The Saigon Star Health Club is one of many hotel operated erotic massage parlors in the Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s location is District 3 and operating out of the Saigon Star Hotel.

Customers enter the club which is advertised throughout the hotel by walking straight through the lobby of the building and into the elevators found on the back wall. Inside the elevator you will see a sign that tells you to go up to the ninth floor. When the elevators open you will see a small desk where some pretty sexy ladies will assist you.

With the reception staff they do speak a little bit of English so if you do not understand any Vietnamese, you should not have any issues. They are foreigner friendly and will be able to get you organised for what you want.

saigon star health club hcmc vnd handjob happy ending blowjob

Three menu sets are available to customers at the Saigon Star Health Club. Payment also allows you to use the facilities such as steam rooms, locker rooms to place your belongings or you can bypass these facilities and go straight into a private room for a sex massage. The staff that work here are seriously hot.

The private room massage session costs around the equivalent of $20 US dollars and is payable after the service is finished. Various countries currencies are accepted though the local currency Dong seems to be at least preferred. Once a customer selects a set the receptionist calls down another lady who will then lead you through the hallways into one of private small rooms.

Once inside the private cubicle, you will see coat hangers, a table and the small hard massage table. There are even metal bars on the roof where the lady of your choice will hold on to and hang from the roof while walking on your back. Truly an amazing feeling having a hot Vietnamese lady walking on your back cracking your muscles and bones and it feels really good.

Once in the room you will be given some small silk shorts and bathrobe to change into. If you are a larger guy, it may feel a little silly as they may not fit too well, but it wont be long until your massage lady removes them anyway.


The women who work at the Saigon Star Club are pretty friendly for the most part although you may find a few older hags that have been around the block a few times over.

Some of them will speak only a tiny bit of English, some of them are fluent however, depending on the age of the sex worker. If the lady cant speak English, she will use hand signals to make sure you understand what you are about to receive.

saigon star health club hcmc vnd handjob happy ending blowjob

After 40 minutes of a good rub down you will told to flip over where they slather your package in baby oil and give you a world class handjob with her edging you along but not letting you blow your load just yet, some of them will give you a world class 5 star blowjob depending on how you click with her. Often if you are a repeat customer, she will climb on top and mount you and give you a great fuck but dont count on that being the normal session until you build rapport with the service provider after a few visits.

Most of the women will want a tip of 400,000 VND ($18 USD) but if it’s your first time they might quote you higher up to 700,000 VND but they will try and take the piss out of you but just go along with 400,000 VND being the normal tip.

Once you finish your service with either handjob, blowjob or fuck you get changed back into your street clothes and head back to reception where you settle up your bill and also give them whatever tip you want to give. They will often have a little sheet of paper listing basic tip prices.

The Saigon Star Health Club is a lot like many of the other massage centers located in hotels around town.

Saigon Star Health Club. 204 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street 9th Floor, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Never closes. Website: Map on website.

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4 Responses

  1. om prakash says:

    So sweet pic

  2. Naldo says:

    I don’t recommend Saigon Star Health Club. It was totally different from what I read here. At first, when I asked how much is the service, lady staff told me its VDN800k (US$40) for VIP, so i asked her if i can see the price list to check, she showed me the list, it was VND800k (US$40) for VIP for 2hrs and VND400k (US$20) for regular for an hour. Anyway i chose VIP service and guy staff guided me to the room and he asked me for a tip VND100k (US$5) which I dont understand why i need to give him, so i asked why? But he didnt understand English and coudlnt speak English too, he seemed like not gonna leave the room unless i gave him a tip. I didnt want to argue with him coz he didnt understand english so i check my wallet if i have VND100k note, unfortunately i didnt have a 100k note and suddenly he asked me for VND200k coz he saw i have a VND200k note inside my wallet. I though he will give me a change, but it never happened.

    Service girl,,, she was also not that good I expected. She didnt speak english at all except the word “tip”. She pointed me to the steamed sauna so i went inside. It was kinda hot, i expected she would call me for the next service but she was just sitting on the bed untill i went out of the sauna after i spent 20min inside the boiling steamy sauna coz i couldnt stand up any more. She spent more than 10 min to wash my hair and another 20 min to wash my body. And the massage, I know the massage would be not good enough to relax so i didnt expect a lot but it was terrible she was just touching my back. She asked me to flip over and she told me “tip” (VND1.5m) = (US$75) crazy.. huh?…. it was just waste of time that i asked why its so expensive and what service you are gonna provide coz she didnt know how to speak English. I was fully idiot, i could have just left the room right away, but i expected a lot so tried to do negotiate with her using google translator which was absolutely useless. Anyway she got VND1.3m and then just did hand job… thats all. Its really all. I was so stupid. I hope guys be carefull and do not go to Saigon Star Health Club. In total I spent more than US$110 for nothing…. i regret a lot

    • SaunaLuvva says:

      so you went inexperienced to Saigon Star, then felt pressured into handing a bell boy a very large tip for nothing, complained about a sauna being “a bit hot” …. maybe travelling isn’t for you lol

      its hit and miss at all of these places depending on the time of day, if the stars have aligned, what the girl ate for lunch, what you ate for lunch… don’t give up mate just keep plugging away at it

    • Nomad says:

      Why were you so clueless? C’mon man, it’s just money, you don’t have to hand over anything. Seriously, you only have to tip $1 to the bell boy. As for the service, 400k for HJ, 1.3M for FS. You blew it.

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