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dio and emotion gotanda 2

Dio and Emotion in Gotanda

Both Dio and Emotion are two Pink Salons in Gotanda in Tokyo where you can go and get a blowjob or two. Or three, or more. They charge a hefty 7,000 yen (70 USD)...

Hinomaru Kabukicho 9

Hinomaru blowjob bar in Kabukicho, Tokyo

Hinomaru is one of the few foreigner friendly pink salons in the Kabukicho area located in Shinjuku, Tokyo where you can get a blowjob very cheap. Hinomaru is pretty easy to find and I...

SIM cards in the philippines laos thailand 0

SIM cards in Laos

Sim Cards in Laos Laos has four GSM network operators: Unitel Laotel Beeline ETL A fifth company called Planet online is not mentioned as it uses incompatible WIMAX standard in Vientiane. Frequencies and coverage...