Kabukicho – The World’s Safest Red Light District In Tokyo

Well known from the very popular video game series made by SEGA, ‘Yakuza’, this very naughty neighbourhood of Kabukicho is smack bang in the centre of town and you could say it’s only across the street from Shinjuku and Shinjuku JR main station.

Kabukicho is the major red light district in town and it’s full of host clubs, hostess bars, strip clubs, oppai pubs (where you fondle girls tits for an hour or two but no further) but they also have Pink Salons such as Hinomaru where for as little as $30 USD you can have a Japanese lady give you a bareback blowjob until you fill her mouth with your hot load.

The main entrance to the fun area can be seen by the glowing red neon banner that hangs above the street itself which is a narrow little street filled with sex shops selling everything you could ever imagine, pawn stores so the hosts and hostesses can pawn expensive gifts given to them from regular customers and chock a block full of Yakuza, although for the past few years with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department really trying to show they are cracking down they might not be as visible as they once were, but they are definitely all around.

blowjob bars and pink salons and hookers for sex in kabukicho tokyo

Kabukicho Adult Video Parlor – Masturbation Cafe

While visiting the best red light district in Tokyo, you will come across little shops advertising themselves as adult video porn booths and a lot of these adult video shops will have ‘Customer Service’ ladies who will come around to your booth while you are watching porn and offer you a list of services and prices for what is on offer. Most of the time a handjob and blowjob combination will set you back about 5000 yen ($50 USD) so you can get better service as a Pink Salon for cheaper and it can go all the way up to 10,000 yen (or $100 USD) in the Private Video Parlor for the girl to mount you and have sex in a very small uncomfortable cubicle.

shinjuku hookers are found in kabukicho the red light district in tokyo

Not All Of Kabukicho Is Foreigner Friendly

Solicitation on the street has been made illegal even though the Japanese businesses relating to sexual services rarely ever want a foreigner to come inside even if they aren’t busy. They will simply ignore you when you walk past and if you try and enter a business that sells sex such as a soapland or blowjob bar (Pink Salon) most of the times the tout outside will speak in broken English and tell you “MEMBERS ONLY” or often they will say “JAPANESE ONLY” and you will be denied access but fret not, Kabukicho still has plenty of places a foreigner can have sex or anything else they want but it comes with some warnings.

The hottest Japanese girls of course are not going to be interested in foreigners, that’s just how it is however you will still be able to find girls for sex in Kabukicho easily that will still be incredibly beautiful.

tokyo red light district kabukicho has street solicitation and girls for sex

Nigerian Scammers In Kabukicho, Tokyo

First of all the biggest problem in Kabukicho and all of Tokyo nightlife areas for that matter (Especially Roppongi and even Shibuya) is the Nigerian hustlers out on the streets. They will try and get your attention and ask where you come from, what’s your name and even come up with a funny story about a local politican from your area to try and build up some rapport and they are very good at talking so it’s easy to get trapped speaking with one if it’s your first time in Kabukicho.

If anyone tries to initiate contact with you, reaches out to shake your hand, tells you about a great ‘all you can drink’ special or even tell you about a great club where to find the hottest nude girls in town just ignore them and briskly walk on. A simple no means you’ve acknowledged them and they will follow you pestering you and putting on the pressure to come to ‘this special bar’ they work for or are friends with the owners.

If you do happen to follow one of these Nigeran touts into one of these bars one of the first things to happen is that you will order a drink which almost always contains rohypnol and then the next thing you will remember is waking up covered in vomit in a gutter in the middle of Tokyo somewhere with absolutely no recollection of how you got there or what happened the night before. Oh and you will also be missing all of your money and either your credit card will have huge charges racked up on it already or they will have made clones of the cards to use in the very near future.

drink spiking happens in kabukicho with african and nigerian touts and scammers

Several governments regularly put out warnings and travel advisories to warn people to stay away but when you have had a few drinks and get an offer that sounds too good to be true – well, your little head takes over from the big head – then you wake up in a ditch penniless.

As long as you avoid the Nigerian or African touts it’s a completely safe area to be in no matter what the time is of night. Kabukicho is possibly the safest red light district anywhere in the entire world.

Second issue is that if you do find a strip club that will let you in, a lot of the women working there will not be Japanese but rather imported Thai, Filipino and Vietnamese girls so coming here trying to see some hot piece of Japanese ass on a stage probably isn’t going to work out for you all that well unless you go to the well known strip clubs such as TS Music Strip

Annoying Chinese Massage Girls

As you wander around Kabukicho drunk at night you will be pestered by the sound of ‘massagi massagi’ which will be Chinese street walkers trying to get you into an expensive massage business where at best you might get the worst massage of your life with a crappy handjob and pay top dollar for it. There is no value and nothing of interest with them so just ignore them a simple no thank you and keep moving. They might follow you for a bit before giving up.

Finding Japanese Girls For Sex In Kabukicho Safely

If you speak no Japanese at all that’s OK, you can wander around near the old Koma Theatre area which you will notice is next to a Police Koban box with police officers sitting inside and a huge Pachinko parlor across from that, you will see a large bowling alley and a few arcade game places and loads of people. This is where most people meet up, so it will be buzzing with people all of the time so when you want to meet girls for sex in Kabukicho just wander around this area late at night and wait for a Japanese man to approach you (…and they will eventually…) with a ‘Hi Sir, You want fuck Japan lady?’ he will then lead you to a nondescript building and up and elevator and into a brothel you would never have known existed before.

kabukicho hookers near koma theatre


The Japanese brothels in Kabukicho are pretty damn tiny, almost like a one bedroom apartment that someone has purchased and turned into a 6 room whore house so when you are having sex with your Japanese or Korean prostitute it’s not uncommon for your head or feet to hit the walls the rooms are that tiny.

Generally if a Japanese tout takes you to the local hookers expect to pay around 10,000 yen ($100 USD) per session i.e you cum, you go… but they will give you their business card and now you know where to find them so you don’t need that guy anymore and the next visits are generally 2000 yen or 20 dollars cheaper because the tout isn’t taking his cut for bringing you along.

kabukicho tokyo strip club and hookers and girls for sex and nuru massage

As mentioned before, never ever follow a Nigerian hustler in Kabukicho or anywhere else for that matter. Just ignore them and keep walking. If a Japanese man approaches you, be careful but you will be fine 99% of the time. Anyone with any sort of street smarts will be able to handle themselves perfectly in Kabukicho when trying to find hookers to have sex with. Good Luck!

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34 Responses

  1. Videoboy009 says:

    Thanks for writing this! I’ll save for later and let you know how my experience was!

  2. Chuck says:

    I would just like to point out that I got scammed out of 42,000 yen in kabukocho recently. I’m not gonna blame this article but it definitely isn’t just the Nigerians that scam, I trusted a Japanese guy like the article said. Don’t trust anybody offering anything in kabukicho, do research so you don’t end up like me and many other unfortunate people.

    • Joey says:

      100% ditto to this

      • johnny says:

        happened to me couple of years ago too. followed a japanese guy who seemed like he had my best interest at heart. took me to a building, elevator up. club entry fee, club leave fee (they told me this was the price for the girl), hotel fee (specific one the girl took me), then girl’s fee, and an attempt at handjob, few minutes after girl asks for more. After all those red flags didn’t register, it finally hit me at that time, and I decided to cut my loses and walked away.

  3. Singapore says:

    If some Japanese pimps approach you, saying there’s some Japanese girls, furthermore tell you what you can do or cannot do with the girl, DON’T BELIEVE!!!! They will ask for you for deposit just before letting you meet the girl, thereafter they will take the $$ and run

  4. Hamid resa says:

    I like be a girl in honoi in janaury

  5. Thanks for sharing this post publicity. This information is very useful to common reader or I would say common man who searches for erotic entertainment. Eagerly waiting for your next article too.

  6. James Traisi says:

    I am a single man who needs a Japanese lady. Please help me find her. Thank you.

  7. John Devon says:

    Yes happened to me in shinjiku. I was in front of a legitimate club and a Japanese approached me with a very attractive offer since it was early in the evening. He called another guy who had pics on his cell phone of +10 Japanese beauties. I picked one and he wanted 40k yen. We walked about 5 minutes to a building and then he wanted 30k as a deposit in case I hurt the girl that I would get back from the girl. We walk to an elevator to go to the sixth floor . He stepped out and wished me luck. That was the last time I saw him and the 6th floor was a deserted floor with obviously no girl. Lesson learned… at least I was robbed or hurt. Passing this along for the next sucker in that maybe you might learn from my $700 loss

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh man I wish I read this post before I got ripped off. I fell hook line and sinker when a street hooker followed me back to my hotel room. I stupidly let her in and I got the worst hand job. Payed her then she wanted more. I literally grabbed her and threw her out. I think I lost about 15000 yen. Could have been worse. I almost fell for a Nigerian bloke but was savvy enough to realise something wasn’t right. I got aggressive with him and he fucked off.

  9. JTwreckdit says:

    You guys are fuckin idiots

  10. IN says:

    I followed a Nigerian guy in Kabuchiko last month. I was just walking for sightseeing when one black guy came up to me and started to talk. I figured out what he wanted but I decided to follow him just to see if the rumors were true or not. I said I was looking for a place to drink some beers. He took me to one place nearby but it was not possible to buy beer there but prostitutes. I was looking in their catalogue out of politeness but then I said that was not for me. He accepted it but took me to another place to where buy beer. He took me to a strip club and I couldn’t buy beer there either. Before I found out I couldn’t buy beer I accepted to pay ¥5000 to watch a few shows including drinking beer. The guy asked me to tip him so I paid him ¥1000 because I didn’t had less than that. I said I couldn’t stay for long because I had to eat dinner short time afterwards which was true.

  11. Jedi says:

    Best place to fuck a Japanese girl… dun need to go to Japan… just go to Sydney… there’s a brothel called Ginza Club…. its near Central station…..they offer Japanese girls who are in the day…students at night/evening… working girls…. Pretty, cute and AV grade…. i’ve been there before…. and its much cheaper for those living in Asia area….

  12. Johnny chandlamon says:


  13. John says:

    I want a big bukkaake party

  14. BOB says:

    I want a beautiful girl with me for a vacation month . English. Speaking . Young .stay with me in my room . Send me Fotos please .BOB

  15. Kaz says:

    If you want to have safe sex tour in Tokyo. Please contact me.

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  16. Jim says:

    Has anyone contacted that Kaz bloke on this thread? Is he another scammer LOL?

  17. Ricky says:

    I would like to thank you if you could inform me location of the brothel in kabukicho as i want to visit this june. Thank you so much

  1. January 31, 2017

    […] Here’s a few video introductions from YouTube with some of the Asian Feeling and Asian Relax thai girls so you can get a taste of what you will experience when you visit Kabukicho, Tokyo. […]

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