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LA Café is a great bar located in the often dangerous and very dirty area in Metro Manila called Ermita. It’s a bar that’s open 24 hours a day and during the evenings and nights it’s absolutely heaving with freelancers plying their trade.

It has live music upstairs which sometimes requires 100 peso entry fee and top quality talent is often found only upstairs. It’s location is on the corner of Salas and MH Del Pilar streets and it’s walking distance to many of the top hotels in the area such as Hyatt Hotel and Casino and Executive Plaza.

LA Café is pretty intimidating for a first time visitor. All of the women working on the bottom floor of the bar has a huge range of variety for everyone and they will even tug at your arm as you walk past them or yell at you to sit with them.

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At all times of visiting LA Café there has always been something worth taking, a lot of students and women with regular jobs will frequent this place to top up their income if their rent is due or if they need to purchase something they don’t have the cash for.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the women working here are hardened older whores who may have been doing this for a very long time but you can often find a diamond in the rough if you have the time to sit and have a drink waiting to find her.

Because of it being a freelancer bar there is no barfines or ladies drinks to buy. If you want to sit or talk with a girl just look her direction and she will come over to you. Sometimes the waitresses will try and push you to buy some sort of special cocktail for the girl you’re sitting with as they get a commission from these cocktail drink sales and the waitresses have a daily quota of sales they must reach or face getting in trouble from the management. Don’t fall for their shit though, there is absolutely zero requirement to buy any of the girls freelancing there any special overpriced drinks. A normal beer for the lady will be the same price as yours, so don’t get ripped off.

Also when paying here, make sure you grab the ladies name and say how much you’ve given her as it’s not uncommon for the waitresses to disappear and not return with your change, especially if you’ve had a bit to drink. Bill padding is high if they sense you’re a newbie and can be taken for a ride.

Some of the older freelancers here will try and ask for a tip or fee for finding you a girl they “manage” but that’s all bullshit, the older ones that have been around the block a few times will pressure the younger ones into some sort of system like this or threaten them with being banned from the venue or worse.

la cafe ermita upstairs

It’s a good idea if you like a girl to get her to meet you at your hotel around the corner in a few minutes and leave separately if anyone is trying to push any of this shit onto you. Discuss your fee upfront and negotiate.

They will ask 2000 pesos and up for short time however you can always get them down to 1000 pesos for short time and 1500-2000 for long time where she will stay until the morning.

Be very careful walking the streets around here as they are so many street urchins, beggars, scammers, thieves and other criminals that frequent red light district areas preying on unsuspecting foreigners. The area really is the biggest shithole in Metro Manila.

For a while LA Café was shut down because of the Ermita Mayor Mr. Lim and re-opened under the name of Manila Bay Café but after the departure of the Mayor recently it has changed it’s name back to LA Café.

If you’re coming to LA Cafe, any taxi driver will know where to take you. Upon leaving you’ll find it hard to find any taxi driver to use a meter and will mostly rip you off. It’s best to organise an Uber to pick you up at the front door and it’s loads better than trying to negotiate with a scamming taxi driver.

LA Cafe being open daily for 24 hrs a day and also serving good bar food makes it possibly the cheapest and best place to find pussy in Manila.

You can find LA Cafe / Manila Bay Cafe on google maps here

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11 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    Last time I was there, late 2015, going upstairs there was a scam whereby if a lady sat at your table, they added the cost of your and her entry i.e 200 peso, even if already paid at the top of the stairs as a single. I saw it and didn’t pay it. I hate being ripped off.
    After a few times I got tired of the BS and made a complaint and later found myself being “escorted” by some burly guys from the kitchen, though I was not hassled. Moral of the story? Always watch the charges.

  2. Patrick says:

    I came the first time and downstairs are very friendly girls. A crowd of women around me wanted to go short time (take two or more) but I can recommend not to drink too much, otherwise everybody might be your friend and orders a redbull&wodka

  3. j says:

    meet my wife their. Good place to find nice women
    and to get married

  4. billynomates says:

    ive been to lots of bars in Manila and Cebu and this is without doubt the best by far! Forget Makarti , its a rip off and too many ladyboys. Malate is very expensive as well, the bars there cater for the Koreans and Chinese voyeurs.
    Last time i was in the LA in late August 2017, i was with a bargirl friend from Cebu who told me that because there were so many freelancers competing for business, 2000 piso would be the going rate for about 3 hours (she did ask some girls out of professional curiosity!)…why go anywhere else????

  5. Nur says:

    Good place to meet friends n guys but the worker theres no discipline and sometimes put more charge on your bill even take advantage on other girls… just because they work there as waitress….huuuuhhhhhhhh

  6. John says:

    I’m going there the 6th of february. Pitty, only in Manilla for a day and then going on a four week roundtrip.
    When I’m back i can spend an other day in LA Café. I’l stay in same street in hotel Best Western.
    Is there any fun in going to other areas as wel?

  7. Chris says:

    I have been there many times over the years. If you have doubt about the bill just check the single paper they left on the table. If you did not sign its not yours….If you are in a group, make sure to pay from time to time before waiting for the big bill.
    girls asking up to 4000 P for short time, negotiate! In hotel put all your values in safe before shower or shower together. if you take care yourself you can have a great time there, staying in LA for couple of hours even better

  8. ed says:

    great bar, plenty of kinky girls there, you can get brown and golden showers, no problems, great girls.

  9. Randy says:

    I was staying in Makati and had always heard about the LA Cafe. It was around 1:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon and i was thinking late lunch, beer, and some afternoon action. I got a cab from green belt 3 and was dropped off right in front of the bar. The ride cost roughly 250 pasos. I walked in and was greeted by a waitress and seated. As reported there were several freelancers making eye contact and wanting attention. I ordered a beer and some wings and just sat back and observed the crowd. There were roughly 25 girls in the bar and 8 guys. Several of the girls walked by as to promote themselves. Honestly most of them were average looking at best but there were a few diamonds in the rough. A girl and her friend approached me and I bought them a beer, we chatted for about 40 minutes. I ended up going back to Makati with a beautiful young girl in her early 20s for an afternoon of fun. on a 1-10 scale she was a strong 7. Total cost for entertainment 2000 pasos for about 5 hours. Later that evening I went back to check out the night scene. It was a much different crowd, very loud and a lot of drunk girls. Again I met a cute girl who needed a little attention and we returned to my place after a couple of hours of drinking. You name it we did it and yes I mean everything . long time 12 hours 3000 pasos. I will tell you as reported there are many older worn out girls but they really did bother me. I was approached and I smiled and said I’m not interested and they went on with their business. I will go back and it’s worth a visit.

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