Sun Massage, Incheon, Seoul, South Korea

Sun Massage is one among many massage parlors operating in the Unseo area of Incheon in Seoul, South Korea. It’s an adult erotic massage joint and very welcoming to foreigners despite the signage only being in Korean.

Sun Massage is on the 3rd floor of a business block of buildings and is located just a few blocks away from the train station in Unseo which is only two stops from Incheon International Airport.

You will instantly notice the bright pink sign for Sun Massage, look for MASSAGE and pink sign with 3F next to it and that’s where you need to head towards.

Once you enter the Sun Massage building that is open 24 hours a day, you will find a large set of stairs to climb and then go through the glass door. It will almost look like a real spa as you enter.

When you enter reception you will find a sign with a price list and it should show that it’s 150,000 KRW ($140 USD) and this is the price for a full service sex session.

sun massage seoul downtown airport sex erotic massage

Some of the staff in Sun Massage can speak a little bit of English but it’s not too necessary just pay your money and they will guide you through to your service provider.

What will happen once you pay is a hot Korean woman will lead you down to a wet room where you are given a good massage and scrub where she will be fully naked. Following that she will rinse you off and herself. Once you’re both clean of soapy bubbles she will then proceed to mount you and fuck your brains out right there in the wet room.

Once your service is finished you will shower and get changed and then head out the door either into downtown Seoul on the train or back to the airport to wait for your connecting flight elsewhere.

Sun Massage is a pretty great place if you have a long layover in Incheon and because it’s so foreigner friendly it’s a very enjoyable place to try the Korean ladies on offer.

Sun Massage. Incheon, South Korea. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Click here for a map.

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  1. DemonCore says:

    Fellow mongers, I’d give this place a pass. Recently paid a visit to this place out of boredom, with fairly low expectations. Paid my 150,000, went through the motions. Back rooms are dingy and lit with a dim red light. There is no real massage, except for maybe the 3-4 minute poorly done back rub. Masseuse was late 30s possibly early 40’s, underwhelming appearance, not very enthusiastic. Very quick oil massage (maybe less than 2 minutes).

    The whole time there was a Korean guy in the next room pounding away while his masseuse was squealing. My masseuse decided to give a HJ instead of full service. I guess they arbitrarily decide who gets the actual service and who gets a HJ. Why pay 150,000 when you can get a real Thai massage across the street for half this price, and then jerk yourself off later? Don’t waste your time here; give the other places in this area a try.

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