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This section of the site will be to archive all of the Sexy Asian Amateur photos of the day that are rotated and displayed on the main part of the site so if you miss a day you can always come back here to find them once they have been posted already on


turned off the daily photo section and dumped the whole month here for your enjoyment. click the pics for full screen image / to save it. comment if you want me to dump the whole years worth in here. is a pretty OK blog resource on obtaining information about travel, women, booze and escaping the daily grind to live your life abroad. With a focus on mostly South East Asian countries that offer the best value for money possible mostly in regards to the sexy asian amateurs rather than strictly hardened prostitutes. Although there is a lot of info on that too.

On this website you will find travel tips, location reviews, guides explaining cultural differences when dating asian women and everything else to help make your adventures unforgettable.

We have great information by experienced travellers to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and more coming soon. has you covered so you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet looking through useless information.

These are just various photos of mostly Southeast Asian sexy asian amateurs, some of them are born in Southeast Asia and now live in the USA however. The gallery is here just in case you miss a day on the Daily Sexy Asian Amateur Photo Of The Day section of the website. To meet women especially the same ones shown here you can chat to them right now from anywhere in the world depending on your preferred type and region. Sign up for free to a dating site and get chatting to them straight away. Although, The Filipinas are better to talk to as they can read and write English rather fluently compared to other places in Southeast Asia.

If all you are interested in is the wank bank pictures of these sexy asian amateurs – keep checking back it will be updated on a daily basis on the site found in the top right section of the website that is under the heading “AMATEUR ASIAN BABE OF THE DAY” photos will be uploaded every 24 hours and will always be sexy asian amateur girls, no professional photos or hookers. Just normal sexy asian amateurs that even you could find on dating sites right now.