Philippines Drugs – obtaining and using

Philippines Drugs, should you use drugs here?

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In the Philippines drugs are available however the penalties if you’re caught are extremely harsh. If you get caught with about 5 grams of weed you’re going to jail for at least 20 years in one of the worst prisons in the entire world. You wont get the death penalty because they abolished it a while back however you will wish you had been given the death penalty due to the states of prisons in the Philippines.

If you find yourself in trouble with the police, you need to try and get yourself out of the situation as soon as possible as the more people that get involved the more money you will need to pay. The more people that know about it and get involved means more people to pay off and bribe.

Bribing the police if they bust you you need to do it quickly, flip him a hundred bucks or so and get the fuck out of there before it goes any further. Do NOT let him take you back to the station, then the bribe money will sky rocket as soon as you step foot inside with everyone wanting their piece of the pie and you’ll end up having to fork over multiple thousands of dollars to get away.

Where to buy weed in Manila :

You can buy weed in Manila in Pasay, usually around o’farrel street near Park Ave you’ll see locals standing around or possibly trike drivers who will offer you weed if you want to go this route. Again I need to warn you buying anything in the Phillipines drugs especially, is not a good idea.

You can definitely find weed and drugs in Malate, look for Pablo Ocampo Street and there’s a bunch of trike drivers here who will be able to hook you up with whatever you need. If anyone asks what you want just say weed or pills or whatever you want, they’ll sort it out pretty quickly however being a foreigner you’re going to be overcharged but that’s okay if you’re stuck and really want something quickly.

You can ask for the guys phone number too to send text when you want more to meet you somewhere but whatever you do, try not to give him your details like phone number, real name, where you stay, etc. The less they know about you, the better it is for your safety.


Weed prices in Manila :

It’s pretty cheap to buy weed in Manila, they sell weed in small bags that will make a few joints for about 150 pesos (2 USD) or you can go as far as buying 1kg of shitty bush weed for about 3200 pesos if that’s what you want to do. The usual prices will be about 500 pesos which will get you 5 big stems of weed.

There is no point telling you guys not to buy drugs, some of you will do it anyway, but if that’s what you want to do, there’s a few options on how to obtain what you want. Be very careful however as someone offering to sell you drugs is often working with his police friend so once they sell to you he makes a quick phone call to his police officer friend and they come and “bust” you and then they split the bribe money between them and the drug dealer gets his product back to try and trick another idiot foreigner.

Have you had any experiences buying weed in the Philippines? Leave a comment below if you have any advice or tips.

Be very careful and I would advice not doing anything like this in the Philippines drugs is not a wise thing to do anywhere in South East Asia.


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  1. madzromz says:

    Nice Article! 🙂
    If you wanna have some weed. I could share my friend who sells weed here in Baguio City. He sells stalks and hash. Just contact 09067270689

  2. John Hartrey says:

    Anyone in cebu that can help me out , just found out my regular supplier been ripping me off for half a year – -was paying 10 k for 12-14 g — and of course all they time they are telling me what a good person they are . I am a medicinal user , but prefer to smoke . Have a real problem with shipping due to being ripped of a few times , plus really don’t want to turn up at my local LBC and meet a whole squad of police .

  3. Hoedy says:

    Bai naana kai asa ta kapalit dre cebu? Patxt 09561280397

  4. Baya says:

    Im coming to cebu next month i wanted to know is it safe to bring a vape pen mj resin oil with me crossing the borders? If not is it easy for me to buy some in cebu help me im spending two weeks there & its my first time dont want to get in jail lool

  5. IcanCervive says:

    Do you know where to buy cannabis oil here in Manila? i’m fighting terminal illness and would like to try it . Thanks.

  6. Bill says:

    Looking for Charlie or like wise in Boracay. Any connections?

  7. J says:

    I arrive in Manila on the 19th and obviously the next day is 420.

    Any idea or contacts where to get the good herb.

  8. mac says:

    looking for kush? hit me up 09654457256. manila area can do meet up and delivery

  9. Cipicu says:

    I will arrive in manila 2nd of august…is there somebody to hook m up?

  10. T o says:

    Anyone got the hook up in Mani la ?

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