VPN’s to unblock websites that Duterte Has Banned – Pornography Websites In The Phillipines

Beating Porn Censorship Blocking In The Philippines and anywhere else in the entire world with Simple Cheap VPN’s – Free Trials available to confirm this information is correct,. A Short Helpful Guide for You All.

All Porn Sites Blocked In The Philippines – With One Simple VPN You Can Unblock Them All

So in Manila, Philippines and the rest of the country have just been instructed to shut down immediately all Porn Tube Sites and Porn sites. Bad news for people living on budgets that might not have their pension money to spring for a prostitute for the night indeed.

Once the National Telecommunications Commission takes effect very soon, almost all of the major porn tube sites and a adult sites are going to be blocked. Much the same as torrent sites being blocked in the UK, Australia and various other EU countries have been in recent times.


watch netflix in the philippines and unblock porn sites with a VPN

So on January the 20th, the NTC issued a memo to all Internet Service Providers ordering ISP’s in the country to block access to almost all pornographic websites in accordance with the Republic Act No. 9775 and it’s reasoning seems to be ‘some of these sites may contain underage girls in them’

Apparently in the memorandum sent out to all ISP’s in the country, all Internet Service Providers will have to create software specifically to block porn sites across the Philippines generally speaking.

Considering PornHub is ranked as the 15th most popular website in the entire country it comes as no surprise that the Filipinos love their porn and the easiest and free way to get this is from tube sites or file lockers,

The biggest offenders on the first round of blockings have been xHamster, XVideos, RedTube and PornHub plus various other niche content sites most frequently visited by the locals in the Philippines.

When you try and browse to one of these blocked sites you will now be greeted with a screen that explains that they have been blocked for “child pornography laws” but the new Government would not give any answer or reason as to why they have taken this approach.

It’s almost as if they are copying the Chinese model with the great firewall of China. You really don’t want to get caught up in any drama while staying here short time or long time. However the National Telecommuncations Commission have been told the shut off date to porn sites is 14th of January and some users can still access the sites in the block list.

PornHub did a recent survey of the most active users on the site and found Filipinos to be the ones that spent the longest time on the site and the average viewing time for Philippine users was a staggering 12 minutes on the site which is about 4 minutes longer than the global average.



Now first things first, in many other countries such as Belgium, Norway, the UK and many other European countries the first thing by the Music and Movie studios is they push very hard to block BitTorrent sites and that of course goes unchallenged almost most of the time so they create a filter to block the offending site and IP addresses associated with these pages and replace them with the silly “Philippines Government Have Blocked This porn Site Because of illegal underage content”

Multiple people on Facebook and twitter have reported that it still loads on Globe most of the time but it’s only moments away before they are blocked nationwide with many more porn tube sites to be added on a case by case basis.

In the UK and Australia you can defeat these blockades by simply changing your modem or PC DNS server to the Google Operated DNS servers instead of your default ISP ones which are primary DNS: amd and afer a quick compute reboot you will more likely than not find that these sites are all loading again completely fine.

If you try and fire up a good porn tube site and you still receive the blocked message from NTC, there are multiple ways to circumvent the blocking itself. TOR is ok for semi-anonymously browsing (considering the US Government pay and support TOR – and then the fact it’s slow as fuck to try and load videos via TOR which really was never meant to be used to download or watch extremely large videos, especially the ones found in the blocked site lists.

The best option if a DNS change doesn’t fix it and that TOR doesn’t work so great for streaming, the real best option is to use  a VPN (Virtual Provider Network) and how they work is by routing your internet connection through another country [in example: you fire up your VPN software and select the country you wish to be ‘located’ in, which will give you an encrypted connection to an IP address in whichever country you select.

Even of you know nothing about computers or devices, it is so simple to setup even someone that’s never used a computer before could do it within 2 minutes or less.

Many of these blocks are defeated in seconds once launching a tiny app that runs on your computer.


Once of the most famous ones was where politicians in Australia wanted to ban all porn with ladies starring in the films with small tits because apparently that links them to child prostitution and eventually that ruling was overturned with a sensible judge realizing that filtering what content you can and cannot see is just a crazy thing to..

As the country continues on it’s path to either self-destruction even further, implements blocks on anything the current government disagrees with is yet to come. It’s almost always movie and music studios pushing very hard in courts for these blocks to happen but in this case it seems the Duterte Government and newly appointed member wanted  this to happen ASAP.

Here Are Some of The Best VPN Providers Around – They Keep No Log Files So It’s Basically Anonymous

watch netflix in the philippines and unblock porn sites with a VPN



using a cheap VPN service in the Philippines unblocks all the blocked porn sites along with Netflx, Hulu, BBC TV, BBC iPlayer, Australian Live TV, USA cable tv channels and a whole lot more


My Private Network service:

Wherever you are in the world, My Private Network can provide you with a safe, secure, private Internet connection to the country of your choice.

This puts control of your Internet experience back into your hands and also gives you an additional layer of security and protection.


  • Unlock blocked programs like Skype
  • Unblock Facebook and other blocked sites like YouTube, Twitter and more
  • Access online gaming services
  • Access other country specific sites including banks and lotteries
  • Added safety and security for online banking
  • Keep your private information private
  • Bypass local internet restrictions and blocks


With a VPN active you will not notice slowdown in internet speed 99.99% of the time and it will cloak your real country and ISP so even if there are any blocks put in place by the powers that be, a simple 2 second click of the mouse and you will be back up to unfiltered unblocked porn sites in the Philippines again. You can also stream NetFlix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and various other countries locked down streaming video services with no problems at all. No one at your current ISP will know which website you are visiting and no blocks will be in place. It’s also good to download and upload torrents via your chosen VPN service as your real information and IP is hidden and you can even select the country and region you would like to be ‘located in’ defeating the government blocking of any website instantly and easily.

Most of them have free trials and almost all of them will allow you to test your speed to various servers around the world to open up your Netflix and Hulu and other online streaming legal video services so you will get loads more content than just your regular Philippines account and blocking of any websites just simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Entering the VPN details in your modem/router means you will not need to set it up on each device in the house too. It’s really quite simple to defeat any website blocking techniques in your country at any time. If one server is too slow say a country far away you are relaying your connection via, you can choose a closer country and test the speeds until you find the perfect choice for you.

A VPN is also great at hiding your online internet history from any prying eyes at your ISP or even government officials. No one will know what you are even doing online anymore as all they will see is a connection to a secure server based in whichever country works best for you.

They work extremely well with the Kodi / XBMC devices and opens up hundreds of thousands of extra Streaming On Demand Services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and all of the other content you generally get the message ‘this content is not available in your country’ because you select the country you want all or even some selected applications to go via instead of your default Philippines ISP connection.

If uploading and seeding torrents, no one will even know what it is you are doing on the internet as they simply cannot see which websites you are visiting and if you are getting around the Great Wall of China internet filter being employed in more and more countries around the world on a daily basic.

These are only a few of the VPN Providers I recommend as they have excellent  prices and not only that, if you ever get banned from any server or website you can change your country and ISP and  subsequently IP address with a click of the button via the VPN  Providers Dashboard and get straight back on there.

Watching pornographic material online is a basic right for anyone using the internet, along with by-passing all of the geo-location restrictions put in place by certain countries.

As mentioned before, if you are uploading torrents and using a VPN there is zero chance anyone will ever find out about it and there is a 100% chance they will never find or where you are because you can jump regions so simply and grab new IP addresses from them countries within seconds.

So even though porn is blocked now by the government in the Philippines for the most part, this is only the beginning and there will be many more sites added all of the time.

Don’t let it happen to you where you get in trouble using a proxy server or some other remote desktop located in another country.

In 2017, geo-restrictions on content on the internet is ridiculous and governments blocking torrent and porn sites and everything in between is almost just as ridiculous. With these simple tools you can beat them at their own game.


So if by changing your router DNS Server to the Google DNS or Open DNS servers do not fix the problem it’s definitely worth checking out one of the best VPN providers above.

Best of all, none of them save log files so even if they were requested by anyone to link an IP address of the VPN to a user account it is impossible because there is no logs and therefore no one at either the VPN company nor anywhere else know where the real connection is coming from so it totally cloaks you and keeps you safe at all times on the internet.

You can even use a VPN when using wifi somewhere in a bar or resto where it’s not safe to enter usernames and passwords because the owner of that LAN or WiFi connection will be able to see every single thing you do online. A VPN protects that with 100% anonymity as long as it’s active.

If you would like the turn the VPN off for some reason, it’s one click of the mouse and you’re back to using your regular ISP IP address and details however this is not advised as you don’t really want to provide too much information on the internet about where you are, your IP address, browser and computer configuration and also this blocking website trend is going to be a whack-a-mole game where sometimes someone such as say Netflix will block a known IP address belonging to a VPN provider, the easy fix is click on change country or change IP and within seconds you are back in the game.

A VPN also protects you from basically anything new the governments can come up with and this is only scratching the surface. It’s great watching BBC Live from the comfort of your own home via the internet, no matter how slow your connection is or you have a small brownout, it will just keep chugging online as soon as the electricity comes back

I hope this information will help get you started unblocking the quality content you want to watch, when you want to watch it. Some services such as iPredator based out of Sweden and ran by ThePirateBay crew even let you pay in cash or bitcoin so it’s even more completely anonymous.

The only issue you may have with using the internet is if you have a brown out (but then of course the computer wont turn on either as the electricity is not working!) other than that it’s as easy to setup as using a television remote control.

Have a look at the sites given above and information and usually you can sign up for a free trial to test he various VPN’s to determine which is the fastest for you.

Staying safe and have raw unfiltered internet access is what we are after here, all the extra services the VPN Providers supply are just free added bonuses,

Good luck with unblocking restricted content and the apps get updated daily with IP address rotations so if one gets blocked another one will be up and running in barely a few seconds,

Good Luck With Your VPN Journey and Let’s Beat These Old Politicians Making These Incredibly Silly Laws They Still Do Not Understand.

With the links contained above, I save a couple of bucks a month off my services for a VPN in Philippines and you pay the same price and also save a couple of bucks, here is a lot of the options that open up to you to view content as if you are actually IN that country no matter where you are (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, etc)



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