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After travelling Southeast Asia for a few years it was time for a break. Due to instability in the Ukraine and the fact that I have a hankering for hot tall blondes that cost barely any money, I was on the first plane out there to check the place out.

In Ukraine there are really two great options. Hookers are everywhere in Ukraine, especially the Kiev and Odessa areas. The second option is free single girls looking to hook up with a foreigner and perhaps get the hell out of the country to have a better life.

There are a lot of places you should not visit currently because of the struggles between Russia and the Ukraine, however, for the most part if you stay in the main areas of Kiev and Odessa you wouldn’t really have any trouble just keep your wits about you.

Go To Kiev For The Best Place To Meet Prostitute Girls In Ukraine

Kiev used to be loaded with freelancers working the streets however after the recent troubles this is no longer the case. The best way to meet women these days for free dating or even very cheap sex seems to be online. You will find 10,000+ hot blonde tall women desperate for a foreign boyfriend here and for good reason. Most of these girls want to escape the country for greener pastures with a nice man.

There are loads of prostitutes in Kiev, Ukraine that operate out of apartments with many other working girls. The places will be listed online and you can turn up to the building and take your pick of the bunch.

There are so many broke university students in their early 20’s that should be super models working part time to pay for their tuition. These are the ones you should be aiming to spend all of your time with.

There are lots of prostitutes in Kiev, while there isn’t one specific red light district they aren’t too hard to find. Jumping in any taxi or asking any single male drinking in a bar and they’ll guide you to where you need to look for paid sex in Kiev.

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Meet Sexy Single Ukrainian Girls In Kiev Or Even Try Odessa

Kiev being the biggest city with the largest selection of girls it’s probably the first option you should try. There is also a lot of nightclubs, discos and freelance hangouts. Meeting girls in shopping malls, coffee shops and basically anywhere you go is extremely easy to. Everyone is very outgoing even if you are very shy.

As far Odessa, it’s basically similar to Ibiza where once a year they have large dance parties with everyone taking MDMA and ecstacy tablets and having a non stop week long rave where everyone seems to be fucking everyone else.

For the rest of the year you want to stay in the city center in Kiev, but during the summer months get as close to the beach as possible and soap up the sexy beauties in bikinis everywhere.

Any time you meet a Ukrainian girl you really need to put in a little effort and spend time with her that first time you meet her and mention how it feels like a date. It might take one or two dates before you’re bedding a 9 out of 10 that should be working as a magazine supermodel.


Meeting Girls In Ukraine Online


Since you will only be here on short vacations, it’s time to hit the ground running and have around 20-30 girls lined up since some will flake out and pull out at the last minute. Plus if you have a t least 20 lined up, you will be able to bang at least half of this just by buying them cheap dinner and a coffee or beer or two. Pre-planning the girls via Ukraine Date is the easiest and it’s free to sign up.

That is why you should log on to Ukraine Cupid about a week or two before your trip and start chatting these very willing girls up. Message as many Kiev ladies as you can and if possible get them on video cam chat as soon as possible to confirm they are who they say they are. Fake pictures are in abundance on some sites. Video chat does not lie however.

After you have your girls lined up,  try and meet a few of them on that first date for those coffee dates. Say you are pretty busy since you just moved but really want to meet up with them even if only for a little while. This lays the ground work for a second date and possibly a great fuck with a stunner.

odessa ukraine kiev cheap sex free dating advice great tits


Good Luck Meeting Girls In Ukraine – Kiev and Odessa is the sweet spot to test out

If you head to these best cities to meet girls in Ukraine and put in some effort you will have success. They don’t generally give it up quickly, but the more contacts you make and dates you go on the more success you will have.

Kiev will be the best all around spot, but lots of Ukrainian girls go to the beach parties in Odessa every summer and you wont find hotter tall blonde women anywhere outside of perhaps Russia. Hopefully you can find some drunk ones on holiday mode that are ready to put out straight away and bed you.


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    I question “Meeting Girls Online” I have been on numerous Ukrainian sites for several years and have found the majority of the sites have bogus profiles, the girls will answer and answer in order to keep the cash flow for the site. Of course the site is behind the phony profiles and have a staff to keep up the letter churning which ranges from $10 to $50 per letter(to send and to receive). Also the sites have staff members read each letter and edit out any possible contact info. from you or if you are actually communicating with a real lady her letters are also edited. So it’s impossible to contact a lady once you’re in the Ukraine, you have no real name, no phone# and no address. So I would like to know how YOU can line up 20-30 girls to contact prior to your trip via dating/match/marriage sites.

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