Vietnam Visa Changes

Vietnam Visa Changes have happened again and they have made it harder to stay and live in Vietnam, pretty much now on par with Thailand forcing you out of the country on Visa runs which is never any fun.

Previously How You Would Extend Your Tourist Vietnam Visa

Before in Vietnam anyone could really just stop by any travel agent office and ask for an extention, hand over your passport and some cash and they do everything for you within a few days. This made it a much better option than Thailand and any country that forces you out to do border runs all the damn time.

So after the big Tet celebrations this year they are changing it so you must leave the country and you cannot do Vietnam Visa tourist extensions anymore inside the country.

Tourist Visa Extensions In Vietnam Now

It appears for now after Tet means you’re going to have to leave the country every 3 months which doesn’t appear to be so bad, costs do add up having to book flights in and out unless you go overland to Laos or Cambodia which is much easier to obtain long term visas to stay as long as you want.

In the news they also discuss getting one year visas for American tourists which doesn’t really help the rest of us. You can check that out in the news here


So as of now, no more Vietnam Visa Extensions inside the country. You must leave and come back 🙁

With any luck this will be a crazy policy that disappears and they dont enforce after a few months and everything goes back to normal. If it doesn’t then perhaps Cambodia and Laos are good destinations to head to for long term stay. Thailand doesn’t want foreigners staying and perhaps now Vietnam wants them out too. Only time will tell, but this is Asia and anything can happen.


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