Stupid Laws in the Philippines

Stupid Laws in the Philippines

Women Cheating on Husbands Go To Prison

One of the top stupid laws in this country is when a woman gets caught cheating on her husband in the Philippines she will be charged by the police and sent to prison. It sounds crazy but it’s definitely true. I don’t quite understand how this can be a jailable offence but it is and you can see more about it here

Legal to Rape Your Wife

If you are married to your wife you are not legally liable for raping her which is one of the craziest laws of any country in the entire world. What the fuck! I suppose being such a strict Catholic country they want to be strict on cheaters but this is just fucking retarded. You can read about this and other Filipino Stupid Laws here.  Totally fucked up and possibly a reason this country will never advance for many many decades to come.

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Pushing In The Queue

When you first come to South East Asia and especially the Philippines, you will notice that no matter what country you travel to, if you’re a white guy standing in line the locals will have no issues just cutting the queue and walking straight in front of you even if you’ve been waiting way before them. They just don’t care about you and some downright despise you, so since they think of you as a second class citizen at best they will cut in and push you out of the way so they get served well before you. Even in restaurants and bars if a local is standing there they will most often be served before you until there are no more customers waiting and then they might serve you.

There was a proposal to fine people cutting the queues 5,000 Pesos but obviously there was a huge push back by people about this and so far it has not passed as law. We can only hope it does soon. What’s with all these Stupid Laws!

The news article on this good law is found here

These are just some of the stupid laws in the Philippines that you might encounter on your travels, there are many more. If you know of any stupid laws add them in the comments below because it’s always amusing and infuriating at the same time to find out new ones.

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2 Responses

  1. Franzster says:

    It is actually illegal to rape your wife in the Philippines. Do some research before posting something.

    Source: People vs Jumawan

  2. Men's Rights says:

    Laws are being abused by filipina women and even husbands are blackmailed or sent to jail by misusing the anti rape law. How can a husband or boyfriend prove that he didn’t rape when the sex that he had was consensual? Feminists want to have all laws favouring women and call that progressive. Then they claim to stand for gender equality.

    All Barangays have a women’s desk. No men’s desk. Why? No commission for men; only commission for women. Is that gender equality?

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