Philippine Beggars

Philippine Beggars are a massive pain in the ass when you come here. Most of the time they are very young children and they will hammer you everywhere you go asking for money for food, asking for food, directly just saying give me money, it’s really quite sad the first time you experience it.

It’s only 20 or 50 or 100 pesos they want which is nothing to you but since most workers only get 250 to 300 pesos for a full hard days work, then it is a lot of money. If you give 20 pesos to one kid one day, guaranteed the next day there will be 10 or more kids also with their hands out rubbing their belly tugging at your heart strings.

From now on while you’re there they have you tagged as a sucker who gives money up easily so they will follow you around for the entire duration of your stay and at every waking moment you’re outside they will be there demanding you give more money.

philippine beggars child

Philippine Beggars, dont give them anything!

The best suggestion for everyone would be to not give anyone ANYTHING. Of course being brought up in a country where it seems like a nice thing to help someone down and out and it’s only small money to you, it’s never a good idea and can only get you into serious trouble.

There are stories I’ve been told since being in the Philippines where beggars work with serious organised crime rings who round up a whole bunch of homeless children and put them out on the streets to work and at the end of the day they all bring the money back to the adult gang leader.

You’ll often see kids begging in the street missing a hand, arm, leg or something else and sometimes this is what these organised crime rings will do to extract more money from people. If you see a kid missing an eye holding his stomach saying “im hungry im hungry, give me money!” most people would feel sorry for the kid and hand something over. This only keeps the problem going, by giving money you’ll encourage these bastards to do more shit like this and in the end it only hurts more children than it helps.

A lot of these beggars are out to scam you in one way or another, a lot of them will distract you somehow as one of their friends is in your back pocket taking your phone and wallet.

Not only is it a bad idea to give money to these Philippine Beggars, it is against the law to give anything to them. Most of the time their tactics are to surround you and overwhelm you so they can work their magic skills.

So don’t give the Philippine beggars any money. Try to ignore them completely, if you acknowledge them, that only gives them more incentive to go after you and it gets very fucking annoying very quickly.

What would happen if you’re seen giving some Philippine beggar money and someone passing by took a photo of an old foreigner handing some little kid cash? Extortion is very possible in this country, don’t put it past anyone not to do that shit. Keep your guard up at all times, more so around these little fuckers.

Most of the Philippine Beggars will use the money and go and buy some sniffing glue branded “Rugby” and Rugby Boys are common gangs of street children everywhere. Sniffing the glue supresses your appetite and gets you high.

philippine beggars

Have you come into any trouble with Philippine Beggars in your travels? leave a comment if you have any tips on dealing with these people.

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