Songkran 2016

Songkran is just around the corner and for those who don’t know, it is the worlds largest water fight where for a week straight all of Thailand basically stops for their New Year celebrations and the country turns into one huge water fight arena.

The dates for this year’s water celebrations are between April 13th until April 15th however in Phuket and Pattaya this will generally carry on to the huge final day of April 19th 2016.

The festivity of Songkran was originally meant for Thais to throw water on family members for good luck, however they also use the event as a way of thanks to Buddha.

Today however Songkran is a huge festival like atmosphere where everyone has Super Soakers and they throw powdered shit like a dough mix and rub it on your clothes, on your face, in your eyes, whatever.

songkran pattaya phuket chiang mai

If you are going to Songkran to “play water” as the Thai girls will tell you, try not to swallow any water or get that shit in your eyes because if you do you’re in for a bad time. The water is filled anywhere they can get it and will contain the most amount of germs possible at all times.

It doesn’t matter where you are celebrating Songkran in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, etc anywhere you go will be loads of people all drunk and having a great time and often the girls wearing tight white tshirts will either take them off and get their tits out or you’ll be able to see straight through their clothes anyway.

A lot of old whinging ex pats will say it’s the worst time of year but try not to take any notice to what they say. It’s quite possibly the greatest time of the year to be in Thailand drinking and meeting women as everyone lets their hair down and gets loose (well looser than the Thai girls are already which is pretty fucking loose!)


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