vung Tau as it’s free to sign up and view all the pictures and profiles anyway and you will get a lot of messages and see a lot of very pretty ladies but the main focus in town is P4P (Pay For Pussy/Pay For Play)  or try the dating site and see if you get any hits.

Overall in the next few years it is expected that many people will migrate from the old stomping grounds of the main sex tourist towns and trying new places such as Vung Tau, Vietnam for it’s hot women, cheap prices, lovely locals and great beaches and food.

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  1. John says:

    Hi singleman,
    Which specific hot toc shop in Vung Tau did you go to to experience such a hot girl?

  2. Dave says:

    The standard first quoted price at virtually every girly bar is 2,000,000 Dong. Yes you can pay less and haggle etc. There’s almost a union where they all agree to that first gambit of 2,000,000. That said, it’s an overnight price. But hey the number if good. Easier to arrange daytime repeat liaisons and lower prices easy enough to negotiate so they can still go to work and have a chance of getting their 2 mill overnight payoff too.

  3. kevin m says:

    thanks so much all ur info is great,,i’ve been in phills for the past 5 years,,jan-march and like to try something new,,,thanks again

  4. steve says:

    if you say great beaches in vung tau how can seriously trust the rest of youre post

  5. 25cent says:

    I have been reading SMT for years and have really appreciated all the tips. But I have to say, this article is completely wrong and has wasted me lots of time.

    I don’t even think the author has been to Vung Tau. The beaches are NOT great. It is not 3 hours from HCMC, its 1.5 hours. Let the bar girl pick you? Are you kidding me? Also to even bring up places like Pattaya or AC in the same breath as Vung Tau is to totally misdirect your readers. There is no similarity AT ALL!

    Vung Tau sucks for mongering. Those pics in this article are not even from Vung Tau. The beach is shit. The bars are full of old pensioners and frumpy middle aged hostesses.

    Yes, I’m angry 😛

  6. Steve says:

    20cent you are spot on about this report pattaya simalar ha ha ha ito think he hasnt bee there just my opionion

  7. Doctor says:

    so, any one who has real info about all that? I’m planning to go at the end of the year (not only for the sex, but to see the country as well ) but I would like to have some fun and unloading. So please give me good info and no shit. Thanks. Are there other spots on the road to ( from Xuyen Moc ) Phu Quoc Island, beach road or inland as well ?

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