King Massage in Unseo, Seoul, Incheon, South Korea

King Massage is one of the many erotic parlors in the area near Incheon International Airport, in Seou, South Korea.

The Massage Parlor itself is located in the district called Airport Times Square in Unseo, Seoul, South Korea. which is very VERY close by Incheon International Airport which can be reached via AREX train station line and also a number of buses or hotel shuttles.

AREX is a state-of-the-art rail line and a number of very cheap buses come past very frequently.

AREX is one of the worlds most modern train lines.

Once you get out of the main exit at Unseo station you will come to a cross roads. AREX is so modern that it also connects to downtown Seoul and a bunch of other buses and other forms of transportations.

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AREX is the most modern rail line that connects the city of Seoul to Incheon International Airport.

Once you head out of Unseo station, which is only 2 stops away from Incheon International Airport, you will find with only a few hours stop over, a quick relaxing trip is both easy and very accessible.

Once you head out the main exit of Unseo you will find that by crossing the main road at the main exit of the station you will find you’re almost there. Crossing the road in Asia is often high-risk, however, at Unseo, just both directions and move your god damn ass. Traffic wont hit you per say., most likely it will move around you without a second though.

Eyes straight forward as to where you want to go and just move. Everything else will move around you.

AREX is almost like a modern line train station that connects Seoul to Incheon and back again. Being that Unseo is so close to the airport AND downtown Seoul, it’s worth a visit for sure.

King Massage can be noticed by a huge lit up sign at Unseo station that leads you to an intersection, once you get to the intersection you only need to cross the road and Unseo is only the stop short stops.

Once you’re out of in Unseo you will find Kings Massage is marked heavily with a large set of red signs in both English AND Korean. Kings Massage has a large red sign with Korean and English lettering. King Massage Unseo, Seoul, South Korea will have their signs in English because they are very foreigner friendly.

Almost all of the parlors in Unseo are open and very welcoming to Westerners. You don’t have the biggest dick they have ever seen and you definitely aren’t going to be the best fuck they have ever had.

King Massage is marked with large red signs in Korean and English lettering on the sign. As it’s usually the case this is a hint that the place is foreigner friendly.The Massage girls in Unseo are very wild and open to pretty much everything, espeically threeholers,

King Massage is one of many massage parlors operating near the Incheon.

King Massage. Unseo, Incheon, South Korea. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Click here for a map.

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    hello I need massage im in motel is my number phone 010-4882-6199

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    359-1 Sung-yidong
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    Incheon Holiday inn

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    I wonder if there’s such a place, no website, google can’t find it & youtube can’t find it

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    I have a 3 hour layover in Seoul. Would 3 hours be enough to visit unseo massage parlours & make it back to my flight?

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