LQUEEN Soapland – Yoshiwara / Ueno – Tokyo, Japan

LQUEEN Soapland is a very high quality establishment that’s based in the Yoshiwara district right next door to Ueno in Tokyo, Japan where you can go for a full body to body soapy massage erotic sex session with some of the most gorgeous women you have ever seen.

Despite it’s low price in comparison to other establishments who charge a ‘foreigners fee’ if they even let you in the door at all, at LQUEEN they are very welcoming of foreigners / gaijin and the girls here provide such great companionship during your session and really make you feel like a king for the time you are there. During very busy times you may be turned away unless accompanied by a Japanese friend but most of the time you will be very well accepted into LQUEEN Soapland.

Their website constantly ranks the highest performers each month and posts it on their page for customers to see who is doing the best work at the moment.

lqueen tokyo

The pricing for a visit to LQUEEN varies as they have many different systems to choose from. It starts at 13,000 yen ($130 USD) for a 40 minute session with an available lady and then it goes to 23,000 yen ($230 USD) for an 80 minute session and the third option is a whopping 120 minute session with a sexy young lady for 33,000 yen (about $330 USD give or take a few dollars) and this is just for the standard nuru soapy sex massage.

If you would like to select which lady you want to service you, you need to make a 2000 yen ($20 USD) nomination fee and this means you get to pick who you want to go with instead of just the next one in line which is the preferred option most of the time.

They offer a shuttle car service for free pickup and drop off anywhere in the local area so you can get off the Yamanote platform line JR train at Ueno and if you call ahead there will be a driver waiting for you to whisk you off to the LQUEEN soapland in Yoshiwara.

lqueen soapland

They offer early bird specials between the hours of 09:00 AM and 12:00 PM midday where LQUEEN prices are discounted to 10,000 yen ($100 USD) for a 40 minute soapy nuru sex massage and for a 50 minute session it will set you back 13,000 yen ($130 USD) and there is also a 60 minute option for 15,000 yen ($150 USD) remember you will get the first girl who services foreigners waiting in the queue unless you pay the extra 2000 yen nomination fee to select the hottest one there you can find.

There are higher priced tiers during normal hours that go all the way up to 38,000 yen ($380 USD) but realistically you shouldn’t need that long and to pay that much for what is essentially a short time sex session and bath.

lqueen tokyo escort erotic massage club

lqueen nurulqueen escort

You can find a list of the new girls working here at LQUEEN in Yoshiwara, Tokyo on their website and it also includes information on how old they are and body shapes and sizes and a whole lot more. If you get a little bit lost and are unsure where you are heading there is the interactive Google MAP link below which will help navigate you to LQUEEN whether you are coming from Ueno JR station or anywhere else in Tokyo, Japan.
lqueen sex
LQUEEN has some of the sexiest smallest girls currently on offer to foreigners in Yoshiwara as the pictures above show who are the girls working in the shop today.

Website http://www.l-queen.jp/top.php
LQUEEN Address 4-31-2 Taito-ku, Senzoku, Tokyo Google Map Location Here
Contact Numbers 03-5824-9532
Open Hours 09:00 am – 24:00 am
Price Per Session 10,000 yen (around $100 USD) for a 40 minute session


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  1. Ben says:

    This place charges foreigner fee ¥10,000

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    Anyone still active on this site? Is there another similar site/blog someone could point me to? Thanks!

  1. February 2, 2017

    […] There are plenty of businesses that do want your money elsewhere in this town you can try LQUEEN around the corner or Club Yume failing that […]

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