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Welcome to The Newbie Guide to Pattaya, Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Manila, Cebu, Davao and more books, your newbie guide to your first visit to Pattaya, Thailand or other Southeast Asian Cities and what is affectionately known as Disneyland For Adults. It has been designed with the newbie in mind. I believe that it is a useful resource to those preparing all newbie visitors for their first visit to the cities and for planning for your amazing adventures. These are links to both versions the digital copies which are much cheaper and the physical copies which are great to read on the plane before heading over or even gifting a friend coming with you.

The nightlife to a newbie is quite confronting with so many options and scams and is quite diverse from open-air beer bars to fully nude gogo bars and all sorts of variations in between for any budget. There are two editions one is a cheaper eBook to be read on tablet, computer, mobile cell phone or e reader. The other version isn’t much more expensive but is a paperback hard copy of the book itself. Very useful information you need before you make your first trip to Thailand and Pattaya, Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Manila, Cebu, Davao in general. These newbie guide books both in physical hard copy and electronic book versions will get you started to prepare for a life changing experience. You will only feel that new experience once though so make the most of it.

Single Man’s Travel Guide Book for Tokyo Now On Sale on

The sex industry is not as straight forward for foreigners as it is in places such as Thailand or the Philippines, however it is still readily available if you do a little bit of searching. In Japan, penis into vagina sex for money is against the law and that is why they have such wonderful fetishes and venues people see as weird. In Japan the sex industry is called Fuzoku and they have names for different types of sex industry businesses such as Fashion Health, Image Health, Pink Salon, Soapland and more. I will explain a few of these things and some places you absolutely have to visit on your first trip to Tokyo in search of the hottest Japanese girls in this ebook.

You can find the book on sale on right now for the introductory low price here or you can just click the cover of the book below it will take you right there where you can preview it but if it’s your first trip to Japan and Tokyo this is especially worth getting to guide you to the right places that will open foreigners with wide open arms and it’s handy for Single Men travelling wanting to get hold of some hot 20 year old Japanese pussy while visiting the worlds greatest city, Tokyo.

this book will guide a first time single traveller to tokyo to all the foreigner friendly blowjob bars, strip clubs and soapland sex massage shops


If eBooks aren’t your thing there is also a fully printed book that will be shipped direct to you from and delivered within a few days and Amazon now have it in stock since it launched yesterday and they have orders ready to be shipped out to you. You can find the paperback Guide Book To Tokyo here you could take the paperback copy with you and read it on the plane (there’s no rude pictures inside don’t worry – only for the cover might seem a little risque but you’re in safe hands to read it in public) It will lead you to all the blowjob bars, soaplands, nuru massage businesses, strip clubs and sex clubs, titty bars or oppai clubs and more. It will save you a lot of time on your trip to Tokyo, Japan.
paperback guide to tokyo soaplands, blowjob bars, sex shops, strip clubs and tokyo itself in this guide book by on Amazon now

eBook / Kindle / E Reader / Tablet / PC versions:

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sex tourism pattaya ebook kindle paperback must buy amazonsex tourism sex tourist first trip philippines manila angeles city ac fields ave guide book

For a direct link to the Amazon Store selling all the newbie guide books for Southeast Asian Adventures you will find it here and all e-books and digital books are delivered instantly via Amazon. The hard copy books are sent directly from Amazon to your door within a few days time and only cost a few dollars more. It might make a good present or something to read on the plane on the way over.