Real cost of living in the Philippines

How much do you need to live comfortably in the Philippines as a single man ?

There are so many YouTube videos and blogs saying it’s fine to live on $500 a month, these guys must be living the must boring crap lives imaginable. The real cost of living in the Philippines is definitely going to be more than that, but not crazy expensive either. For now when staying long term in the Philippines my budget has been $1,300 AUD a month. You can do it cheaper but sacrifice some things, I prefer to stay in a place with air conditioning going all the time I’m in my apartment and I like to be close to the shopping centres and bars.

cost of living in the philippines

Real cost of living in the Philippines

Now on $1300 AUD a month, you wont be eating out at restaurants for every single meal but that’s ok the place I’m staying Jun N Dell’s in Davao includes cable tv, a kitchen in your apartment, electricity and 3 Wifi connections so even if one goes down you have two other ones to choose from. As the WiFi is shared with everyone staying in the apartment complex, speeds can be spotty at the best of times but it gets the job done and is included in the 12,000 peso a month rent. This is ideal for me personally as I blast the air con and don’t want to stay elsewhere and end up with a huge power bill at the end of the month that may eat into my savings more.

In Davao if you get a “girlfriend” she will know which markets to go to and where to buy really cheap food and also help you cook. The Jun N Dell apartments also have daily maid service so your room gets cleaned daily and you will meet many like-minded travellers staying here. Even eating out it still only costs $2 to $3 a meal anyway so very cheap. The street food is so amazing and cheap, don’t listen to too many people that tell you not to eat it. I know a lot of expats and all they eat is KFC and McDonalds all the time, if you wanted to do that, you’re going to have to up your budget and why would you only want to eat American fast food when you are living in another country surrounded by fresh great cheap food anyway?

Even for short time rentals you can hit up AirBNB and you’ll find decent apartments with gyms and swimming pools in the complex with cable TV that has over 100 channels and internet to download movies and TV shows too, you don’t really need anything else. The best part of Philippines is if you stay in an area such as Davao where not many tourists go, your value automatically goes up to about a 9 out of 10. Being white has great value here.

That said, you can live a happy comfortable life with everything you need for only 30,000 pesos a month after you pay your 12,000 peso apartment with no further bills. I highly reccomend this over Thailand as the people here are just so much happier, they are happy to have foreigners in their country and they all speak pretty good English. Alcohol prices are the cheapest of anywhere I’ve ever been so even if you wanted to go out to a bar and get blitzed you can for only a minimal amount of money. Don’t listen to people who say the real cost of living in the philippines is only 500 dollars a month, that’s all I can tell you.

You don’t even need to pay for sex here in Davao, because of the incredibly high value of being a foreigner, there are so many girls that will come up to you on the street, in the malls, markets, wherever you are and ask if you are married or single and then tell you they are single too and want to date you. It really is that simple for anyone to hook up here with white skin. I’ve seen 80+ year old guys walking around holding hands with the hottest Pinay honeys I’ve ever seen smiling and laughing and just enjoying life. So yeah guys that’s my real cost of living in the philippines information so far.

Jun And Dell Apartment


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  1. Maria says:

    Please remember that the Philippines is a Catholic country. In spite of what you have experienced there, it seems that you have not seen nor experienced this very important aspect of our lives as real, true Filipinos.

  2. KevinKinerney says:

    Maria is right man, True Filipinas really care about social image so will only let you fuck them in the ass behind closed doors and only invite their friends to share your cock after they get to know you a little bit.

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