Where To Meet Single Girls In Hanoi

Vietnamese and girls from Hanoi are some of the sexiest girls you will ever come across in the world. But they are also very hard to hook up with unless you put in some ground work or make friends with a group who will introduce you to others. A good way around this is jump on the dating sites and you’ll have a date that very same day with a hot Hanoi Vietnamese lady.

With Hanoi girls, One night stands are going to be extremely rare here as they are very old fashioned and family orientated.

On the other hand if you want to try meeting single girls in Hanoi to find a sexy Vietnamese girlfriend then that could be worth it. Casual sex doesn’t interest them, but finding a foreigner as a potential life partner might.

Knowing a bit of the local language doesn’t matter too much, most will use hand signals to show prices and actions and a lot of younger people can speak passable English to get by.  Hanoi girls are good at speaking English for the most part and most guys that travel here don’t know any Vietnamese at all apart from Ba Ba Ba or 333 Beer. Knowing even a little bit can open up more opportunities for sure.

One thing you will notice when you are in Vietnam is that the Vietnamese people and foreigners don’t hang out together very much. In the Philippines if you see a foreigner he will be  be walking hand in hand with a young cute Filipina like it’s not a problem. You wont generally see any of that sort of behavior in Vietnam.

In Vietnam and especially Hanoi, They seem to stick to their own. They aren’t rude about it, but they can’t be categorized as ‘welcoming’ either. Much like the Thais, they don’t like us, but we are tolerated to a certain extent.

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Meeting Hanoi Girls During The Day

Staying in Hanoi your best option is to stay in the Old Quarter, which is almost where 95% of tourists stay. There are loads of restaurants, cheap hotels and to top it off more English speaking cute Hanoi  women.

If you see a single girl in Hanoi by herself at a coffee shop or restaurant go and say hello. Some Hanoi girls will be happy to chat with you, others will be cold and just ignore you. If she doesnt’ smile a respond positively, just back off and try another place to pick up.

Another great place to meet Hanoi girls during the day is at the many parks around town. Make a polite approach, smile, and speak slowly. You will quickly know whether the girl has any interest or not.

A lot of Hanoi girls want to learn English and will welcome the chance to chat up a foreigner. It may not get you a date, but it is worth a shot.

Meeting Single Girls In The Hanoi Nightlife

If you staying in Hanoi in the Old Quarter then you are going to be surrounded by a load of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The Vietnamese may not do shopping malls as well as the Philippines , but they do some of the best food in Asia.

Generally Hanoi ladies will go out with groups of friends so unless you like walking up to a table of Vietnamese and singling out a girl this might be pretty hard, especially if you’re an introvert.

A great nightclub disco in the Old Quarter is the Dragonfly Bar Lounge. Some other good nightclubs around town are Funky Buddha Club and Infinity.

Don’t expect to get one night stands from these clubs. You might be able to meet some single girls in Hanoi and get their numbers, but first night sex is going to be incredibly hard unless you’re paying for it from a hostess bar or hot toc sex shop.


Meeting Single Girls In Hanoi Online

Many girls in Hanoi are going to be a lot better at reading and writing than they are at speaking English. If you approach them they may have an interest in you but tend to be shy to try and speak with you in public for fear of being labelled as a prostitute by older locals that see the exchange going on.

However if you message them on Vietnam Cupid, there are literally thousands and thousands of English speakers very willing to meet a foreigner for a date and probably more. Your inbox will be full within a few hours and you can literally take your pick of the whole bunch. They are signing up to the site for a reason right? And that reason is to meet foreign guys.


Then next time try dinner and some drinks and hope she agrees to come back to your place. This isn’t a good city for casual sex, single girls in Hanoi don’t give it up easily. But you can find a good, honest, sexy Vietnamese girlfriend here if you are willing to put in the time.


Good Luck Meeting Single Girls In Hanoi

This is not an easy place to have sex with a lot of different girls. You are better off in the Philippines or Thailand rather than Vietnam if that is your aim.

But if you are willing to have some patience you can find a really great Vietnamese girlfriend in Hanoi. Their white skin and perfect complexions make them some of the absolute hottest women you will ever find in your life. It will take effort and won’t come easy, but it can be very rewarding once it all happens.

Hopefully this post on where to meet single girls in Hanoi can help you find the right one.


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