Sex Hookers Women Manila Guide Only – Archive

Sex Hookers Women Manila Guide Only – Archive

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GUIDE only :

Use the information below as a guide only for Sex and Hookers and Women in Manila.

It will be helpful in getting you started.

I personally visit Philippines as much as possible , and then update the info below. Otherwise updates are based on proven reliable sources.


You visit La Cafe …… EDSA ……….. Havana Cafe  …………….. all relevant info down below :


Go-Go Bars for Sexy Girls :


SEX with – hookers and women  – MANILA

If you like GoGo Bar/Dancing girl , type of pay4play sex scene , I can save you a lot of reading time and tell you to look at the Angeles info. The Manila GoGo Bar scene (Makati and EDSA) is no where near as vibrant as Angeles. Update : Read forum for latest info on Angeles GoGo scene , it is changing.

However , for those who want to read about Manila GoGo Bar scene , here it is  : .

There are two main Manila GoGo Bar areas. Firstly Makati, which had a reasonably good reputation years ago for the prettiest girls. However with ever increasing unrealistic prices at Makati  = less customers = pretty girls went elsewhere. For my money , P. Burgos St Makati is largely and illusion. Because Makati itself is an expensive area and the prices at P.Burgos expensive , guys start to think ‘classy’ sex working girls are to be found there. Not so in my opinion. Travel out to P. Burgos and have an objective look at the girls there , then on same night , head back to EDSA , and see where you think the value is … Angeles City (see separate page/s) is better value , in my opinion. Even Angeles is jacking its sex bars girlie prices up , but its got a long way to go , to catch up to relatively expensive EDSA and P.Burgos.

Remember in your travels , classy buildings , furnishings , classy gear on the girls ….. does not necessarily transcend to classy girls. Take the gift wrapping off and you have same girls as in cheaper places (eg Angeles). Also , attitudes are usually better at the less expensive places.

Watch your chits/bills , the little bits of paper stuck in a cup in front of you , they might be loaded. I pay cash for each and every transaction = no chance of ‘misunderstandings’ by management : ) Ask “how much” before agreeing to anything.

In the higher priced places , just because your buying a lot of LD’s (Ladies Drinks) doesnt guarantee the girl will go with you. Some girls do very well ‘selling’ LD’s at inflated prices , and have a Filipino boy friend waiting for them outside when they finish work. Also it happens , where the guy pays for all night and after the first shag she’s off and back to the bar/wherever , looking for another ‘fish’. In such cases , the bar management will support the girl , so its best just to cop it on the chin , if this happens. Better to pay less for ‘short time’ (one shag) so you can road test her , before commiting to all night. Better still , agree to her calling at your hotel room before she starts work , at about one third the cost you’d pay if done through the bar. Trouble for girl if found cutting bar out of bar fine earnings.

Do not be taken in by the smiling faces of mama-san , girls etc. Sort it all out beforehand.

Then there is the other monger technique of being friendly , not talking about money , and crossing fingers everything will turn out alright. When your experienced this can work rather well , but if your new to whoring , not recommended. They know a newbie when they see one , and are tempted to exploit his inexperience and bluff him into exhorbitant prices.


Makati GoGo Bars for Sex with Young Women


In other words “P.Burgos St” (in suburb of Makati). Open to 3/4am.

Even though I say a lot of negative things about P.Burgos St , it is worth at least one visit , it might be for you.

In short , P. Burgos is : Expensive , good looking girls. Some guys circumvent the high prices listed below by getting girls phone number and fucking her next day , before she goes to work = no ladies drinks , no barfine. If manager finds out , girl most probably loses her job , take care.

This area had the reputation of the best looking girls , but with increased popularity , management increased the prices continually until it has become a shadow of its former self. The best looking girls tag is possibly stretching things nowadays. Certainly not what it used to be (popularity and ‘looks’). Pushy girls and mama-sans , and high prices has tempered this P. Burgos St , Makati area , compared to EDSA. Although EDSA is now edging up towards P.Burgos prices.  Angeles City , 1.5hrs away , has much more choice and costs significantly less (see separate page for Angeles).

This area is not so busy nowadays , ie , not many punters as in days of yore , when there were reasonable prices  = management and girls become more ‘commercial’ (“buy me drink , buy me drink” etc etc : ) The only reason I go to P. Burgos is just to confirm what I say here on this page is correct : ) Action starts around 11pm onwards. Do not arrive early (P. Burgos).

Not so popular nowadays due mainly to overpricing and even the ‘beauty’ aspects has declined too. With a drop in customer numbers the SE Asian mentality kicks in , wherein they increase prices to try and get the same cash flow they had with previous higher number of customers. Consequently customer numbers dip even further. This vicious circle continues , until some one wakes up. But who and when ? I dunno : )

Whilst this area has been dipping in popularity (with budget sex tourists, but not with the big spenders) , EDSA (see below) , the only other really ‘dedicated’ GoGo Bar scene , has been rising a little in popularity as the place to go for paid sex. And La Cafe Ermita Manila (see below) and Angeles City bar scenes have been growing in popularity. Price is king you are the boss you have all the money when it comes to paying for sex. At La Cafe (not a GoGo Bar)  girls can be relatively attractive/pretty upstairs (not so much downstairs , but exceptions can be found) and also Angeles. So why put up with the crap at places like P. Burgos ? Some guys like places where prices are high and service/girls/sex are crap , thats why : )

The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

Average Prices for Sex and Drinks : It’s hard to come up with average prices, especially with a place like P. Burgos St Makati , where they are trying to edge up the prices all the time. Use the following as a guide only.

Your Beer – Anything from P150 and up (exceptions during happy hour/s)  ; Ladies Drink – to P390 is not unusual , especially if your a newbie  ; Bar Fine : Full sex .. P1500/2500 and up to P3500 (less ladies drinks already bought) at some places , small number P1500 for bar fine  ; Tip for the girl after the deed/s Short Time/Long Time : Best to ask girl what she is expecting before you pay the bar fine. Can be as much as P2000 or more (tip).  By comparison Angeles on average : P1300/1800 bar fine normally , plus non obligatory tip of P3/500 the next morning ! So , can be as cheap as P1300 at Angeles. Nothing wrong with the girls either.  See seperate Angeles Nightlife notes.

At Burgos , clarify when you are talking about prices whether it is ST (Short Time) or LT (Long Time) she has in mind. Suggest you negotiate for ST , cause even though you pay LT , many of the girls will do a runner after 1 pop. Very bad value , when the author of this info gets respectable looking girls for P1000/1500 all up (no need for additional ‘tip’ , no barfine , no ladies drinks) elsewhere in Phils (read the website). And don’t forget, try and avoid a girl with an ‘attitude’. The kind of attitude that will add up to bad value as the night progresses. If it progresses at all , viz , they might do a runner after 1 pop. May the luck of the Irish be with you !

Because P. Burgos St is trying to do the impossible , that is , charge high prices for girls/service , that is available elsewhere for less , Burgos GoGo Bars reputation , or their very existence , comes and goes. Hence , not much point in listing a lot of bars.
Three most talked about and popular P. Burgos bars right now :

Thurs to Sat nights , is when bars are firing at their best ….

1. Rogues : This one has become popular lately cause of its more reasonable prices. Voted best bar by most. Barfines in the vicinity of P1500/1800 , if your lucky. LT (all night , if your lucky) P2000/2500 Suggest you try it first , and then it might be all down hill after that : ) Rogues is more of a barfine place. BJ’s available on the premises , and possibly public too : ) Jools , below , is more of a perv on show girls type of place.

2. Jools :  Located at the top end of P. Burgos St. This is principally , a top Show Place , its not a GoGo bar as we know them. Rogues and Bottoms are used more for barfining girls , not for showsNormally no strip in this joint , but scantily clad ladies in shows , yes. Your Drink P150 (beer) and Ladies Drink (P350) relatively expensive. Not all of the girls are of the ‘take out’ variety , so don’t spend heaps on Ladies Drinks without asking re her availability first. See Average Prices above for a guide. Suggest you check this one out , one drink will not break the bank : ) My last trip : No cover charge , no pushing for Ladies Drinks , excellent ,repeat , excellent floor show which starts around 10pm. Arrive 9/9.30pm for good seat. Show comes on for 20/30 mins (scantily dressed normally) , stops , fully dressed pretty p4p girls dance for about 20 mins , then show (different to previous one) comes on. On and off all night. Excellent. Good for perving. Take away show girls ? Very doubtful , if not impossible. Other fully dressed girls , yes , can take out (not cheap).

3. Bottoms : Usually lots of girls. Normally a busy bar (good sign). Bar fine P3900 minus any ladies drinks already bought. LT (all night) P3000 Tip expected. Possibility of a BJ in the booth. Nice looking girls. Possibly the best in P.Burgos.

There are a lot more Bars in this area. Some of which you might prefer , over and above the .3. listed above ,eg , Stardust or is it Starlight ?  (BF2500) ; Kojax (BF2600 + P2500 for LT) ; Ringside ; Bourbon St ;  “Bandito” recently refurbished, BF2100 plus tip girl P2/3000. Reportedly relaxed laid back bar. There’s Moulin Rouge , Wow Wow Wow , Dimples , High Heels (girls grope ya) , Plan B bar (opposite Bottoms) ; Montana , and others. Example , Wild West Bar Fine P1500 plus tip for LT next morning , girls expect about P3000. Start with ‘top 3’ , is my suggestion. Update : Bars close , change name etc.

Whilst walking around , beware of the the ladyboys/bayuts (transvestites) , who have a penchant for stealing from pockets/rooms , wherever. Do not walk down empty side streets/alleyways and do not accept an invitation from anyone (ladyboys included) to go somewhere with them (alleyway etc). Female street walkers are a bit scarce at the moment (Police actions).

As I say , one beer to check a joint out , will not break the bank : ) If it’s gogo and Manila , EDSA is not so expensive and is more convenient to reco’d Ermita area (La Cafe/Accommodation). If its freelancers and Manila , La Cafe or Havana Cafe (see below for info on these places). Time is precious. P. Burgos really doesnt fire until say 11pm onwards. You might think the prices at P. Burgos are peanuts , and the girls beautiful. You’ll never know , if ya don’t give it a go  : )


Additional sex info :

It is possible to make arrangments with the GoGo girl of your choice the next day , minus the Bar Fine and possibly at a discount rate. Don’t let the Management catch you at this though. The girl might suffer , if management finds out. Ask girl if its ok to swap phone numbers in the open/public view (inside bar) beforehand and meet before work for a healthy sex session at a huge discounted rate.

There are ST (short time) sex Hotels in P. Burgos area. Ask girl of choice which she prefers , check price beforehand , otherwise she might be trying to get a hefty commission from Short time Sex Hotel. See ST sex Hotel info for Ermita area down below for a guide on prices.

FREELANCERS …. Apparently operate out of Cafe Cubana in Bellagio Hotel , Burgos St. Take care re potential room theft.


Hotels P. Burgos St area :

See “Manila Hotels/Restaurants” section for info on Oxford Suites , Century Citadel Hotel and other monger friendly places to stay and screw these GoGo Bar girls.



EDSA – Go Go  Bars for Sexy Hoookers

SEX with – Escorts – MANILA

Location of EDSA : Corner of Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue, otherwise referred to (thankfully) as EDSA , and F.B Harrison Streets , not far from the corner of Roxas Boulevard. Around P90 taxi ride from La Cafe area. Say to taxi driver : “Edsa bars girls  , opposite Heritage Hotel”. Approx nine/ten bars. Open 7pm – 3/4am. An ordinary looking two level building. You will see the GoGo Bar signs outside. Every taxi driver should know it. One thing taxi drivers are good for, location of the red light districts. Generally, Edsa is a less expensive and a more relaxed environment than P. Burgos St in Makati (Angeles City even more so). For sure , you should not visit Manila without at least having a look at EDSA. Curiosity requires it : )

UPDATE : EDSA seems to be gaining slightly in popularity as P. Burgos/Makati (see above notes) slips in popularity. But as it grows in popularity , prices increase. Not yet at P. Burgos level (prices). Open to 3am. Note : You will get better valued sex for your money at Angeles City (see separate website page)

Average Prices for sex and drinks: Use the following as a guide – Your Beer P120 ; Ladies Drink P195 .. make sure its a ‘single’ and not a double ladies drink (P390) ; Bar Fine P1950 (?) ; Tip expected … ST P1000/3000 , LT P2000/4000. Sort this out back at the bar , before , repeat , before , you pay the barfine. These girls are not worth that much (personal opinion , especially when compared with Angeles girls)  , avoid silly prices , check it all out beforehand.

Go to Angeles City for much better value (see below). This place is slightly better value than P.Burgos St (Makati) , mentioned above.  Geez at time of writing this I am in my 70’s and I am certainly not going to pay P3000/4000 , or up ,  for any EDSA Hooker , plus Ladies Drinks. No way Jose : ) So, if your in your 30’s or 40’s I would not pay any of the aforementioned prices and find a Freelancer (La Cafe or Havana , info below) who should be around P1500/2000 all night , no ladies drinks , no bar fines ,  no nuttin , P1500 all up , P2000 tops. If you have low self esteem , or you do not appeal to girls , pay more : )

And dont forget , there is much better GoGo Bar value in nearby Angeles City  (1.5hrs by road) , much better. See Angeles notes in separate link/page , this website.

All of this info belongs to

Some of the names you can look for at EDSA  , although they can change :

1. First , in a left to right rotation , you will come across Casino , then further down , Samba , Boadroom , Cotton Club , then Bullets and Arrows (formerly My Fair Lady).

Exiting B&A on the far side , you can go upstairs to :

2. Club VIP , then Firehouse (one of the big names) , Space Club and lastly , Pitstop. So about nine in all , worth a visit.

Advice for Budget Bangers : The best , moderately priced (Pesos 1500/1800/2500 all up , Bar Fine included , add P300/500 tip next morning if happy with service) Go-Go Bar action in the Philippines is to be had at Angeles City. A dump of a town , but chock full of cheap , sexy and young , Go-Go/Show bikini girls. Many more on offer than EDSA or P. Burgos St (Makati) , for that matter. See Angeles notes in separate link/page , this website.


Sex Show Places (not GoGo) for Hookers :


“Miss Universal” sexy show girls


Note : There is a possibility this one has had a name change to : Miss International.


Beautiful girls yes , but read on.

Taxi drivers know it , about P90 ex Ermita area. P500 entrance and beer most probably P100 or more nowadays. Watch these people , they are out to treat you like a sucker. They asked me to sign chit but I insisted on paying as I go. Time I visited , my one and only chit should have been P479 but was closer to P600. Just imagine if you sit there all night signing chits  , and paid at the very end , you’d get a shock with how much you had to pay. On exiting Universal , taxi driver told me they don’t expect to see customer again , so they hit him for all he is worth : )

Since visiting , have heard there is an additional P100 per hour table charge too. Plus Pesos hundreds per hour (500 ?) if girl sitting with you , and expensive ladies drinks I tell ya , these people invent charges as they go along. Will milk you for all your worth , and of course you ‘pay’ or the heavies appear : ) Hence , if ever there was a second time for me (very doubtful) I would get in , order one beer , check whats on stage , check the Show Room/Pond (see below) , then outta there.

Lots of good looking girls , yes , but they have a controlled look about them. They conduct themselves according to managements wish. And management is watching their every move. Nothing like talking to Freelancers who have no restrictions and no ‘boss’ looking over them. Yes they dance in total nude and yes they show you their pussy , but only if you have a seat directly in front of the stage. I had the misfortune of a seat to side of stage and saw little. Was told to come 7pm for a good seat directly in front of stage.

There is a ‘show room’ full of pretty girls. Most 7’s or 8’s , with the occasional 9. You can ask for it , and go and inspect the fillies yet to hit the stage , wherever. It costs you plenty to have them sit at your table like ‘robots’ with controlled conversations etc. I saw one guy putting his arm around one of these girls at the table. Her response was ‘non co-operative’. Yet her ladies drinks are costing around P390/490 each. Time is limited as to how long she sits with ya too , maybe only 30 mins. Management dictates to them how they behave. Add to that , they have boyfriends or husbands waiting for them after (hence 2am/4am ‘runners’ from your hotel room).

It you paid to take one back to your room its going to cost you a minimum of P5000/6000 for sex with her , one shot only , plus a tip , possibly in vicinity of P1000 , and for sure she goes home early  , say 2am she will do a runner , go home , regardless of your protests. The aforementioned does not apply if your Brad Pitt : )

For me , its a perv only place. Very difficult if not impossible to get any action in the expensive VIP Rooms. Even more difficult and a hell of a lot more money to bar fine them. They will not stay overnight , even if they promise to do so.

The problem is … hundreds of guys go there to ogle over their bodies. Universal has a good reputation for bodies , so the girls think of themselves as ‘gods gift to man’ = unsatisfactory companionship. You can bet , most if not all of these girls have boyfriends/husbands , cause they are good looking. Their heart is not in the job , they are just doin’ it for the money (like so many others : )

If your particularly young and handsome , no doubt you could get em to loosen up and ‘perform’. Otherwise its a perv spot , thats all. I can not see any reason to return there. Paying P600 for one beer and perv on chicks who are not interested in ‘performing’ (not interested in you) , is not my idea of value. All the aforementioned is my personal opinion only. Its worth at least one visit to perv on pretty girls and assess it for yourself. Just be in control or you could lose a wad , just to have a look alert  : )

Overall : The girls are better looking than what you would normally see , say upstairs La Cafe etc , but only marginally so. The problem is their attitude (gods gift to man) and management style (controlled girls and rip off techniques). You can shag four attractive 7’s (possibly 8’s) ex La Cafe upstairs , with a good or reasonable attitude , as against one ‘star fish’ (8/9) potential girl ex Universal.

Best … go to Universal , see a 9/10 , get her body and face firmly fixed in your mind. Pay the P600 + bill , head off for La Cafe select a pretty ‘7’ upstairs one there , take her back to your room , throw a towel over her face and imagine the ‘Universal 9/10’ : )

Your approx 4.5 to 5.5 thousand pesos better off , better companionship and shag , and possibility of repeat biz with same MBC ‘7’ girl. The MBC girl will most probably rate an ‘8’ companion, whereas the Universal 9/10 , might rate a 3/4 companion , but then again , you might be lucky and she rates a 6/7 companion. Always a lottery : ) Update : My last trip to Universal …. do not arrive early , very ordinary girls on stage then. Say 10pm on suggested.


“Asia Entertainment”(AE) sexy show girls


Location … 701 Roxas Boulevard , Baclaran , Parnaque. All taxi drivers know it. When pronouncing Roxas you say “Raw-harse”. High class pro’s apparently. Never been there myself. Not value for me. Presume its a clone of Universal (above). Expensive , lots of high roller koreans and japanese etc. This is the kind of place you have to say “how much” before you commit yourself to anything , including entering the front door (entrance fee ?) Doubt if you would enter and exit without paying thousands (Pesos).

Myself on first visit. Typically before sitting down , I will ask mama/papa-san , how much a beer , any table charge ? , how much ladies drink , any other charges ? Then sit at a table. Even then they will rip you off in some way , that’s for sure. As I will not be fucking any of the girls there (over priced) I will get in , assess the joint , and get out , as quickly as possible. Longer I stay there , the longer they have got time to think up “extra charges” : )

If you stay there a long time , drink a few beers , they will think you might be fuzzed in the head and ‘hit’ you with a loaded bill. Pay cash as you go ,no paper chits in a cup , at  these kinds of places. Give P20 trip after each transaction.

Beautiful girls at these kinds of places can be found elsewhere for one quarter the cost. Any venue with beautiful girls will cost an unbelievable amount , and all attendees (mongers) at them are presumed to be either big spenders , suckers , or both : )

If you must shag a girl you see in these kinds of places , ask her if you can sneak your cell phone number to her inside the place. If she says yes , then give number to her , and tell her to text say 2 – 4pm and let you know if she can call at your room for ‘daylight saving’ (discount shagging) sex session. I would not discuss price , she will assume you’ll pay silly price. Get her name and ask her to put her name to message (otherwise get confused who’s texting you). She will most probably call around 6pm , shag to 7pm , then shower , taxi to her venue. Give her P1000. It’s a nice tax free (she keeps all money) earner for her. If she complains , give her no more than P500 more. Absolutely no more. She can not complain to employer cause she is doing this behind her employers back. You win , discount sex , with an expensive chick : )

Better you give her your cell phone number. If you take her number , chances are you will waste half next day trying to get a reply from her. With your number , if she is keen she will certainly text you. No interruption to your whoring : )


La La Land …. Supposedly pretty girls for a price. Located in Roxas Bvld. Google it , or just get taxi driver to take you there.



OTHER Manila sex places for Escorts , Sexy Girls , Hookers and Young Women  :


Freelance Hookers – Young Women  :


NOTE : Not recommended to walk around streets leading to or from La Cafe at night. Mostly petty street crime admittedly but could turn nasty. Gang members could quickly appear , if you become aggressive. Taxi to and from best , exception : Stay at Amazonia and walk briskly to and from La Cafe , should be alright.

The most active freelance joint in Manila is : La Cafe .. see below details. There are others , but they are piddling at best. Exception , upmarket Disco’s with cost ya.

WARNING : Dont forget , as advised elsewhere , take care of your valuables , especially with freelancers. Some of these girls are not averse to stealing from your room (incl. drugging you before hand , exceptional , but can happen) , others are under 18yrs and can cost you as much as Pesos 100,000 if Police get involved. If you dont pay requested police bribe you might end up in prison for many years. Rare exceptions admittedly , but can happen. Just be aware of these possibilities.

Also take care with your health , ie wear condoms. These gals are not checked regularly (or ever) for STD’s etc. Scams , rackets , theft is more likely in Manila , but can happen in other towns/cities too. In 36yrs of whoring I have not experienced much of that at all. So dont be too paranoid : )

There are little pockets of FL Hookers here there and everywhere , all over greater Manila (Ermita , Quezon City , Makati , etc etc , everywhere). Shopping Malls have potential for sexy girls with wandering eyes too.

SEX with – Escorts – MANILA

WARNING … From time to time , there is a spike in street crime , especially in the Ermita area. Do not carry valuables on your person , only enough cash for that night , no expensive bling etc. Hand over the cash , do not struggle if you come across crims. They only want cash , not you. No need for paranoia , but better to catch a taxi if your destination is any distance away. Do not walk down unpopulated side streets/alleyways at night. Main streets with other pedestrians , usually no prob. Even so , I have never been street robbed in the Philippines. Do as I say , and as I do  : )


La Cafe (LAC) , aka , MBC (Manila Bay Cafe)

Possibly the most talked about sex venue of the Philippines.

Sex certainty at La Cafe. Average quality girls at average prices. Sometimes exceptions (pretty or below average : )


 Catch a taxi to and from La Cafe , avoid walking Ermita streets at night. Mostly petty street crime , if any , but sometimes more than that , particularly if you resist.

La Cafe (aka Manila Bay Cafe)  for Sex with Hookers and young smiling Women , eager to please  : )
Freelance action : Read ‘WARNING’ above , and street crime warning above , too. Doesnt stop myself and others going there. Usually nothing untoward happens : )

Here’s d’ current facts : Location of La Cafe  – On the corner of MH Del Pilar and Romero Salas Streets. 1429 MH Del Pilar St Ermita , to be specific. If coming by taxi , come down A Mabini St (one way) turn left into R. Salas St and alight at the corner of MH Del Pilar and bingo ! you have MBC. If coming from airport , different route. All taxi drivers know it , so should be no problem in finding it. Open 24/7 , never closes.

This seems to be the best value freelance hooker joint in Manila , but dont expect movie stars. Head straight for La Cafe in a taxi and get out at the front door , cause it’s not always safe to stroll around the streets of Ermita nowadays. Short distances on main streets no prob normally. Ignore any pimps near LAC (La Cafe). Pay-as-you-go Hooker Freelancers inside , some of whom are off duty Go-Go Bar girls from nearby EDSA and other places , at a greatly discounted price (1/2am on for these girls).

Downstairs/Upstairs. Update : Sometimes they charge to go upstairs P100/200 or so and have a band , some times they do not charge (no band). Depends , like everything else in Phils : )

In general , its best to pay as you go , padding of bills at MBC nowadays is a possibility. Not all the time , but enough to be careful. One trip  I gave downstairs waitress P500 note for a P100 drink. She never came back. Had to send another waitress after the 1st one. Got my change , eventually : ) Best ask waitress her name before she knicks off in amongst the crowd. They should have name tags hanging from their neck anyway. She will think you’ve got the hots for her , but you have got a name to report to someone later on , if she does not return. Exceptional , I tell ya. First time that ever happened to me in Phils (didnt return).

LAC is broadly divided into two :

Downstairs …. Westerners , mixed nowadays with a small number of Koreans , crowded around a circular bar , and the odd pool table further away. Lots of hooker girls waiting to snag someone to have sex with, most average or below average with the odd attractive one (personal opinion , like everything else on this website : ).

Upstairs …. More space upstairs , nice long bar , decent tables and seats. Formerly known as korean territory with girls who do not normally go with non Koreans. Nowadays , not sure , think it would be more mixed , less restrictive. But if a girl only wants to go with Koreans , she will most probably be upstairs.

Principally the girls prefer the Koreans who come across as cute (slanty asian eyes being the main factor) and less work for more money than Western foreigners. Makes sense , doesnt it  : )

The attractive ones will countenance western world guys if they think he looks half reasonable , and if they are having no luck with the Koreans. My technique is to smile and chat with waitresses. Attractive ones see waitress enjoying my company , then you will find they are checking you out. Otherwise if you sit there with a sad face , not socialising with anyone , your more likely to be ignored , unless of course your young (22-32 yrs of age , as a broad guide). If a guy in his 50’s-70’s  it’s still possible to get the better ones. Its just the way you go about it. Be nice , but do not kiss arse , and be patient.

LAC (MBC) Prices for sex: Average and below average looking girls …. any night of the week ….. ST (short time) P1500 , take off P500 if below average. LT (Long time) P2000/2500. You can get the bottom prices if your an experienced monger , but will most prob have to pay the higher prices if you do not have experience : ) There are two pool areas downstairs , koreans populate one of them (actual room)  = possibly attractive ones in there too. Check it out.

Some girls will ask for more than the above rates for sex , to see if your a sucker. All , repeat , all girls at LAC are hookers , escorts , pay for play types. Do not believe otherwise. Talk of Secretaries or students , is bullshit. Non hooker girls will not be seen dead entering or leaving a place like LAC. Unless of course nice girl (non hooker) is in a totally desperate situation. How many times does that happen ? In about 30/50 visits , it never happened to me. if they say “student” , then student of sex , is what I say.

Cafe Havana (see other notes) for a better chance of finding a non whore , semi whore , or apprentic whore. See Cafe Havana notes down below.

What price you pay depends on various factors … demand and supply , whether or not you are an attractive customer (not nec. looks , eg , manner , cleanliness) etc. You can add P500 to P1000 , on top of those figs above ,  to understand what the big spenders (koreans) are paying.

Girls Drinks ….There is talk , that a select number of MBC girls (hookers) , presumably attractive ones , are encouraged by management to ask you for a drink. The price is way above LAC average prices and girl gets a commission. There is a possibility that the waitresses themselves are in on this too , that is , get a commission. Lets say 95% of the girls there are not involved in this. Does not apply to them. So , what to do ? Ask girl “How much is your drink going to cost”. If it seems above normal rates , you know she is getting a cut/commission. Update : Waitresses nowadays pester you to buy a drink for any girl in your company. You do not have to buy. If you do buy ask how much beforehand , normal prices ok viz to P100. Security guys at door ask to see drinks ticket if girl walks out with a customer. So to avert this , girls tell guy where she is waiting for him outside , a little away from LAC/MBC = no drinks ticket needed by lady when she exits.

On exiting LAC catch a taxi passing by that uses its meter. Avoid standby taxi’s , especially those who refuse to use their meters. Standby taxi drivers are usually lazy buggers trying to rip folks off. UPDATE : From time to time there has been a scam outside LAC wherein Policeman stops you and your gal , take you to local Police Station and extract a bribe to get you out of a sticky situation. To avoid this , experienced punters give their gal P100 taxi money inside LAC, make it clear where they are staying , exit LAC separately and catch separate taxis to the same hotel. Thus avoiding the scamming policemen. Note1 : I have never seen these police guys outside LAC. Rumour only ?  : ) Note2 : I have only heard of this scam , never seen any hard evidence of its existence. Note3 : Ditto.

Watch your valuables , both within LAC and back at your Hotel. Some of these girls are capable of stealing. Have valuables locked away before entering shower. Preferably dont close shower door , leave ajar for the potential thief/runner (exception). Its not as bad as it seems , just be careful with your valuables.


Short Time sex Rooms :
1st priority … Sogo.
Amazonia ST sex Hotel  : Short time accommodation can be had at Amazonia , see further on below for details. I stay at Amazonia for P1600 and can take six girls there per day , if I want to  = convenient and cheaper than renting ST rooms elsewhere. 2/3 mins walk from LAC. So convenient , but lots of guys will say its too ‘low class’ for 2nd millenium punters : ) P600 for short time use. No harm in going there and inspecting the rooms , before trying LAC.  See Manila Hotels/Restaurants page for info on Amazonia as a place of residence whilst in Manila. Recommended for low budget bangers only.
Sogo ST sex Hotel : Alternatively you could go to Sogo designer ST Hotel , P50 taxi ride from MBC. On weekends there is a queue to get in to popular Sogo sex ST establishments. No queue at your room Amazonia (see above). LAC girls know where the nearest ST rooms are. Apparently oldest Sogo is in Mabini St somewhere , and latest new one , is in Adriatico St. If say to driver “Sogo Adriatico” you should be right. Rates : Economy Room P250 but usually no vacancy/fully occupied. Deluxe Room P600 , better than Amazonias , apparently. Once you have paid for room ask for their 22% discount card for future visit , if any.

Quite funny , whilst waiting to get into a room and sitting there with your lay , observing other Mongers with their lay. For me personally it would put me off. Nothing like having sex in your own hotel.




Freelance Hookers and Young Women for Sex cont’d


G.Point  pick up joint for sex  :


Is another Freelance spot getting mentions. Not on the scale of LAC (nothing is) but worth a peek , 10pm on. Prices similar to LAC. Small number of available hookers here. Next to nil there during day , reasonable number at night , but nothing special , mostly 4’s .. 5’s with an occasional 6. My experience anyway.

Location … From LAC , walk across to Mabini St. Note which way the traffic is going (its one way traffic) . Walk with the traffic flow in Mabini St and you will be walking in the right direction , to Padre Faura St , turn right into Padre Faura, G.Spot is on the right hand side at 510 Padre Faura (just past Watsons Store) , just before 7/11 Store.  I eat exclusively at G. Spot , nowhere else. See Restaurant info in the separate Basics notes/page).

Be wary of girls with boyfriends or husbands , can happen. Procurement here at a slower and more careful pace , if at all. Not ‘pushy’. LAC , procurement is fast : ) Website  : ….. no sex info supplied , address , food info only.


“Amazonia” freelance hooker sex .. pick up place :

About 100mtrs from LAC (MBC). Example , exiting LAC door , turn left and walk against the flow of vehicular traffic in M H Del Pilar St , and on the first corner on your right is Amazonia. This place is trying to rival LAC as a Freelance joint , but next to nil success to date. I have stayed at Amazonia and reckon there was no more than 5/10 hookers there at any one time. Most of those hookers were overweight and around 35/40 yrs old. Hard core desperado’s , forget em.

Amazonia’s main game is 24hr accommodation or short time accommodation. 2/3 mins walk from LAC. Believe short time rates are : P400 fan (still hot even with fan) , P600 air con …. 3 hrs either room/s. Rooms are ok quality (cheap budget quality) , I stay there on 24hr basis (P1200/1600). For me , a convenience factor.

Alternatively you could go to Sogo designer ST sex Hotel , but especially on weekends there is a queue to get in. LAC girls know where the nearest Sogo is located. This applies wherever you are , ask the girl of your choice. She knows , especially one/s she feels comfortable with. Always ask her “how much” ST sex Hotel is , before you proceed to her st sex hotel choice.

All of this info belongs to


NOTE : In all these places make sure your not hitting on some girl waiting for her boyfriend (eg in toilet etc  .. ie boyfriend , not her : ).

Greenbelt 3 – Hooker area :


Around P120  taxi ride from Ermita area.

Greenbelt is the name of a shopping complex/area , take taxi to it . Entrance 3 : Starbucks (near Glorietta’s , and opposite Shangri-la) and the area near Starbucks is a freelance scene. P1500/2000 all night full sex , for these girls , is adequate. Last trip I was there. Freelancers were very thin on the ground. Dont get your hopes up here : ) Think you will find Cafe Havana itself a better hunting ground.

Cafe Havana for sex – Hookers and Young Women

Getting there … taxi to :  “Greenbelt , entrance 3 , New World Hotel”. Should be P120/150 from La Cafe area. If good driver he will drop you in front of Greenbelt 3 entrance , otherwise he will drop you in front of New World , and then walk across the road to large shopping complex directly opposite , with Greenbelt 3 sign across it. Enter inside building , keep going straight through doors , until on your right you see a crowd of chicks and some guys sitting at tables. Ask Complex security guards , if in doubt where Cafe Havana is.

Tables outside Cafe Havana itself is where the hookers sit/prowl. Also close by Starbucks and Seattle Coffee , some freelance hookers hanging around.

Tables outside Cafe Havana (lots of tables) :

Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights. Other nights can be relatively quiet , but still some hungry hookers there. Before 9pm mostly only good girls. 10pm on the hookers start arriving. Even then Havana has a mixture of p4p (hookers) FL’s , and non hookers (regular girls) , mostly the former. On occasions , some of those regular girls are looking for rent money : ) Around 1/2am it might start to die , girls go to nearby disco’s etc for “business” if they have failed at Havana eg Icon Disco at nearby Intercontinental Hotel.

There is limited dancing inside Cafe Havana itself. Small number of hookers (and non hookers/regular folks) can be found in there , maybe ones who’d like to dance. But 95% are outside at tables or just walking around. Thats the place to be. Stand back from the tables and you will surely be approached. Wait until a nice one approaches you , reject the others with a smile. You will most probably be under observation by other girls at tables , and if your friendly , they might then approach you. If sour faced when rejecting someone , its not an encouragement for other girls to try their luck with you.

The hookers at Cafe Havana (CH) expect more than the La Cafe downstairs hookers , as they are more sophisticated , less ‘prostitute’ in their modus operandi. Think upstairs LAC prices if your at Cafe Havana.

If you took an outside table by yourself and a girl/s asked if they could sit at your table , chances are your looking at a hooker. Make sure your not paying girl/s drinks , unless of course you want to. A good girl who is interested in you , would prefer to sit at a nearby table and give you the eye. Hookers of course will give you the eye even from 100mtrs away : )

Normally the girls here do not expect to talk about money. Prostitutes do that , dont they , these girls pretend to be not prostitutes : ) You take em back to your hotel room , bang em , give em P2/3000 next morning. Slip it into her purse/bag , make sure she sees it.  Exceptions prevail where its best to ask them “How much you want next morning” or something like that.

If you do not ask “how much” beforehand , and she is a hard core hooker , or perceives you as a newbie green horn , she might ask for more than P3000. Dont give it  … P2/3000 is more than enough. Daily basic rate for work is P250/450 in Phils , think about that , when paying for the girls.

LAC comes across as hard core compared to a ‘sophisticated’ venue like Cafe Havana : ) But LAC is not hard core for me. Prefer girls to be straight out (LAC).

Nearby Starbucks and Seattle Coffee House might be worth a try too. Last visit it was all happening outside Cafe Havana. Anywhere in that area where there are tables , preferably outside , there will most probably be girls hanging around ‘fishing’ , but not much if anything day time. After 10pm on , the real hooker action starts. Beware of Ladyboys , usually standing back from the Havana area itself. They will come forward if you wander away from Havana proper : )

If your not having luck sitting at a table , get up , walk away a bit from tables , stop/prop (leaning against a lamp post : ) and for sure some girls will start approaching you. They do me , and I’m an average looking old guy (“lonely lamb”)..


Glorietta Shopping Mall for picking up young Women and Hookers :

Note : Cafe Havana (info above) is superior.  

Hard Rock Cafe , Makati (suburb) : One of the lads I know , told me about Hard Rock Cafe. He reckons from 11pm on it rocks. See my UPDATE below.

P300 entrance ( ? seems a lot). Mixture of good girls and ‘bad’ (LON’s/Hookers) girls. Most of the LON’s hang around the bar. Good girls do not normally hang around the bar. Worth checking out. Careful , you do not make a mistake and proposition a ‘good’ girl , one with a boyfriend , or even worse still a bakla/ladyboy , both of whom are also in residence here : ) More friendly , relaxed , cheaper girls at MBC (see above).

UPDATE : Last trip checked this place out say 10/11pm on a Friday. No entrance fee asked from me (hansum : ) Place was tame. Reasonably well catered for with couples. Saw very little if any freelance action. I know , I am impatient , should have stayed for an hour or two and see if it ‘developed’ , but have no toleration for places that do not impress me first up. “So many places , so much to do , so …. adieu” : )

Second hand info : Opposite Hard Rock is TGIF in Glorietta , sit at bar. Some freelancers. Last time I did not check cause Hard Rock was uninspiring , hence thought TGIF would be worse. At LAC , no doubts , at these places , some doubts.
DISCO for Freelance Hookers  :

Note : Tread warily at these Manila Disco’s. Not all girls are sex workers, in fact most places , hookers are minority. Filipino boyfriend might not like you approaching what turns out to be his girl friend. Wait for a girl to make constant eye contact with you , before ‘pouncing’.

Dress decently for a chance.

1. Intercontinental Hotel , Makati. Taxi drivers know it. Rumour has it “Icon Disco” is in the basement. Mostly non hookers and wealthier ones who do not need our money. Be careful , if you pick the wrong one (eg Mayors daughter) you could be in trouble. Small number of freelancers there , but they pay P500 to enter , so do not expect them to be cheap.  Apparently. 1am on it rocks.  Cafe Havana sex workers might migrate to Icon ? Newbies should leave this one alone until they can confidently identify in the Philippines , who are , and who are not sex workers. Note : As the Hooker numbers (viz from Cafe Havana) increase the numbers of wealthy non hookers decreases. This is a common and familiar pattern. Regular girls start the disco out , Hookers invade , regular girls move on.

2. NewWorld Hotel , opposite entrance to Greenbelt 3 (Cafe Havana). In basement , “Palladium Disco”. Relatively ‘high class’ disco with mostly well off non hookers in residence. Pick up still possible , if you go about it the right way , but be wary about mentioning money (to a wealthy one : ).  A more sophisticated approach is required here : )

3. Republiq in Pasay. The flavour right now. Its at Resorts World , out airport way. Queues to get in. Vast majority non hookers apparently. Drinks , girls , not cheap , but worth a peek , after 12midnight/1am. Better if your under 50yrs of age : ) UPDATE : Currently closed.

4. Others …. 

Exklusiv (medium priced)

Prive at The Fort (girls might be more approachable here)

7th High at The Fort (?).

Space at Quezon City.

Excess at Quezon City.

Time at Makati.

Opus at Pasay.

Insomnia at Malate.(convenient if staying in Ermita)

ZZYZX and/or Nirvana , at Malate (convenient if staying in Ermita).


Robinsons Mall also for girls and women selling sex

Ermita (Suburb) :

See my Update at end.
Locate “Starbucks” , try and get a table outside , close to passing traffic (girls) sit , sip , perv and procure. 4/6pm on best. Apparently Mall closes at 9pm. After that girls can be found outside Mall , exit near Starbucks. The fountain area can be good for prospects too.

Also , could try similar at Figaro’s.

Another spot is at the base of the Escalator , near National Book Store , but regular girls meet folks there too , so be careful , daddy might come along and thump you : ) There’s Coffee Shops and Pastry Shops there with tables , take a seat and observe (perv : )

McDonalds upstairs is a long shot.

Fridays and Sat  lots of non hooker girls walking around (like everywhere else in Phil : ) A small number of non pro girls looking for some extra money at Robinsons. Rumour has it , some are Nursing students from nearby colleges. Dont get your hopes up , but anything is possible , at times : ) Make sure girls are at least 18yrs of age , check their ID. Try any spot that has access to the passing girls , smile , indicate to girl to come and sit at your table , and see what happens.

UPDATE : I have personally checked this place out on at least three separate occasions. No , repeat , no sign of any significant freelance action here. Rumour has it that management asked Security to move these girls on. Because of this , you might find the girls standing outside at the entrance (near Starbucks) trying to catch your eye as you enter : ) For sure , if there is FL action its minimal and mostly on Fridays and Saturdays. More definite prospects at La Cafe (MBC) , thats for sure.

More recent trip  : Checked again , saw only a very small number of b grade hookers. This place has never impressed me as a place where you can pick up attractive girls , but then I am old and impatient …. I dont spend too much time trying , if at first a place does not impress : ) Pimps operate inside Harrison Plaza (see below) , but NOT normally inside Robinsons Mall (thank heavens). And another trip : Checked again , no sign of any significant hooker action. I give up.


Harrison Plaza Mall .. another place for young women selling sex  :

Update : Most guys think this place is not good for Freelancers anymore. And its a bit run down , dilapidated , nowadays. Robinsons or Mall of Asia preferred.

Before update , I wrote :

“Overall … folks think the Harrison Plaza girls are low grade and you procure them via grubby pimps.

FB Harrison St , Malate. Reports coming in are mixed. Certainly Friday and Sat would be best , with Sundays crowded with regular girls and maybe sex workers plying the trade..

Seems first floor (UK) , or if your American “2nd floor” , there are girls available via pimps who will approach you , for P800 ST sex with girl , P200 pimp (no sex with pimp : ). You can imagine the low quality at these prices. At this place , I think you will find it hard to find a girl without getting involved with pimps.

Perhaps try below on the ground floor for that , where you would pay max P800/1000 and maybe as little as P500 ST for sex with the girl. Various factors affect the end price. A girl who does not normally work as a hooker , and having no pimp connections , would for example be looking for P1000/1500 ST for full sex. Thats where experience counts , who is a regular hooker and who is not ? Experience will tell ya : )

Be wary of she-men , trannies.

Overall : I’d say give this place a low priority , or better still a miss , nothing compares with La Cafe , for quick action : )

I did not check this place when in Manila last time. I can imagine what its like … not very inspiring. But if your a hunter , maybe give it a try : )


Bottom Feeder Freelancer Prostitutes  :

Haven’t checked personally , grapevine says : Freelancers cheap : near EDSA , Hotel Rotondondo type girls p300 and up , hotel (Rotondondo) P100 for 2hrs. (Sleaze Heaven : ) See GoGo Bar notes for info on EDSA. EDSA … nearby short time hotel Victoria Court (in Luneta , not Malate) P600 , other girls nearby p4/500. What sex you get for that is “up to you”. High incidence of STD’s , possibility of street thieves. Take care in these ‘dark’ areas.

Have not personally checked these ones out.

Whore Houses – Bordello’s – Brothels :

Sometimes referred to as “Dormitories”.

Not many guys use Filipino style whore houses. Generally there is better fun to be had elsewhere.

Cost : P3000/4000 , on average.

Whore houses are referred to as Casa’s in the Philippines (Lady Houses in Thailand). Pronounced : Car-saahs. Sometimes the expression ‘Dorms’ (Dormitories) , or , ‘Apartments’  is used in lieu. Old days , lots of Casa’s , nowadays , not so much. Taxi drivers know them. Take a whore tour with a driver. Some attractive ones , who like to be low profile , out of public view , locked up in those places. Give the driver a nice tip at the end , if he does a good job (P50/100). The drivers don’t make as much when ‘waiting’ outside places. Waiting outside whilst your inside inspecting ladies , that is.

If it was me , I would hire a taxi and ask driver to take me to nearby Casa’s. I would not waste my time or taxi drivers time , ask driver to wait , hop in to Casa , check talent , get prices and calling card , hop out and back in same taxi. A survey. In car I would scribble down my rating , eg ‘6’ (out of ten), on back of calling card/scrap of paper whatever. On and on , until I got sick of it. Return to hotel , then when refreshed and in the mood , return to my first choice Casa , “no luck” ? , then to 2nd choice and so on. Note : If taxi driver is dumb about casa’s , get out , try another driver.

This is the most effective way to find where the best  Casa chicks are. No good selecting at first or second Casa , visit more than one or two , and get an overview , returning to your favourite/s later on.

Quezon City has a heap of expensive Casa’s , geared for the Filipino Clientele, so too Cubao ( but not safe area) . Generally speaking the atmosphere is not so good at Filipino style nightspots , including Casa’s. You get the feeling your encroaching. No harm in having a look, if your the curious type. Otherwise ask for whore house (Casa) that are popular with foreigners. Doubt if such exists nowadays , but worth a try : )


Other Manila Sex Outlets


Filipino Go-Go Bar/Sex Strip :


Sta Cruz has strip shows for Filipino’s but its not a safe area and so not recommended. Filipino red light districts can be dangerous. Mix of alcohol (them) and foreigners trespassing on their hunting ground/s , has the potential to lead to trouble. If you go with a local Filipino , might be ok.


KTV is another possibility for sexy young Ladies.

The following are expensive.
Not updated anymore , sucker places.

NOTE : Save you reading … the Quezon Ave KTV’s are a joke , very poor value. Dont waste your time with them. Personal opinion only of course. The following info will become dated , cause I have no intention of returning to any Quezon city KTV’s.

Pegasus – This one is above Sylvanus Massage , Quezon Ave , Quezon City. Pegasus also doubles as a Massage Parlor. KTV Action : on the premises P1200 for room + P1200 sex tip before 5pm , thereafter much more , eg Presidential Room P2000 and tip accordingly. Show girls offer titillation/strip. GRO’s offer ‘company’. You can have either sitting at your table for a price. You wont get much change out of P1000 for 1 hr of ‘table talk’.

UPDATE : I personally checked this place out briefly on one of my trips. First two show girls I saw were below upstairs LA Cafe standards. Too much make up , tired , around the block look : ) Didnt wait to see anymore. This place is a joke. Forget it. To take them out you will have to first pay the equivalent of one hours table talk (P1000 -).

Note – Some of these girls earn enough via their ‘table talk’ commissions that they do not need to go with customers. Some have boyfriends or husbands waiting for them , or are very particular with whom they go with. After a minimum of one hour ‘table talk’ costs , and her agreeing to go with you , there is a Bar Fine to pay , which includes the cost of : 1. the lady all night (check beforehand how long she is going to stay with you) ; 2. Fee to Pegasus ; 3. a Penalty fee charging x amount per hour for every hour before closing time (3am) they lose her ‘services’ (‘table’ income/cash flow).

Average outlays : GRO’s P7/9000 ; Models/Showgirls P10/12,000. These averages are more likely to go up than down , in time. In addition the gal would expect a tip (on top of the P5000 or more she gets out of the Bar Fine fee) Worth it ? In my opinion , certainly not. Do a bit of spade work , be patient and you will find a good looker elsewhere for a fraction of the cost , possibly even free if your young and good looking. Do not be fooled by the ‘gift wrapping’ (clothes girls wear) and ‘decor’ / atmosphere of places they work in. Filipinos and experienced whoremongers like myself do not pay these crazy prices , so why should you ? : )

La Legende – Quezon Ave , Quezon City. Very popular with the ‘big spenders’. Also doubles as a Massage Parlour. Similar ‘offerings’ and price structure as Pegasus. Possibly a little more popular than Pegasus. UPDATE : I personally checked this place out briefly on one of my trips. Girls I saw there were nothing special. This place is a joke. Forget it.

I suspect the following Quezon Ave KTV’s are poor value too : Classmates – Taxi’s know it. This KTV is popular with ‘high rollers’. UPDATE : I could just imagine the jerks who get ripped off in these joints.

Stardust – Quezon Blvd , near Mystique KTV. Taxi drivers know it. On the premises in the VIP Room P1800 + tip (1000 ?) 1 hr . Mystique – in Quezon Avenue/Blvd. Taxi drivers know it. I am no Cheap Charlie and am willing to pay 3/4000 for a top babe , but I saw no top babes in either Pegaus or La Legende.

Man these places are for suckers who pay for pseudo sophistication , not bodies , smiles and girl friend experience. If the decor , clothes of girls , atmosphere is ‘sophisticated’ guys imagine the girls to be ‘over the moon’ in the beauty stakes and pay accordingly. Be objective lads , peel away all that bullshit and go for : “bodies , smiles and girl friend experience” : )

Sorry , I will not be updating any of above info again. Sucker territory , not my territory.

Sex Massage Parlours : 


As you most probably know by now , I am not a fan of ‘Massage’. For me , not enough fucks for the bucks. So , sometimes the massage info I offer here is a little ‘sketchy’. NOTE : I did not check out any Massage Parlours. KTV’s were over rated , so maybe MP’s same ?

My suggestion is , do the same ‘research’ recommended in ‘Whore Houses (Casa’s) info above , then back track to the better ones. Sorry , wont have time (or motivation) to research them myself. Just not interested : ). Google : “Sex Massage Makati Philippines”

Keep in mind the Massage scene in Philippines can not poke a stick at the same scene in Thailand , which reigns supreme in this regard .. sex massage.


Fresh info first :
Try the first two sex massage parlours first , forget the others (further down) for the time being …..

1. ROMAN SUITES (Phoenix Sex Massage Parlour) Makati :


Before closure I wrote :

“This one is considered better than No.2. below.

I have not personally visited this fairly popular one. Taxi drivers know it. Apparently at Roman Suites Hotel , 914 Pasay Road , San Lorenzo Village , Makati. which is apparently next to (behind) either/both … New World Hotel , and/or Rennaisance Hotel. Up the stairs to 3rd Floor (USA). Room is P800/1200 (varies according to time of day or night) , girl is an additional P1500 normally. Phone : 02.7528207” .

Open :

Vague information …. walk to nearby Eustasia Hotel and ask security guard there re location of a rather discrete massage place , sorry no name , at this stage. Rumoured , you do not have choice , take next girl in line , and its P1500 room , plus girl expects a P1500 tip on top of that. If you find it , please report on Forum. Thanks.

There are also girls in P Burgos St and top of Burgos St offering sex massages for P1500. Be careful , could be kind of girl who steals from your room (untrace-able), or could be Ladyboy (street ‘girl’).

2. Palacio Don Pedro , Sex Massage Parlour , Makati.

Closed ?

Note : Maybe this one is still closed ?

Ring them 1st. Phone 896-7511/12 . Location : 5660 Don Pedro Building , Don Pedro Street , Poblacion , Makati. Near Kalayaan Ave and P. Burgos St intersection.

See their website for details of location etc. Room P700/1200 (varies according to hour of day/night) , Girl P1200/1500 normally , 90 mins , two pops. Note : Not everyone likes this place. Try Roman Suites first.


2b. Executive Health Club , Quezon Ave , Quezon City.

Pronounced : Kay-zon (Quezon). Taxi drivers know it. Lookers apparently. P2700 ? Have no further info at this point of time.

3. Air Force .1. (official name : Flight 168 Health Spa) :

Going on what I have heard it seems like a Show Place on one floor with sex cubicles , and sex Massage on another floor.

Have seen on internet what looked like cellphone vid of a parade of AirForce1 girls and was impressed. Worth a peek at least. Check prices before committing yourself. Update : Quality of girls has gone down. Happens with all joints , first signs of it closing down : ) Five to ten top model types , others nothing special , nowadays. Prices through the roof for the ‘model’ types.

Info I have garnered : Near Terminal .1. Intl Aiport (Aquino/NAIA). Apparently on Sucat Road , not far from Sucat Mall (?). Some say its on Ninoy Aquino Ave. Anyway taxi drivers should know it. I arrived in the dark (taxi) didnt know where I was : ) From Ermita area , an inconvenient location (too far away , including likelihood of traffic jams).

There are different ‘tickets’ (chicks and service) to buy , viz Economy , Business Class and First Class at different floor levels. Ground Floor apparently Massage Parlour called : Flight 168. Upper floor has a night club (Air Force.1.) with supposedly ‘Lookers’ (pretty ones) , dancing on stage which you can have if your pocket is deep enough : ). Best time , 10pm onwards for Club. Table charges and other charges exist , tread wearily , ask before hand “Any additional charges” ? . Massage/KTV etc , nothing here is cheap. For curiosity only , have a look ,  if you like ‘purchase a ticket/girl’ : )

Reports say ladies here are Lookers. Remember its exy , I hear prices  like P3500/5000 , for room and girl. Check how long you get with girl before paying anything , some report only 90mins , others report 3 hrs , dont know personally.  Another source says : Spotlight girls are P800/900/1000 per hour sit at table with you. Public booths for chats P800. Private rooms for chats and maybe groping : P3000 small room P5000 larger room. And on it goes , you’d have to enquire at the time.

Cost : Have a drink or two with top Spotlight girl , take her to your Hotel  LT (Long Time) will set you back , all up P10/12,000. Are they worth it ? In my opinion certainly not. For sure , early hours of morning she is going to say she has to go home = ST(Short Time) in reality. GFE (girl friend experience) unlikely with these ‘stars’. You can do short time on the premises , cheaper that way , and best way , if you must fuck them : ) Dont forget , even though you pay for room , and pay to fuck girl ST , the hourly rate mentioned above still ticks away , still counts …. added on to the other charges. Buyer beware !

Other , not so pretty girls dont come cheap either. Enquire at the time.


Star Fleet .… another one similar to .3. above , and not far away from it either , same street. Prices I believe are not so high as Flight 168. Taxi driver should know Star Fleet . Update : Maybe this one now closed too ? Google ‘Star Fleet Massage Manila’. It seems ‘Sex Massage Parlours’ have been raided by the police. Owners not willing to bribe them ?

Note : If still open Star Fleet is a Nuru Massage joint , gel on body , girl rubs up and down on you …. followed by full sex. Reputedly P2000 for the room and P2000 for the girl , so not cheap.


MASSAGE cont’d …….. 

Not so fresh info :

Most if not all of the following info is second hand and I have no intention of trying to keep it up to date. Use as a rough guide only. Better to do the ‘research technique’ as outlined above , rather than the notes that follow. Sex scene and sex massage parlours change names , addresses , repuation , prices , like the wind , hence need for you to do a little research before you spend your money in any one massage parlour.

Here’s my outdated notes as curiosity value only :

Thailand is the place for sex massage , not Philippines. Maalikaya Health Club – Quezon City , c/r Quezon Ave & Timog Ave. Well known by taxi drivers. Four floors of massage ladies. Get’s less expensive as you go up the floors. The difference being mainly the quality of the rooms themselves , and not the girls , so they say. Ground Floor Room P1500 , Tip P1500 = P3000 all up ; 1st Floor (UK) Room P1000 + 1000 tip ; 2nd Flr (UK) Room P700 , tip 700/1000 ; 3rd Flr (UK) Room P400 , tip 500/1000. Use these figs as a guide only. Apparently there is no Fish Pond , you select a number , sight unseen. This I do not like , and I would never patronise such a place under those conditions , however mongers frequent this place and are happy with their ‘lucky dip’ girls.

UPDATE (old) : Possibly either the quality of the girls is down and/or the place is closed , ie no more ! Plse report your findings : )

Sylvanus – Quezon Avenue , Quezon City. Taxi drivers know Sylvanus. They have a fishbowl for your selection purposes. P1200 + 1200 tip for 2 hrs (?) 12n – 6pm , possibly P1500 + P1500 thereafter. Good lookers (?). Popular with mongers. UPDATE : I am quite sure Sylvanus was one of number of KTV’s I checked out. Poor value. So I’d expect their massage to be poor value too.

Wilderness – Prices sim. to first two.

Pegasus – Quezon Ave , Quezon City. See above , it’s also a KTV. Girls in KTV better looking than those in their Massage Parlor , and that’s not saying much : ) . Taxi drivers know it. UPDATE : If girls in KTV better looking than Massage , hate to see Massage girls (see Pegasus KTV above)

Budget Massage/Bangs : Second hand info ….

Happy Sauna – E. Rodgriguez Senior Avenue , Quezon City. There is a neon sign on the building. El Cheepo Massage. No choice in ladies, you are simply handed a number and sent to your room to await managements choice. The girls numbers rotate , are changed on an irregular basis. So , if you want the same one again on a future visit , you have to ask for her full ‘trade’ name. Tell her the reason why your asking her massage parlour name is cause it will be easier to identify her with management , next visit. Now the good part , price – P400 Massage plus P4/500 for sex (negotiable with the girl beforehand). Locals only pay P200 for the additional sex. Use that as a guide , and only pay P400.

Now the bad part : Naturally , the majority of girls employed in this El Cheepo Massage could not find employment at places elsewhere. Some are not so young and not so pretty. Also rumour has it , they do not have regular medical check ups either. BYO Condom. As usual …. a lucky dip (the lot of a whorist : ) .

P.Burgos St area : “Imperial Bath House” – close to P. Burgos Street , Makati. It will cost you about Pesos 3500 all up for Massage and sex. Also , “Topaz” in Yakal Street Makati , where the girls are not so pretty and cost more.

EDSA area :”Core Town” – not far from the Heritage Hotel on EDSA Street itself. Massage & room P1200 plus sex P1200

“New Magellan” – Libertad Street , Pasay City. Supposedly beautiful women. All up , might cost you in the vicinity of P3000 , or a little less.

Skyline Health Studio – On the 8th Floor of the Grand Boulevard Hotel , Roxas Blvd. 24hours service. P1500/2000 all up (supposedly , could not confirm).

Overall : If it was me , I would ignore the above info , which could be out of date by the time you read it , and take a ‘taxi tour’ , as explained in Whorehouse/Casa’s notes above. Say 1/2hrs of research , back to hotel , shower , eat have a couple of beers , then back to the massage parlour of your choice.

I will not personally research massage parlours cause I am not remotely interested in them. Heaps of other ways of finding a fuck , cheaper , better , in my opinion. Sometimes I go to MP’s in Thailand to update Facts section , cause Thais massage scene is really something and its a nice perv , when calling on them : )



MANILA OVERALL : For me .. LA Cafe (MBC) is your bread and butter freelance hooker spot. Cafe Havana also has potential (freelancers). Disco dance places are good if your under 50yrs , and willing to pay higher prices. See list above. Other freelance places are worth visiting at least once , just in case. Seek and ye shall find.

EDSA is the best of a relatively expensive selection of gogo bars (Angeles for cheaper GoGo Bars/Show Places). Pay for play women are everywhere in Manila. If your not in a hurry , prowl the city : ) , , …….. for penpal type of girls who are looking for marriage or money , most of the time. On arrival in Phils , and on meeting your honey , sex is not always forthcoming. Depends on how you progressed online : ) Do not send money to these girls. Play then pay , not pay then play : ) Scam girls from Ghana etc , on these dating sites , be wary. Stick with the hookers , escorts and young ‘pay for play’ freelancer women illustrated above  : )

And so, for the time being, I conclude these notes .

So, bye bye Manila and on to Angeles City, less than two hours by bus or sedan , north of Manila. Wall to wall sexy young dance girls at the best prices in the Philippines , here we cum  ……………………. T

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