Red Light Districts Around Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea has four main red light districts in the mega city. These would be Hooker Hill in Itaewon, Miraie Texas, 588, and Cheonho.

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You can get to everywhere in Seoul very easily because of the first class public transport. A train and bus system like no where else in the world except possibly Japan.

The only thing to remember is that the girls you meet in Seoul or anywhere in South Korea, most of the girls will not want to go with anyone that is not an Asian man. Racist? It’s not always as easy as that. If a Korean or another Asian man sees a woman going with a white or black foreigner she will be forever tainted and deemed ‘dirty’ it’s why so many shops and places in Japan have ‘JAPANESE ONLY’ signs up and why the brothels and soaplands 99% of the time only offer services for Japanese or other Asians.

Since the Korean invasion of Manila and Angeles City, this is happening more and more here too – many girls working in the Philippines bar scene will say ‘sorry, I only go with Korean men’ because if one of their regular customers sees her with a Westerner, that regular customer will not visit her again because she will be thought of as dirty. A dirty hooker, who would have thought.

korea hooker hill itaewon dongdaemun hooker bars juicy bars sexy girls freelancers pickup girls date locals single girls red light district red light districts


They would rather tell the few foreigners around  to piss off and keep the local customers coming back. Even if they are losing out on money.

If you are in Itaewon the ladies there are actively hunting for business from white and black foreigners because generally they are older and ‘washed up’ and cannot get too much business from the locals anymore anyway, so they end up in dive bars trying to drag out their long prostitution career a bit longer than it should be done.

Many of the bars here will try to get you to buy overpriced drinks or ladies drinks – these places are called Juicy Bars. Don’t go to any Juicy Bars unless you like paying $20USD for a lady drink or more and perhaps she will let you grope her ass for a few minutes. It’s not worth the money or the bother.

korea hooker hill itaewon dongdaemun hooker bars juicy bars sexy girls freelancers pickup girls date locals single girls red light district red light districts

Hooker Hill Red Light Districts

Itaewon was written about in a previous article here

It is by far the most ‘foreigner friendly.’ Most Koreans will not actually go here because the women go with foreigners. See above for the reasons for this.

So if you want to show up to one red light district in Seoul knowing that you can have sex with any of the prostitutes there then this is your spot. As mentioned there are no exact prices, anywhere from say 60k-100k should be enough.

Hooker Hill is one of the worst for the clip joints and overpriced lady drinks and they will be very pushy. Most English teachers will drink their sorrows away at the cheap drinking holes here and perhaps fuck the cheap prostitutes nearby.

You can head out the #3 exit at the Itaewon Station.  Sex at Hooker Hill is done right in the small back room of most of the shops, with the girls paraded in the windows like mannequins. It really is a point and click style environment. You see a girl in a window you want to fuck? go and say hello and within 5 minutes you’re banging her in a small back room for not much money. Hooker Hill in Itaewon works very much the same as the Red Light Districts around the canal area of Amsterdam.

588 Red Light Districts In Seoul

Well if that was the most foreigner friendly red light district in Seoul 588 is probably the least foreigner friendly. It is a good place to find cheap sex in Seoul, but as a foreigner you may not like the selection of girls.


All of these girls are behind glass doors and will make it known if they want your business or not. If they ignore you, keep walking until someone does.

If they are ‘open for business’ to you they will smile, wave, maybe even open the door and call out to you. If they aren’t they won’t make eye contact and some may even close the curtains.

You can find the 588 red light districts (known as oh pal pal by locals and taxi drivers) by heading out exit 5 of the Cheongnyangni Station. Turn to the left, cross the street and keep walking that way and you will be there.

This is a good place to find cheaper sex in Seoul. Maybe 60k-80k Korean Won should be enough for even the hottest girls, that is if they will even go with you.  If you fear being rejected by the Korean working girls, the next best thing for a quick fuck is the Korean dating sites.

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Cheonho Seoul Red Light Districts

Head on over to the Cheonho Station and come out of exit 3 and turn right at the first major cross roads. Then you will take the second left and when you see flashing neon lights then you will know you have found the Cheonho red light district.

Same as other places, the girls will be sitting or standing behind glass doors and will let you know if they are interested or not in the same way as above.

This is a more expensive place, expect to be asked for 150,000 Korean Won on your first time here. The real price is in the between 80,000 Korean Won and maybe 120,000 Korean Won if she is young and extremely good looking.

seoul korea hooker hill itaewon dongdaemun hooker bars juicy bars sexy girls freelancers pickup girls date locals single girls

Miraie Texas Red Light Districts

The Miraie Texas red light district area is not in the best area of town and is definitely the most sketchy. You can travel there by exiting the Gireum Station out of exit 10 and right after you come out of exit number 10 just look for some huge curtains covering up the alleyways blocking the view from normal locals. you exit be on the lookout for big curtains covering up some alleyways.

Go behind the curtains and you will find some small lane ways that have only enough room for walking and browsing for women.

There will be no sliding glass doors here in Miraie Texas Red Light District, however they have mamasans or older reception like ladies who will actively be hunting for business for the working girls.

This spot is far more foreigner friendly than the last few places listed apart from Itaewon.

The price here is similar at around 100,000 Korean Won depending on age and looks. Some will drop 20,000 Korean Won if they are older and some will up the money by 20,000 Korean Won if they are model material. You can always negotiate here, as most mamasans will speak enough English to get you by. Bareback Sex and Bareback Blowjobs are common here, so if that is your thing, you are looking in the right place. You can cum inside these girls no problems. Mouths, pussies, asses – just try not to blow a massive cum load on their hair or face as it ruins their make up and they might require going back to the salon to get their hair sorted out and wash the dried jizz out.

Enjoy Your Time At Red Light Districts in Seoul

There are places to get a first class massage that are very foreigner friendly mentioned here, here, here and here also.

The red light districts in Seoul are just one of the many great options here.

But with the spots listed here, all of the massage parlors around town, and being able to meet girls in Seoul on Korean Cupid that aren’t hookers you certainly have many options.


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