Playboy Establishment – Hanoi, Vietnam

Playboy Establishment in Hanoi, Vietnam is a bit of a weird choice for a Playboy themed club you would have thought but in the Apricot Hotel (which is a 5 star hotel in Hanoi) there is a club just as described and you wouldn’t even realise because there are no real huge signs advertising it, only a small Playboy bunny symbol at the entrance itself. Once you get to the entrance a hot Playboy hostess will greet you in English and lead you into a waiting table for you.

playboy establishment bar in hanoi vietnam for sexy times

Inside the Playboy Establishment Hanoi you will find a stage in the middle of the club that has half a dozen super hot girls dancing to banging electronic music. In true gentlemans club style, it sort of feels like a very upmarket strip club without the nudity. Although it is definitely still worth a visit due to the extremely high quality hostesses here who are very very friendly. With enough charm you might be able to grab a phone number and meet after hours whether it’s free or a little compensation is handed over.

playboy club in hanoi vietnam with sexy playboy playmate bunnies

They have waitresses wearing the Playboy Establishment bunny rabbit uniforms and the prices are very reasonable where drinks will set you back only 100,000 VND or $5 USD roughly. Most customers here are locals however there are a few foreigners depending on which night you go in.

Playboy Establishment isn’t really a place to pick up, however you can scope the place out and handing a girl your phone number is easy when standing at the bar or on the way to the bathrooms. For everything else in Hanoi, you can meet normal girls on Vietnam Cupid where most girls speak good English and will hook up with foreigners for dating and more.

Playboy Establishment Hanoi can be found here –
Bar, Lounge, Restaurant and Club
Apricot Hotel
136 Hang Trong
Hanoi, Vietnam
Reservation: 096 180 76 88
Playboy Establishment Hanoi Official Website:
Operating Hours:
Everyday from 8PM to 2AM

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