Toyo Show Strip Theatre Osaka – Western Japan’s Largest Strip Club Venue

This historical theatre ‘Oriental Show Theatre’ Toyo Show opened in 1964 and has a huge space inside to seat 130 people for the shows and makes it the largest of its kind in Western Japan.

One thing to note is that most of the strippers are actually JAV stars / Japanese Porn Stars for the most part and are all extremely sexy. The shows are pretty explicit so prepare to get an eye full.

toyo show strip club osaka japan

At Toyo Show strip theatre entry will set you back 3000 yen (~$30 USD) and they have four shows a day with 6 dancer sets per show and at the end of this you can get your photo taken with the strippers on a Polaroid camera for 500 yen ($5 USD) which might make a nice souvenir although they wont take any graphic rude photos unfortunately. It will look like this:

oriental show theatre strip club in osaka


Show times daily are 12 noon until 14:15 pm, 14:35 until 16:50, 17:10 until 19:25 and 19:45 until 22:00 which is the final show for the day. They will inform you upon arrival of the rules which are basically no touching the dancers and no cameras. So pretty standard strip club policies world wide.

You can buy alcoholic drinks in the venue at the bar and drink prices are fairly reasonable for a strip club. Only 500 yen per drink.

Toyo Show Theatre Strip Club address is 530-0033 Osaka, Kita-ku, pond-Cho 11-1 and also goes by the name Oriental Show Theatre.
Their telephone number is 06-6358-0370

If you need assistance trying to locate this place in Osaka you just head out Tenma Station and come out of exit with the McDonalds fast food chain restaurant and you will see 3 small lane ways you want to walk down the one in the middle.

oriental show theatre osaka strip club


Here’s a little video from YouTube that shows pretty much the quality of women that you will experience during the shows at Toyo Show Theatre strip club in Osaka during your visit.


oh the girl in the main page clip is a current stripper there. Here’s her photo in full.

osaka strip theatre strip club is called Toyo Show

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  1. Singapore says:

    Was there last night (8th jan 2018), the place is still there. Will be better to look for Toyo show theatre in your google maps. They change the show time from the original post a bit, 1pm, 3.35pm, 6.10pm and 8.45pm. Not sure if they rotate the dancers for the different show times. The ladies are definitely attractive and sexy. And they are pretty good dancers too.

  2. sajul says:


  3. Neale says:

    I’ll be in Osaka next week. Do I have to book for a show? Will the taxi driver know where it is? Thanks. Neale

  4. Wow I would absolutely love to visit Toyo one day. This writeup makes me want to book a trip out there right now. I live in Las Vegas and our largest venue is Sapphire (maybe you’ve been?) at around 70,000 sq ft. It’s far more touristy and not as fun as what you’ve described though. Thanks for showing me this place and for the story.

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