Tenga – Crazy Japanese Futuristic Sex Toys For Men

So found in the back rooms of some comic shops and junk store Donki in Tokyo, Japan is these futuristic egg shaped sex toys for men made by a huge company called Tenga. Ever felt the urge to stick your dick in an egg made of slippery soft gel like textures that will feel pretty damn close to the inside of a womans vagina – minus the heat and complaining – you just peel the egg shell off the outer casing and reveal the soft incredibly stretchy “egg” that has multiple ribs on the inside to simulate a womans vagina pretty damn well. It’s also compact and discrete in the packaging to throw a few in your bag if you feel the need to jerk off in your hotel before heading out for a big night to take the edge off.

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You can buy a box of 12 Tenga eggs and they are a one and done product, so it’s more of a portable sex toy that’s disposable and very cheap from Tenga who make a wide range of sex toys for men. Girls can also use the Tenga eggs if you turn the egg inside out and place a vibrator on the inside of it and it works quite well for being used as a vibrator or a dildo as well.

They come in around $7 USD each in Tokyo or you can buy them direct on the J-List website and have it delivered to your door anywhere in the world for the same price.

Tenga also make a disposable sex toy for men which replicate the exact same feeling as when a girl is giving you a Deep Throat Blowjob. It’s quite bizzarre they got the feeling down exactly how it feels and made it into a 10 dollar disposable toy you can pick up all through Japan. It’s surprising how many people must use these when they visit the masturbation cafe’s scattered all through Tokyo and Japan in general. Similar to an Internet Cafe or any other cafe with private rooms however they have stock piles of porn and tissues instead of coffee and many people go there and jerk themselves silly for a few hours. But that’s a topic for another day!

tenga deep throat blowjob sex toy for men from japan

You can click the link to take you straight to the J-List Japan store for worldwide delivery

The main product Tenga make is pretty popular all throughout Japan with men and it’s called the Tenga Flip Hole and the Western product that resembles it is probably a Fleshlight, which copied the idea from the Tenga futuristic Fliphole. It comes with a few buttons on it and when pressed it creates a suction vacuum sensation and it kind of locks your dick inside the Tenga Fliphole which feels eerily similar to a blowjob or a really tight pussy.

tenga flip hole sex toy for men

These products are not disposable and you can turn it inside out when done using it and give it a rinse under the water with some soap and dry it and place it back in its container and somewhere safe in the cupboard away from prying eyes.

The Tenga Flipholes are more expensive than the Tenga Eggs of course, coming in around $70 USD in stores in Japan or J-List have them for sale for the same price and you can get it delivered anywhere in the world too. You can click the image of the Fliphole to take you straight to the J-List Japan store for further information on the male masturbation tools for the future.

The Tenga Fliphole comes with three small vials of different kinds of lube labelled ‘mild’, ‘real’ and ‘wild’ – these sex toys for men are also often called Onaholes (pussy in a cup in Japanese) and they are good to hand out to friends as gifts when you get home from your trip to Japan (well… the Tenga eggs make great cheap gifts…. The Fliphole goes in your cupboard for you)

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tenga fliphole sex toy for males from japan

Here’s a video with a girl reviewing the Tenga Fliphole – if you want something different they are worth the small outlay that’s for sure. There’s a reason Japan is ten steps ahead of everyone when it comes to technology and they have put a lot of effort into the science and technology making these male masturbation tools.



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