Kinpeibai Yoshiwara Soapland – Busty Young Japanese Babes Ready For Foreigners

Kinpeibai Yoshiwara Soapland is a great little shop for full service Nuru sex massage with some extremely attractive young Japanese girls that work here and it is located in the Yoshiwara district surrounded by the 50-odd other soaps not too far from Ueno in Tokyo. First thing to note about Kinpeibai is that there is a gaijin tax added on, a foreigner tax. So foreigners are required to pay an extra 10,000 yen on top of the Japanese pricing. It sucks that we pay a tax for being foreign but it is what it is and the girls here are all young and all so hot that you’ll forget about having to fork out the extra money in no time at all.

big tits on this young japanese girl in kinpeibai soapy massage shop













Also note about this place before reading on is that if you have dark skin (i.e African American) it’s highly likely you will be turned away from this shop. No need to be offended if that does happen just smile say no problem and head elsewhere. There are plenty of businesses that do want your money elsewhere in this town you can try LQUEEN around the corner or Club Yume failing that one.

So upon entering Kinpeibai you will be handed a book with a selection of girls photos currently available and asked to select which one you want for your service.  They have around 15 hot Japanese girls working at any time so its’ a guarantee to get a good one each visit. All staff here at Kinpeibai are between 18-25 unlike other soaplands that have a mix with older girls too here it’s strictly just tiny hot young girls.

After selecting your girl you will be led to a small waiting room where you wait a few minutes and then the curtains will open and the sexiest Japanese 20 year old girl appears before your eyes.

After a little awkward small talk with not much Japanese or none at all you will be taken to your private massage room and they place you on a tiny plastic stool in a wet room and it has a hole cut out in the bottom so the girl can reach under and give EVERYTHING a thorough cleaning. Butt hole and all.

After this they will place you on the inflatable lilo bed for a nuru soapland special massage where she uses her breasts to massage soap into your body and this can often progress into full sex there on the blowup bed or after a short while you rinse each other off and hop into a nearby bed in the same room while this cute Japanese hooker will proceed to give you a blowjob and then transition into full sex.

Some of the time it will be bareback full service sex if you allow that to happen. If you are concerned about having BBFS with a Japanese soapland prostitute then you can get the girl to put it on with her mouth and then proceed to the sexy time.

After you explode into either the condom or your Japanese girls small pussy, she will clean herself and you up and you get dressed and out the door you go into the Tokyo breeze again minus a small chunk of money and an empty sack.

If you enjoyed your experience with the Kinpeibai girl that you chose, make sure to get her business card or details so you can request her again next time you go. Repeat visits generally lead to better sex and less being shy from both parties.

The prices for Kinpeibai Yoshiwara Soapland are as follows: (note that you are required to pay an extra fee for being a foreigner of 10,000 yen so around 100 USD) nomination fee is where you select a specific girl and need to pay extra for that.

Kinpeibai Basic Sex Service

50 minutes ¥ 15,000 –
70 minutes ¥ 20,000 –
90 minutes ¥ 25,000 –
110 minutes ¥ 30,000 –
130 minutes ¥ 35,000 –
Nomination fee ¥ 2,000 –

Here are some photos of some staff in the current line up, click the image for the full sized one and if you visit their website you can view the days schedule and who is working and you can call ahead to book a specific lady. Kinpeibai Yoshiwara also offer free drop off and pick up services for customers anywhere in the local area (train station, etc)


You can find Kinpeibai Yoshiwara Soapland at the following address: 4 Chome-31-2 Senzoku and there is the google map directions below with street view included too to help you find the shop.

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7 Responses

  1. Rana says:

    I like japanese girls

  2. Dude says:

    So I went here speaking very little Japanese, but trying to be as respectful as possible. And it turned out ok. The girl I picked was unfortunately the most photoshopped girl of the 4 they offered me… and NOT one of the ones they recommended (which in hindsight I should have trusted them). The girl didn’t have an English translated name on the site, but she spoke very good English! She looked way more masculine in the face and had a bit of a gut, but it was surprisingly still amazing. I’ve never had my toes sucked and my asshole licked… so that was a whole new experience for me. The next night I also went against the sober advice of not talking to any Nigerian (or any street touts for that matter) even though in my drunken stupor I said “the Internet says not to talk to you” and he said, “but I’m from Ghana, not Nigeria!” And in my drunken optimistism I thought, okay. No one has ever fucked with me… well, there’s a first for anything and im lucky I only got ruffed up with bruises and open wounds and lost $500. So go to this place instead and avoid anyone that approaches you on the streets (especially Shinjuku)… which is what this blog says over an over… so listen (even if you’re drunk and optimistic). Or hit Tokyo Hentai Club, which I could have done with that $500 I got stolen from street touts.

  3. Edward says:

    Can I ask what everyone else paid? I paid 35,800. Told him it was advertised as 15,000 plus 10,000 foreigner fee but he said no. So I had to pay an extra 2000yen. Really, what the hell?

    There’s a lot of these types of clubs around that area, not sure if they allow foreigners in or not.

    • Edward says:

      I just want everyone to know that I got my wallet stolen here.
      If it wasn’t enough that they charged me 38,800 including fee for my skin colour, my wallet went missing from my jeans when I got dressed. Girl told me to leave the room as the time was up and reception will help me look for it. My wallet was in my jeans when I was in the room, and disappeared when I finished.

      The girl handled my clothes and placed them in the small basket beside the bed. During the session when we finished, she ordered 2 drinks for us and had opened the door, wouldn’t be surprised if she threw my wallet out the door at that moment when my back was turned. Girl also wouldn’t let me look inside the closet when I had finished, closet where she put her own clothes.

      Spent 2 hrs at the koban around the corner explaining the situation and filled in a form. All my cash totalling over 100,000yen and my bank, hotel and pasmo cards all inside.. all gone. First and probably my last time going to one of these so-called foreigner friendly establishments.
      Word of warning, if you enter this place or any others please take care of your wallet. Only bring what you need to pay and that’s it. No cards, leave them at the hotel or with a friend.

  4. Tom says:

    Hi , the price include how many shot ?

  1. February 2, 2017

    […] yen no one was game enough to drop that sort of coin to try the service out and instead went to Kinpeibai which was posted about before. If anyone is game enough to pay the 70k yen please write in the […]

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