Jan Jan blowjob bar in Sugamo, Tokyo

Jan Jan Sugamo – Cheapest Blowjobs in Tokyo

Jan Jan or JanJan is a blowjob lounge located in Sugamo, on the Yamanote JR line in Tokyo where it’s extremely cheap to get a blowjob. Jan Jan is very welcoming of foreigners in a small street packed with other blowjob bars that are not so kind. To find Jan Jan you just need to hop off the train at Sugamo JR train station and as you walk up the stairs turn left and you will see a Pachinko parlour and a roundabout. Turn left into the small side-street then an immediate right to get into blowjob alley.

You will know where to go as all other touts in the area will be saying “Jan Jan” and pointing you there (because they do NOT want you to go into their blowjob bar where you are not welcome!) Once you get to Jan Jan you’ll see a large verticle red sign in Japanese with the name of the business Jan Jan (ジャンジャン)” and a Japanese man in a suit with quaffed hair looking like he came straight out of a 70’s yakuza film will be smiling and take you down the stairs.

Once down the stairs you pay your 3000 yen to the cashier if you arrive before 6:00pm, if you happen to arrive after that the price goes up another 1000 yen which is still incredibly cheap for getting your load away. When you hand over the money they will take you to this fairly dark area with high backed booths and you sit and wait for one of the Japanese blowjob experts to come and meet you.

Jan Jan sugamo

The ladies working in Jan Jan are quite average in looks and possibly even slightly fat. I think that is why every time I’ve been in there the place is so dark it doesn’t matter all that much anyway. When your lady arrives she will slide her dress down and panties and ask you to remove your pants so she can commence her work. You will get a wipe down with a cold wet wipe and she will give you one of the greatest blowjobs you’ve ever had in your life. Once you finish the deed she will go out the back to clean her mouth and come back with a drink for you and to have a talk until your time is up, which will be announced over the in-house speaker system.

Jan Jan is open daily from lunch time til just after midnight, you can find the location on Google Maps here

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11 Responses

  1. Fred says:

    Recently went to Jan Jan. Tout showed me down and sent me to table, unlike usual when manager downstairs does so. Girl who came was much better looking than the girls I typically come across there and seemed quite surprised to see a foreigner (white). She seemed quite unhappy, perhaps she was a Japanese only girl. After less than 10 minutes she said it had been 20 minutes and it was time to go.

    Never happened to me there before, but be aware that this can happen.

    The place a couple doors down has a girl who is much less attractive and has a very weird (not good weird, just weird) techniques, but I’ll be going there instead from now on.

  2. Jay says:

    I recommend across the street upstairs. It tends to have younger and better looking girls for same price.

  3. Anthony says:

    Hey, American black guy here. Just went to Jan Jan, got there at noon. The girl i had was late 20s, nice tits but didn’t get naked. Straight forward technique but got the job done. Nice full lips tho. Chatted for a while afterwards. Didn’t get her name tho sorry. But when I left the guy behind me had a chick with a nice lower back tattoo. But 3000 well spent

    • admin says:

      the girls certainly are nothing special maybe that’s why it’s so dark in there, but they sure are expert cock suckers. Have you tried Hinomaru in Kabukicho? it’s just down near the old Koma theatre police box. Directions are on this site similar sort of setup maybe a little cheaper, but definitely way more upper class in comparison to Jan Jan 🙂

  4. D says:

    Lmao i sent my husband here cause I was curious how I measured up to hookers. We have an open relationship, etc.

    Turns out in the end… my blowjobs were way better than theirs, but they did let him know that he responded really well to some techniques to fluff him up, and get that juice going. So thanks, Jan Jan girls. Also the eurobeat he described sounded funny.

  5. El Moreno says:

    At this Jan Jan place, do the women let you CIM?

  6. kimkim says:

    The first day i came to Tokyo, i went to Jan Jan around 4pm. It was my first pinsaro experience.
    I look asian, i just entered they thought i was japanese. There were no customer but me.
    The ugliest japanese women i saw of the day came and did the job. Maybe around 40, 45 years old, short hair, short size. Hopefully it’s dark. She did well for 15 min. My precious was satisfied but wont go there again, it’s kinda pathetic being sucked by ugly old ladies.

  1. January 31, 2017

    […] in soaplands all holiday that’s gonna be great but the filthy run down sleazy blowjob bars in Sugamo and Kabukicho are pretty damn neat too where for 30 USD or around 3000 yen they will give you the […]

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