Cebu City — Meeting and Dating Single Filipinas Here

Cebu City is where most guys know as one of the best destinations to go to pick up some free ladies considering Cebu City is huge almost like another Manila sized city just a bit smaller, but just as polluted and icky. Cruising Cebu for Filipinas is like shooting fish in a barrel, there are thousands and thousands of very willing women to meet you for dating, romancing or even just to have sex with a good looking foreigner.

Most of the girls in Cebu City also speak perfectly good English making it an ideal location for picking up women.

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When you are in Cebu City all you need to do is wander around the shopping malls and they will approach you or even have a friend approach you with the line “my friend really likes you… but she is too shy to say it…”

When trying to meet and date single women in Cebu City all you need to do is walk around smiling and waving and that’s basically all you need to do to score.

Most of the women in Cebu City are looking specifically for foreigners because they dislike the local men for one reason or another (money mostly – locals have none!)

Cebu City like Manila and Davao are some of the easiest places in the world to pick up women just as easy as picking up a piece of fried chicken in KFC. If you fail to get lucky here, you have serious issues that not even all the information on the internet will be able to help you with. I regularly see 80 year olds with zimmer walking frames hand in hand with 20 year old mini skirt wearing model material women and they both look truly happy and in love. It doesn’t get any better than this place.


Meet Single Filipinas in Cebu City During The Day

As long as you aren’t aggressive when you approach a lady here in Cebu City you really can go up to any single Filipina just about anywhere and your chance of picking up is about 90%


Be careful when picking up girls and ask to see their official ID card if possible just to confirm she is indeed over the age of 18 regardless of what she tells you. No one needs to be put in a situation like that. Hotel Security will confirm the ID card and age of the woman in question when you enter the building just to protect them and you. Ayala Mall was known as a great freelance prostitute hang out venue for many years, but these days they seem to have disappeared and gone elsewhere. If you go to this area at night time look for Bo’s Coffee or TGI Fridays and you are guaranteed to find something you want to take home with you. Some or most of these girls will want some amount of payment to fuck your brains out all night long.


Good Places for a Date in Cebu City

By early nightlife we mean good places to go for dinner and some drinks before you hit a night club. These can be good spots to bring a date, or they can be good spots to hope to find some single Filipinas.

You aren’t going to find a better place than the terraces of Ayala Mall to go for a dinner date. There are many restaurants here and it is a great spot for a date.

Filipina woman really seem to love Gerry’s Grill, Casa Verde, and Gilligan’s restaurants, but there are lots of options around. There are 4 different floors and they each have many restaurants, so you won’t have a problem finding a good meal with your newly found sexy friend.

Other good places to go would be to IT Park which is an outdoor area not too far from Ayala. There are quite a fair few restaurants here also.

Two other options would be Banilad Town Center (BTC) which has a great German Restaurant, Mexican Restaurant, whatever tickles your fancy at the time you can find it here and it’s very cheap.

Crossroads is pretty much across the street from IT Park. Crossroads is a small mall type venue that has some basic restaurants and will also be the best place to get a drink or twelve in to give you some confidence before you go to a nightclub or back to your room to finish your business.

Best Nightclubs in Cebu City

The main nightlife in Cebu City is going to be at Mango Square. There are many nightclubs here and it is where the majority of sexy Filipinas will go to party.

If you are familiar with the Cebu City sex scene you will know this is also the main freelance hooker pick up spot. There will be lots of freelancers sitting or standing around outside, and J-Ave will also be filled with hookers yelling out to you and when desperate you will hear screams of “1000 pesos and I’ll fuck you all night long” which makes me feel like a million bucks.

The rest of the nightclubs around will be mostly amateur prostitutes looking for tuition money or money for school books or rent, but in the Philippines you really never know. If you pick up a girl outside or in J-Ave you will most definitely have to pay her.

Another good nightclub is LIV Superclub over in Mandaue. This is a relatively new club that is only a few years old, there are generally quite a few hookers here, but not as many as at J-Ave.

One more you can try out M02 which is a sort of a club but more like a bar. There is a dance floor inside with very  loud music, also a large patio outside so you can work on your pickup skills game.

As far as picking up goes you are probably best off at the nightclubs in Mango Square, particularly Holic. If you want to take your date somewhere to party then Holic or M02 would be your best bets.


Meeting Single Filipinas Online


It has been written about many times on this site as well as tons of others, but online dating in the Philippines could not be any easier. So many single Filipinas are on dating sites, and so many of them like foreigners.

They are very friendly, they love chatting, and they are eager to meet as well. It’s free to sign up but be warned you will get thousands of messages from very willing sexy Asian girls all wanting to get a piece of you as soon as they can get their hooks into you.

Do a search and check out all of the cute and sexy Filipina girls that are on the sites and then decide if you want to fully register or not. There is a good chance they will message you before you even finishing looking at the main page of the site.

Have Fun Meeting Sexy Filipinas

There are so many sexy single Filipinas in Cebu City for you to date or hook up with. Just put in the smallest amount of effort to look nice, smell nice and smile a lot and the world really is your oyster. Or her oyster will be yours. Either one.

We didn’t name this the easiest place for online dating in the world for no reason. The girls really do love to meet and hang out with foreigners, all you need to do is be there and you have it set. You will never fail to meet a woman in the first few minutes of trying in Cebu City.


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