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Introduction to sex with the hookers and young women of Thailand

UPDATES : Most of this kind of general info remains constant , year in year out.

However , I  change it when and where necessary …… Thomas


When to go for best sex :

If you go at the right time you will have a bigger selection of sexy girls, hot women and escorts, incl. sex massage in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiangmai, Phuket, Hatyai and other towns of Thailand.

Do not go … 13th April – 15th April Bangkok and all other areas of Thailand , except Pattaya : 13th April – 19th April. During this period they have the Songkran Water Festival (Thai New Year). Buckets of water will be tossed onto you whether you like it or not. Hookers are hard to come by during this period. They go back to their home province to celebrate New Year or stay indoors during this period.

Most go … during the high season , approx November to February ,  when the weather is better and the nightlife is full on. Some would argue high season begins in September and ends just before April.

At other times of the year you might have flooding (Sept – Oct) and festivals that interrupt, to a limited extent, the nightlife and the girls availability. Royal birthdays etc also interrupt alcohol and nightlife activities for a short time. Even so, Thailand ‘rages’ high season or low season. Last time I was in Thailand Sept/Oct there was no flooding and ‘adequate action’ … T

Just like you or me, the gals have to eat, regardless of the season, in fact ‘out of season’ punters/mongers delight in taking advantage of the girls greater ‘hunger’ during the off season (less mongers : ). Others prefer to go in the high season for the excitement of the bigger crowds.

Accommodation – cost can increase 25 – 33% and even more in some cases during the Thai high season , December to February. Some towns, away from Bangkok, such as Patong are well known for charging more for their accommodation during the high season. Details under each respective town/city. Of course if tourist numbers are down for whatever reason, you have an opportunity to get accommodation at a discounted rate.

Ladies of the Night – During the high season cohabitation rates and thus competition for the girls increases. I would not worry about this angle, as there will still be an excess of girls to choose from. Arrive at venues 8/9pm. Exception, eg, Beer Garden (Bangkok) 6pm – 8pm, where the early bird catches the worm : )

Because of this increased demand during high season, prices might sneak up. Take this into account. To be on the safe side, view the prices listed in this publication as ‘low season’ prices and add 10-15% for the high season scramble for ’pleasure’ . Still a modest cost , compared to the Western World : )

UPDATE : It is believed some eg, Bangkok Go-Go Bars now charge Baht1000 (thousand) Bar Fines when the high season is at its peak, eg Christmas and New Years Eve, for example. Bar Fines are normally Bt5/600. Resist this move. If you divide the total cost of your trip by the number of girls you sleep with , it makes for expensive sex, even without these new kinds of increases. Go for Freelance girls where there is no mama-san/ladies drinks bullshit and no bar fine. Info re this is on this website (eg Bangkok – Other Nightlife notes).

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Passport, Visa, Air Ticket & Insurance


At the time of entry into Thailand your Passport will have to have six months or more life left in it. Otherwise entry may be refused. This is a typical requirement world wide.


No good arriving at the Airport in the hopes of heading straight for sexy girls, hot women, escorts and hookers, including sex massage …… if you aint got your visa requirements sorted out beforehand.

Citizens of some countries do need visa’s, others do not. It varies from country to country. Best to ring up your local Thai Consulate/Embassy well in advance before your departure and gain specific information regarding how long you can stay in Thailand and whether or not extensions of stay are available once your in the country. Remember visa’s have to be used within a specified time of being issued. There are a variety of visa possibilities, eg, sixty day visa’s and thirty day visa’s. Thirty day visa’s are issued on arrival at the Airport for most countries. If you wish only a thirty day stay in Thailand check before you depart, if you are automatically entitled to a 30 day visa on arrival at Bangkok. Also, find out your country’s Consulate phone number in Thailand, just in case you run into problems and need to contact them.

Air Ticket

What I do, is research on the Internet via google. Eg “Discount Air Tickets Thailand/Philippines” or website : Find out what the best fare is, then approach travel agents and see if they can match the internet price. This is because I do not like using credit card on the internet and if you go to Travel Agent without any info you most probably will pay more than Internet prices.

It pays to shop around amongst the Discount Travel Agents for the best deal. Price will depend upon when you are flying, that is, whether it is the airlines high season or low season. Normally, you get a better deal during the airlines low season, which will most probably coincide with Thailands low season : ). Your departure point (country) will determine whether its high or low season. Other factors are – the airline your travelling on ; how long you are staying away, and the category of ticket you are buying. There are various categories of tickets in each departing country. Different conditions apply to each different category. Make sure you understand the basic conditions of your ticket, viz refunds, change of schedule penalties, and so on. Firstly, you have to know when you are departing (high/low season), which airline your travelling on, how long your staying away, stop overs, if any and which category of ticket your going to buy. Categories range from the full fare with few conditions to the cheapest of fares with more conditions.


An insurance policy that covers loss, theft & medical problems whilst overseas is worth serious consideration. Once again, shop around. Compare what the Travel Agent is offering with others. I have never taken out insurance and have never regretted it. Touch wood : )


Before departing for Thailand its best to make photocopies of all the important documents and keep them in a seperate place from the original documents themselves. Viz, Airline ticket, important pages of passport, birth certificate.


Health Precautions


Make sure you are fully immunised before departing for the tropics (Thailand). It’s unusual for Immigration Officials to ask to see your W.H.O. Vaccination Card, but I suppose it could happen. For your own protection its best to have at least a minimum cover against basic nasties as listed below.

Possibly your first step would be to visit your local Doctor, if he is not confident about what is and is not required for Thailand then ask him for the address of the nearest specialist Vaccination Centre. Call them up on the phone and find out what vaccinations you need and work out a timetable, as some vaccinations need to be started months before your departure. Vaccination Centres are not cheap, and doubt if you can get a government refund on them.

Take the following as a rough and non expert guide only:

Cholera – no longer required under International Health regulations. I’ve discontinued having boosters for this one.

Tetanus – ADT, ie, a Diptheria and Tetanus combined injection. Initial injections are given in childhood and boosters every ten years thereafter.

Recommended. Hepatitis A – Three injections over a six months period. Then booster every ten years. Recommended.

Hepatitis B – After the initial three injections you need a booster every five years. Definitely required for South East Asia, which includes Thailand and Philippines, especially if your going to have sex (doesn’t everyone ? : )

Note : I went to my Doctor to have a booster for Hep. B, but he said “not necessary, your antibodies level is 1000. If the antibody count is 10 or above, no need for a booster”. So I did not have a booster for this big killer Hep.B (W.H.O to Oct 2000 Stats : 2 billion infected, 350 million chronic sufferers, 1 million a year die from it). Sorry, no more recent info on Hep B stats. Still a very real and serious threat.

I suggest you do not arrive in SE Asia (Thailand/Philippines) seeking to have a good time and SEX with the ever willing mature adult girls, women, hookers, escorts of Thailand , without first having your Hepatitis B (and pref A) vaccinations. More Hep B and more fatal deaths than with HIV/Aids, world wide, including Thailand.

Japanese B Encephalitis – Three injections over a thirty day period. Worth considering. I have not had it and will not be getting it.

Polio – Initial injections during childhood, boosters every ten years thereafter. Recommended. I had it in child hood.

Rabies – Follow advice of your Doctor. I had the course years ago but haven’t had any boosters in recent times.

Tuberculosis – Follow your Doctors advice. I do not have any boosters for it nowadays. (Getting laxed, TB is rife in Thailand and Philippines).

Meningococcal Meningitis – Discuss this one with your Doctor. There are so many different strains that it is hard to vaccinate against all eventualities.

Typhoid – Advisable.

The above seems a rather daunting list but it’s important you take vaccinations seriously and discuss them well ahead of your departure date with either your local doctor or a specialist Vaccination Centre.

UPDATE : Amongst the medical fraternity, the latest trend is not to vaccinate for this and that, willy nilly. Some vaccinations are no longer considered necessary and even in some cases detrimental to ones health.

Myself, I will still attempt to have protection from these nasties, unless my Doctor advises otherwise : ) Update : I do not have vaccinations anymore.


Other Health Precautions:
Dental – make sure your teeth are in good order before you depart overseas. Your chances of first class up to date treatment is better in the West than it is in South-East Asia, athough a significant number do have dental work done in Thailand/Philippines. Not me : )

Optical – Take your prescription with you and preferably spare glasses/contact lenses, just in case.

Prescriptions – in Thailand are not mandatory. So long as you know the generic name you will usually be able to purchase your medication/s without prescription.

Malaria – as yet no immunisation for it. If your one of those people that mosquito’s like , then check with your Doctor regarding anti-malarials, which you have to start taking weeks before your departure and continue on taking for ………( 6 ?) weeks after your return. Once in Thailand you can keep mosquito’s away by turning on the fan or lighting up a mosquito coil which are readily available in mini stores and supermarkets. In extreme cases, malaria can be fatal, so take care. NOTE : For many years now I have not taken anti malarials for Thailand/Philippines and have had no problems. Maybe I am just lucky? : )

Water/Ice – To be on the safe side do not drink tap water, only bottled Spring/Mineral water with a serrated sealed cap (not cork or screw top). Chipped ice coming from large ice blocks, is to be avoided, although ice cubes made from purified water are most probably safe. But how do you know its made from purified water? You don’t, so best to avoid ice in all forms. Fruit juices with crushed ice or tap water are therefore a risk. The water used in commercially prepared drinks such as soft drinks, and our favourite – beer, is safe.

Typhoid Fever – To avoid, don’t drink tap water, drink only bottled water (as explained above). Beer is a mans best friend anyway : ) Eat at well patronised restaurants and not from street vendors (ever see where they get their water from ?)

Hepatitis – Make sure you have your shots for this (see Health Precautions, above). Easier to get than HIV/Aids. Can destroy your drinking life (alcohol) or destroy you completely.

HIV & AIDS – is alive and well in Thailand and Philippines. Use condoms. Bring your own. If you perform cunnilingus on a ‘lady of the night’ you are taking a risk with HIV. Alternatively bring a box of ‘tongue condoms’ with you : )

Do not have unprotected sex in Thailand with these sexy thai girls , hot women , escorts , and hookers , including street hookers and sex massage even if they are agreeable to it. The one who willingly agrees to it , is the one that is likely to have some kind of STD or even HIV itself. Do not take the risk. Bring your condoms from your home country , do not buy in Thailand.

STD’s – Sexually transmitted diseases are in abundance, thanks to the bare back riders. Use condoms, and if you still get something ‘strange’ ask your Consulate/Embassy in Bangkok to recommend a good Doctor. Note – Bumrungrad (Bangkok) is reputedly the best Hospital in Thailand , for foreigners, not cheap either : )

Cunnilingus with the wrong woman can result in Herpes on the face. Not a pleasant sight and will ruin your vacation. Blow Job Bars : Even though the girls try and avoid herpes, whatever, your taking a risk getting a bj from a bj bar, where the girl might suck 3/10 cocks a day (1000/30,000 a year).


The currency quoted on this website is the Thai Baht. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

As every seasoned traveller knows, no money, no honey. After reading this website you will have a better idea of how much money to bring with you.

Do not have all your eggs in the one basket, bring a variety of money – bank debit/ATM card (also known as cash/check card) ; credit card; travellers cheques (TC’s) and a small quantity of U$ dollars cash. Not too much cash, cause if you lose it its gone forever, but its handy on the odd occasions when you can not access money any other way. Myself, I take two plastic cards, just in case I lose one, plus cash notes. Update : Nowadays I take a risk and bring all cash notes , and 1/2 plastic cards just in case.

Travellers Cheques : Ideally you will have two major brands of TC’s so that if you lose one brand ,  you have the other brand to rely on whilst waiting for a refund. Denominations of 100 with a few 50’s and one or two 20’s should do. I must admit, nowadays, I do not deal in TC’s any more. Too clumsy a way of concealing , then changing money.

American currency is the one to have. Bank notes dated after 1993, noting that the U$100 1996 issue is sus’ and many money changers will not accept them. The English Pound comes a close second as a favoured currency. All notes must be clean, ie no scribble on them, not tattered/torn etc.

ATM’s : On occasions you can run into trouble with Thai ATM’s, eg, ‘not communicating’ messages. So, its best to use the ones located in front of the Bank itself during normal bank hours, so you can pop inside if your card is gobbled up. Although, for security reasons, I never use ATM’s located on the footpath itself. I enter the bank building and change inside. When I have to change on street, its day time, and I look around for suspicious characters lurking, before stepping up to ATM. If you have changed a large amount, best to hop in a taxi, front of ATM.

Baht10/20,000 per withdrawal max, varies. Also be aware that the exchange rate from these machines is not as good as it is with Travellers Cheques, and/or cash. I noted I was losing around 5% on the exchange rate! Bank cards have the advantage that they are easy to conceal from would be thieves. Travellers cheques are bulky and thus harder to conceal, but you can get a 100% refund on them (in time). Once again don’t have all your eggs in the one basket. Nowadays, I take mainly cash with me, for the better exchange rate (Phils , not Thailand) and no fees, but have my plastic cards in case of emergency (run out of cash or cash stolen/lost). Thailand gives slightly inferior rate for cash notes. Philippines gives a better rate for cash notes.

Some of the hard core adult girls (including Bar Girls),women, hookers, including street hookers, and escorts, are great in sex yes, but look on foreigners as walking ATM’s. Follow the price guidelines in this website. Dont be a sucker or be swayed into paying sucker prices. There’s zillions of girls on offer, no need to pay silly prices. The less hard core the girl, the less commercial they are, normally.

Having money sent by Bank Transfer from your home country to Thailand (or any other country for that matter) is not recommended. Instead of the short days they quote, it could end up taking two weeks to get to you. Only in absolute desperation rely on a ‘telegraph’ transfer of money.

Changing money – Before heading for a Bureau of Exchange Office or Bank, organise everything in the privacy of your Hotel room. Get your Passport, TC’s, cash or ATM Card your going to use out of your leg pouches or Hotel security box and into your waist pouch or day bag slung in front of you (not on side or behind you). Money exchanges are everywhere and the rates are fairly uniform. In Thailand there is a set charge for every travellers cheque changed, regardless of its denomination. Nothing to scare you  : ) So bring U$100 denomination TC’s in the main. Travellers Cheques attract the best exchange rate (in Thailand). For bank cards – Mastercard and Visa are the best. Thai banks will not give you a cash advance on an American Express Card, only Travellers Cheques in lieu.

When you have completed changing your money, head straight back to your Hotel and re-organise the safety of your valuables. For example, you might place your Passport back in the Hotel security box. Take photocopy of main pages passport, just in case Thai police ask. Never happen to me! Don’t walk around the streets with lots of valuables on your person, especially at night.

Do not change money with people who approach you on the street. This is standard for all countries.

Weekends and public holidays the rates are usually at their lowest. Hotels, traditionally offer poor rates. Try : (or and check the exchange rates, before you leave for Thailand. Alternatively have a look in your local paper. Usually Banks are offering very close to identical exchange rates, but doesnt hurt to check around beforehand.

Safekeeping your money – On arrival you might consider cashing some of your travellers cheques and opening up an account with the Thai Farmers Bank who will issue you with a bank card on the spot. Then you can use their ATM’s ( with their fourteen associated banks ) which are located all around the country. Check with your local bank to see if your credit/debit card will be accepted by Thai Farmers ATM’s. I think you will find they will be. Before departure, consider buying a money belt which goes around your waist, and under your shirt or trousers, or any other type of safety pouch. You can buy them at travel bag shops. Do not use wallets. They are too easy for thieves to see and pinch. Exception : Wallet inside zippered day pouch slung over your front (not side or back). Use the security/safety boxes at your hotel or a safe deposit box at a bank. Spread your cash around. Some locked in your suitcase back at the room, some in the hotel security box or bank safe deposit, and some in your safety pouch, eg. leg pouches which I use.


Clothes – Your normal attire should be light weight long trousers and short sleeved shirts, and casual shoes. Thai’s normally wear short sleeved shirts and long trousers, not so much T. Shirts (Filipinos keen on t.shirts) and rarely shorts. The ladies will be more impressed with a Shirt (both Thailand and Philippines). Tailors and material are cheap in Thailand. Its a great place to have something made up.

Medications – are freely available and usually without prescription, cialis/viagra included. But buy from the large reputable pharmacies, otherwise you might be buying a placebo/fake, that could be either ineffective or dangerous to your health. Viagra in sealed Pfizer packs 100mg size which you can break in quarter/half , are most economical and more likely to be the genuine thing. Avoid loose tabs from jars etc, might be fake. Other brands : Penagra ; Kamagra ; Silagra ; Veega ; Caverta. I’m waiting for ‘Niagra’, cause I have an eternal erection …. gotta get it down somehow : )

Condoms – Check size on label, as the one your about to buy might be for the Thai market. Also check use by date of package too. Sex with hot hookers, escorts, women and sexy mature girls, and even street hookers … can be great if you use KY Gel with condoms.

Camera – Yes bring it. Thai’s are camera shy however, more so in public than in private. Do not take a photo without the consent of the other party, especially in night time venues such as go-go bars, where it is normally forbidden. If you want a shot of a go-go girl then it will normally have to be back in your room. Ask her in the morning before you pay her, if its ok to take a shot. Many processing shops in Thailand.

Pornographic Material – is banned in Thailand. Punishment can be severe, do not tempt fate, leave such home. You will not need porno material , you will have the real thing in Thailand.

Internet Access – Internet Cafes abound. The rates vary a lot between towns/cities and outlets. Country towns cheaper than big cities. Shop around, prices can vary especially in Bangkok.

Electricity – Make sure you are using an alternator , to be on the safe side. Power supply Thailand : 220volt 50Hz AC. Adaptors – Electrical shops/Department Stores in Thailand sell them.

Time – Thailand is 7 hours ahead of GMT (London) and its ahead of London in sex too : )


Transport and Hotels Generally etc :

The population of Thailand is somewhere between 70 and 80 million and growing fast. They fuck a lot : )



Long Distance travel …. 
Best is plane. Relatively safe, quick and not expensive. Thai Air or Bangkok Airways are the two main domestic carriers. Others have cropped up since, Air Asia, Tiger Airways, 1 2 Go etc and they can be very cheap. Buses are involved in too many accidents, are prone to highway robberies and your bags, which are out of sight, can also be interfered with. Trains are slower, but safer and more comfortable to travel in but you usually need to book at least a couple of days in advance with travel agents for the popular runs such as Bangkok to Chiangmai or Hatyai. Ignore friendly strangers on buses or trains offering you something to eat or drink. It could be drugged and you’ll wake up minus your valuables. Note re Trains – you can buy tickets at Thailand Overland Travel & Tour, 407 Sukhumvit (between soi 21 & 23) and therefore a long walk from Soi.4. area, so catch Skytrain to AsokE4 Station (Soi 21). Phone (02) 2584778-80. 2589246-7 Fax (02) 259-6558. Email : or Note : Its a long time since I have used this agency, might not be around anymore(?), but you will find plenty of travel agents in the touristy/monger areas.

As you enter the front door of TOT – Straight ahead = Overseas Air ; to your right – Domestic Air. Upstairs – Train Tickets.

More convenient than catching a taxi to Hua Lamphong Station and back, and you will avoid queues. Beware of small fly by night travel agents. Stick to established ones. Ask Hotel Front Desk for a recommendation.

Renting of motorbikes and vehicles is not recommended. The roads are dangerous and there are sometimes scams with the contracts. If you happen to have an accident, even if the fault of the other, you are the one who will pay. Even so, some information under the respective towns/cities is given in respect of motorbike hire. I rent motorbikes in far away places like Chiangmai and Chiangrai, where there is less chance of a ‘rip off’ mentality , and less traffic.

Bring your home Driving Permit/Licence if you wish to hire a vehicle in Thailand. I have rented motor vehicles without an International Driving Permit. “Money and ‘user pays’, operates within Thailand : ) When on the road, don’t forget, biggest is best. Give way to the bigger vehicle regardless of what you think the law is or should be.

The best transport is riding the sexy escorts, women, mature girls including the girls at sex massage parlours … that Thailand kindly provides year in year out. Courtesy of the mama’s and papa’s who worked so hard 18 – 22yrs ago to produce such a wonderful fuck for you , today : )


Transport within Towns and Cities:
Taxis – Regular taxis are most common in Bangkok, but not so readily available elsewhere in Thailand. The alternative to regular taxis are Tuk Tuk’s, Songthaew’s and Samlor‘s. More information on them further on. Taxi fares from Thai Airports is given under relevant town/city notes.

As a general rule it’s better to have some idea of the fare to your destination before you engage a taxi driver, regardless of which ‘variety’ (Sedan ; Tuk Tuk , Songthaew or Samlor).

When moving around the city, try and find out first from the Hotel Reception Desk or from someone else what the fare should be before hailing a sedan type taxi. You have got the choice of waiting to the end of the trip and seeing if the fare approximates with what you have been told. If it is way out, offer a compromise fare and if the driver doesn’t accept it, mention the Tourist Police. That should bring the inflated fare down. I prefer to avoid any of that, and so before embarking, stand outside the taxi and ask how much to my destination. If it approximates with what I have been told, eg, by the Hotel Reception Desk or whoever, then I hop in, otherwise I step back and wait for another Taxi/Tuk-Tuk. There are plenty of ‘taxis’ in Thailand. Note : Nowadays , if sedan ,  I just make sure driver uses meter , cross my fingers and hope that the meter is honest. Exception : When I arrive at Airports, I sus out the cost to my destinatination beforehand. Airports are traditionally rip off places for taxis. Thailand is fairly well controlled in that respect.

Tuk-Tuk’s – Pronounced ‘took took’. These are motorised rickshaws or ‘three wheeled motorbikes’ open to the elements, with no meters, which wobble all about, make a lot of noise and blow your hair around. A fairly common mode of taxi transport in Thailand. Strangely enough I enjoy them. Same technique as regular taxi’s, check the fare before boarding. Most tuk tuk drivers have a rip off mentality. Have an idea of the fare before you negotiate price.

Songthaew – Pronounced, sawng-tow (as in tow-el). These are small pick up trucks with bench seats and fixed prices. They usually follow a set route, so you have to know their route before you board and know when to get off. Once again , ask the Hotel Reception desk what the set price should be and where to get off for your destination. If your heading for a well known landmark, just say it’s name to the Songthaew driver, if he nods his head yes, hop in. It’s a communal, and very cheap way of getting around, if you know where your going : )

Samlor – pronounced, sarm-law. These are three wheeled bicycle rickshaws and one of my favourites, because they are a ‘time warp’, harking back to a by-gone era. Quiet, fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly : ) and not as slow as you might think. Nowadays you won’t normally find them in Bangkok. I have done many a town reconnoitre in a samlor, checking out the night spots and even on occasions taking a lady back home in them. Romantic : )

Mostly, the girls (escorts, women ) prefer not to travel on trains and buses with their customer. Use the more private taxis. In Pattaya the sexy hookers , prostitutes etc  have no choice but to travel on the Songthaews or motorbike taxis.

All of this info belongs to :

Hotels for sex purposes :

In Thailand is modestly priced and on the whole, good.

This is one of the most important subjects we discuss. If its not right, you can not enjoy your stay. What suits one, might not suit another. I’ve tried to help you get a start in the right direction by listing, under the various towns/cities, accommodation that is normally suitable for overnight guests (ladies) without any extra charges, but it always pay to run through the “Check List” as per Bangkok Accommodation notes further on (Bangkok Basics), before putting any money on the table as refunds are hard, if not impossible to come by, in South-East Asia, including Thailand (and Philippines too).

Note – Single Room normally means a room for one with a one and a half sized or double sized bed. Double Room means a room for two usually with one large double bed , ideal for sex.  Get it? Got it? Good! Note : there will always be ‘exceptions’ : )

To be on safe side if you want to have sex with a woman, escort, hooker, or sexy mature aged girl, best to have it in your room, and for that, make sure your original reservation is a ‘room for two’ , or simply a ‘double’  = no overnight charge for the lady normally. As suggested elsewhere , check the room before putting any money down. Hotels we list in this website are overnight friendly, no extra charge.

Restaurants :

Most visitors to Thailand are more than impressed with Thai food and their restaurants. Modest prices and tasty food are the norm. Generally speaking, if a restaurant is well patronised the food is tasty and reasonably priced. Also because of the higher turnover of food in such places there is nothing laying about and thus the food is fresher and more hygienic. If its normal eating time and the Restaurant is empty, do not enter. Its not a good sign. See under the various towns/cities recommended restaurants (“Hotels” section for each town/city), although good restaurants are just about everywhere.

Seafood – if undercooked or raw, avoid. Shellfish should be avoided.

Salads – If lettuce etc is washed in contaminated water it can be a health hazard. However, popular established Restaurants should have safe salads. I’ve eaten quite a lot of salads in Thailand Restaurants without any repercussions. Dont forget the best food for the girls, whether escorts, or hookers is your spunk. They can’t get enough of it. Best high protein diet around. The many Blow Job Bar girls around are testimony to that.

Beer – you will not be disappointed with the local brews. Plenty of imported brands also available. Only problem .. costs significantly more than a place like Philippines, for example.

Tipping – This is not customary in Thailand, so its really “up to you” 🙂 whether you do or not. Like a lot of other customs, this one is being eroded away with westernisation. I tip moderately in Restaurants using the old ten per cent as a rule of thumb. I do not pick up small coins, although I tip generously if I want to impress the waitress. Mind you the waiter or waitress does not necessarily get all of the tip. Usually the tips are shared between the staff. If you want the waitress to get a special tip, place a modest tip on the plate and place the special tip in her hand. She is allowed to keep the one handed personally to her. I frequented a farang owned restaurant on a regular basis in days gone by and he told me that in some Restaurants the owner keeps half the tips placed in the plate, including him! But when it comes to sex with escorts, hookers, gogo bar girls, street hookers, sexy thai girls, and hot women of thailand …. yes they expect a tip, more so than filipino girls. So make sure the starting price is reasonable so that you can afford to add a tip afterwards. If service no good, no tip. Do not encourage mediocrity.

Sidewalk Food Sellers – Best avoided. Some people think its ‘hip’ to eat from street stalls, but its not very ‘hip’ sitting on a toilet seat for two or three days after having eaten contaminated food. A friend and fellow traveller of mine was in the habit of eating at the cheapest of cheap restaurants and from sidewalk food stalls. He thought he was saving money, but he ended up in Hospital with typhoid and paid a bundle of money to the Hospital in fees, not to mention ruining his vacation.

Food from strangers – Do not accept food of any kind offered by strangers. You could be drugged and wake up minus your valuables. This includes approaches by strangers in the street who take you to their favourite mini-restaurant/snack bar. The owner works in cahoots with the stranger and supplies you with drugged food. It is rare for this to happen, but it does happen to the unwary, on occasions.

Diarrhoea – If you are suffering from Diarrhoea, avoid dehydration by drinking non alcoholic drinks such as bottled Spring/Mineral Water and eat simple food devoid of fat & spices as much as possible, until you have recovered. Lomotil or Imodium is supposed to be helpful.

Dysentry – A severe form of Diarrhoea. The Pharmacist should be able to provide a remedy. Otherwise call your Consulate for a recommended Doctor.

Miscellaneous :


Note : Following info could be outdated now ……

Before you travel to Thailand it would be worth your time checking out the “sanukmaps” ex google. They used to belong to the yahoo groups before. Sanuk maps were the best in times of yore , dont know if they are still around.

IN BANGKOK itself : On arrival in Bangkok buy maps/books at Asia Book Store. Walk up the steps to the main entrance of Landmark Plaza on Sukhumvit, near soi .4 , before Soi .6 for the Asia Book Store. You’ll find it ‘hidden’, behind the restaurant/cof shop at the front. Enter building and just ‘ask’. Opens 10am. Convenient to Hotels recommended on this website.

Maps available :

Note : Buy ‘bilingual’ versions , if you can. They are easier for taxi drivers to read.

  1. “B&B” Bangkok by Berndtson & Berndtson (laminated) ;
  2. “Insight Map” – Bangkok (laminated) ;
  3. “Groovy Map” – Bangkok by Night;
  4. “Bangkok Walking Tours Bus Map” by Bangkok Guide.

B&B and Insight Map look identical at times. Perhaps you should only buy one or the other. B&B gets my nod. You need more than one map cause no one map is comprehensive or totally accurate. So you will find a street/spot on one map that is not shown on another.

Walking Tours is not jammed with info and therefore you can find basic spots/roads with that one.

Groovy Map (Bangkok by Night) is the weakest so far as individual Streets go, but is ok for broad guidance. Nightlife info on this map is of very limited value to a whorist, it’s more of a yuppie guide to Jazz Venues : ). You will not get much help in finding escorts, hookers, girls, thai women on any Groovy Map, I can tell you. Sanuk Maps mentioned in connection with Online Maps above, are far superior in getting you to where the whoring action is.

Maps are well worth the cost, especially if you gain an overview of where you are and where the next venue is.

Note – Shasta’s Suk’ Area Map seems to be out of print; So too ‘Blue Map’ (Tour and Guide Map to Bgk); “Nancy Chandlers” Map is for dead set tourists, not whorists (hotels, restaurants, markets etc).

BTS Skyline Map. Available at Train Stations, only. Handy to have. Note : There is an underground nowadays. Combination of sky train and underground trains = can go a long way in bangkok.


“What your name, where you from, where you stay” : )

On arrival in Bangkok you should head for the nearest Asia Book Store. One is located on the evens side of Sukhumvit Road, not far from Soi .4. in the Landmark Plaza building. Walk up the steps to the main entrance of Landmark Plaza on Sukhumvit, near soi .4 , before Soi .6. Opens 10am, and buy the small and convenient Robertsons Practical English-Thai Dictionary ISBN 974-8206-03-3. Baht 250-350. Very basic and very handy. It will be money well spent if you like to have fun in trying to communicate in the Thai language. Otherwise, if you stick to the most popular pleasure spots : Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiangmai, english will be sufficient on most occasions.

The dictionary that I referred to will help you have a conversation of sorts with a lady or person who does not speak English. A better arrangement for conversation purposes, not learning purposes, is if you buy another Thai English/English Thai Dictionary, where you can point out to her the second half of the dictionary where she can find Thai words. She points at a Thai word and next to it is the English equivalent. And so, a conversation of sorts evolves. But for my personal learning experiences, (not conversation purposes) I prefer Robertsons, which does not have a Thai/English section, because : it is small, compact, flexible and thus more convenient to carry around. I like flexible books and flexible ladies : )

Of course some of the Ladies of the Night, have never attended school and thus can not read. Then you depend on the ‘Language of Lust/Love’. Do not worry too much about communicating. Thais can usually work out what you want (sex : )

Lack of Thai language will never stop you from having sex with thai women, sexy thai girls, escorts or hookers, but lack of money will : )

Note : The Thai language is very tonal. Very few foreigners/farangs (including yours truly, no doubt) pronounce it correctly. Consequently you have to hear the language to pronounce it properly.

My technique in foreign lands, is to get a local native to place on tape (yes tape, in the old days) a big vocabulary of basic words that I need and play that tape over and over in my walkman as I travel in taxi’s, sip beer or whatever. Pronunciation is the most important factor. If your not pronouncing your words correctly you are talking ‘gibberish’ and maybe no one will understand you.

If there are any misunderstandings, it’s usually not a misunderstanding with language that causes problems it’s a misunderstanding of the sensitive Thai Culture. Some tips on that further on.

HOW MUCH : This is the most important golden rule for the newcomer to learn.

Ask “how much” before every transaction, otherwise you might get yourself into situations that might be difficult to squirm out of. If you do not ask ‘how much’ at the outset, the other party might regard you as a mug punter and charge you accordingly, and then it will be too late, cause the deed will have been done. Ask how much before you step into a taxi (if you have elected not to use the meter). How much before you order a beer, how much before you buy a ladies drink and how much before each and every transaction. When it becomes a habit, transactions will flow smoothly. There will be no “misunderstandings” : )

All of this info belongs to :

Culturally Related Subjects

When visiting foreign lands it pays to blend in and not stick out like a sore toe. If you take note of the following culturally sensitive issues your stay in Thailand will be just that more pleasant.

  1. Respect the Monarchy : Respect HM The King and Queen of Thailand and the Royal Family. Note – on December 5th it is the Kings Birthday and some places are closed down to show respect and to celebrate the occasion, including of course some nightlife venues. His majesty, Bhumibol Adulyadej, is the longest reigning King in Thai History, having ascended the throne in 1946. In fact, I think he is the longest serving monarch in the world?! Correct me if I am wrong.

Stand when you hear the National or Royal Anthems. It is considered insulting not to do so. You might hear the National Anthem at 8am or 6pm and notice that everything comes to a stop at that time. It pays to follow the others around you and stop also. You will also hear the anthem just before the start of a film in a Cinema. Once again arise! Insults towards the Monarch/y can carry a seven year jail term. You wouldn’t want to be in a Thai jail seven days, let alone seven years.

  1. Respect Religion : Do not insult the Buddhist religion, for example, by wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts or singlets when visiting Temples. Do not point your index finger or toes at a Buddha statue (or person). Shoes must be taken off before entering a Temple.
  2. Sanuk : Pronounced – sahnook. This word means ‘fun’ and Thai’s believe in making fun, especially of work , so I am told . Yet to see concrete evidence of that : ) Making fun of difficult things/situations is the Thai’s way of coping. Exception – the hardened working girl (whore), who has been around foreigners too long and has adopted some of the foreigners ways. She might behave in a ‘foreign’ way : ).
  3. Wai : Pronounced – ‘why‘. Well this is a prayer like, palms together, gesture that you will observe being given and received from time to time. You should return a wai if given to you, except in the case of children. You do not wai a child, instead you return the child’s wai with a smile. I do not think you will have to worry about the wai in the touristy areas. Happens more in the provinces. If someone ‘wais’ you , take note of how high the person wai-ing you lifts his hands. For example, if tip of fingers is,eg, nose high, you should respond correspondingly , or higher if that person is higher on the social scale than you (not possible when they ‘wai’ Thommo : ) In actual fact, a foreigner can get away with a smile and nod of the head (instead of a wai).
  4. Smile : Thailand truly is the Land of Smiles, but do not expect if from the Immigration Officer at the International Airport, on arrival. They take their job seriously. However, if you are not smiling when you arrive in Thailand you soon will be, as every man and his Siamese cat will be smiling at you. Once again, this is more noticeable away from the tourist areas where traditions are stronger. The smiling becomes infectious, and its good for your health : )
  5. Emotions/Confrontation : Thai’s do not like confrontation and so the smile is used as the ultimate weapon against it. If you find yourself in a sticky situation the smartest thing to do is smile, because once you lose your cool and get angry you will lose respect and thus service/co-operation etc will come to a grinding halt. The Thai will not respond with anger (exceptions do occur) but will opt for silence and totally ignore you. Best thing for you to do in such situations is to pay your bill and move on, cause you have broken one of their golden rules – staying calm. Staying calm has its roots in Buddhism.

Exception – the foreigner/farang orientated Thai lady, when pushed to the limit. So you have to try and contain your emotions, especially in public. No kissing etc in public. You will not even find Thai’s holding hands in public, although in tourist areas Thais are almost immuned to such ‘indiscretions‘ by foreigners.

  1. Losing Face : The most important factor for Thai’s is the avoidance of losing face. If they feel that they have been put down in some way, relationships will deteriorate immediately. To some of us, Thai’s seem too thin skinned and vulnerable. Thai’s will make a conscious effort for you to avoid losing face because it becomes a double whammy. If they make you lose face they also lose face. Get it, got it, good.

If you ‘Butterfly’ a Thai lady (see ‘Butterfly’ in the Nightlife Section) she loses face amongst her peers. That’s one of the reasons most of them are good in bed. They do not want you to go back and take another lady out from the same place. If that happens, her peers will begin to wonder: ‘what happened, didn’t she satisfy him’? and thus the first one loses face. Of course as the years tick by, and commercialism increases, the girls dont give a stuff, all they care about is ‘the money’ on that particular occasion, not any ‘loss of face’ that might follow. The more foreign orientated a girl is, the less she will care about ‘loss of face’ and the more she will care about ‘money’, and yes that’s another reason why they can be good in bed ….. they are thinking of getting a tip, and a big one if possible : )

Forget about losing face, concentrate on losing your load : )

All of this info belongs to :
Head –  Do not play with any ones hair or touch/pat them on the head. This is the holy part of the body (Buddhist Religion). Exception – young children. You can touch a young kids head and be forgiven. Best to touch no ones head : )

Feet – When sitting down do not point the soles of your feet at anyone. Also do not use your feet for anything other than walking. Do not step over a person, go around. The feet are the most unholiest part of the body, the ‘trash can’, so to speak. Buddhist religion once again. Keep your feet on the ground (slide along : )

Shoes – Take your shoes off when entering a house or temple. If there are shoes lined up outside a door that is a hint for you to take your shoes off too.

Dress – From a thai’s viewpoint, shorts and sports clothes are for the beach or sports ovals not for walking down the street or entering buildings, especially government buildings, eg, when going for a visa extension. Exceptions – tourist areas.

Left Hand – Do not pass anything with your left hand. Pass with both hands simultaneously or with the right hand. The left hand is the ‘toilet hand’ in Thailand.

Dick/Penis – The sexy girls, street hookers, escorts, hot women of thailand are hygiene fanatics, much more so than Filipino girls, hence, wash your dick before you slip it in her mouth, otherwise she might decline to suck : ) Not so the ever ready and randy filipino girls. You can go to toilet piss, turn around and stick in her mouth … no hesitation on her part. Way to go (Filipino way).

Beckoning Someone – To avoid insulting Asians, including Thai’s, beckon with the palm of your hand facing down and all fingers flapping together, backward and forward, and not palm skywards beckoning with your index finger. If you can add a smile, all the better : )

Better still, no hands at all, just catch the eye of the person, smile and nod. If your intentions are good, and the lady does not come forward, she might : 1. Not like what she sees, ie, you : ) (cause she’s very popular and thus choosey) 2. proud bitchy type who wants you to come to her : ) If she is not a bitchy type, and you like a challenge, step up to her and say words like : “hi, your a very pretty girl, what’s your name”. And see if the object of your desire is worth pursuing any further : ) Usually bitchy types are poor value.

Confuscius says : “LON no hungry …… LON no good” : )

LON = Lady of the Night

The true blue cultural way in some Asian countries, including Thailand, is to purse the lips, as if going to kiss. Try that in some places and in the wrong context and you might get the wrong reaction : ) Not recommended for foreigners, except with Thai/Filipino folk you already know : ]

Overall… if you can learn a bit about Thai culture you will have a smoother sexy time with bar girls, sex massage girls, regular thai women, escorts and hookers of Thailand. You do not have to kiss arse, but you should respect and understand their culture, at least a little bit. Understanding of their culture leads to understanding how sexy thai girls can be. If you behave ‘foreign’ your sex with girl of choice will not be the same.
Here are the factors that decide whether or not a Thai or foreigner, is a big man – (a) Age – older people are respected. Example – a child wai’s an adult but an adult does not wai a child. Elderly people are respected, something often missing in our western societies. (b) Wealth – Money is king all over the world, no less so in Thailand. Foreigners are viewed by some as ‘walking ATM’s’ or walking big men : ) (c) Personal Power – Obvious examples: Police Officer , Army Officer. You can also have personal power through your Thai-ness. That is, speaking Thai, behaving in a Thai way, being courteous, and so on. Your “Thai-ness” is very important and will open doors (and legs) and save you money. Although, if you have no money, your Thai-ness might not get you over the line, in certain situations, eg paying your bill : ) (d) Political Power – the ultimate power trip.

The Big Man however has responsibilities towards his family and friends. He must protect and succour the little ones around him. This includes giving money, finding jobs, paying medical bills and so on. This benevolence does not extend to strangers. I remember once telling a ‘big man’ how I gave a homeless beggar, sleeping on the footpath, ten baht every time I passed her. “That’s three hundred per month, you should give it to our needy ones”, he said. I was giving to a stranger, someone outside his circle, naughty me : )

In return for his benevolence, the little man must respect and obey the big man. Such is life in traditional Thailand. You will not come across some of these traditions in a city like Bangkok, especially in sex venues, but they are handy to know, especially if you follow my trail into the provincial towns/cities.

BIG DICK/SMALL DICK …. It doesnt matter with hookers, sex massage girls, thai women, escorts and sexy girls of thailand. So long as you have got the money, all else is irrelevant, although the small dick big money japanese/koreans are favoured just for that reason. Money is first, size of dick normally does not enter into it.

All of this info belongs to :

End of Planning info for having a sexy time with mature Girls, Women, Escorts and Hookers – Thailand.


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