Iloilo is one of the main destinations located in the middle of the Panay Island in the Central Philippines. It’s often called ‘The Heart Of The Philippines” and there is very good reason for that. There are so many tourist hotspots and the people are generally some of the friendliest you will meet in an already over the top friendly country. Foreigners do not travel here too much so you will be an extremely hot topic of conversation amongst all the young local ladies and you can work this to your advantage immensely. .

Iloilo’s heritage is displayed within its absolutely amazing cuisine, which is funny in itself as the Philippines is definitely not known for it’s culinary treasures. Many historical buildings, cultural traditions, amazing landscapes, and loads of exciting festivals throughout the year.

Iloilo can be reached on direct flights from major Philippine cities including Manila, Cebu, Davao and a few other towns. By plane, travel time to Iloilo takes around 1 hour from Manila, 45 minutes from Cebu and about 3 hours from Hong Kong direct.

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What are the best places to visit and things to do in Iloilo?

Enjoy a tour of IloiloIloilo City is a tourist hub where the best restaurants, hotels, shopping districts, and nightlife in the province are waiting for you to turn up. Most of all there are thousands and thousands of single willing women desperate to be with you as soon as you turn up.

Try some food tours of Iloilo – Food is one of the worst things about living and travelling in the Philippines in general, I’m not sure if it’s all the coconut oil they smother on absolutely everything or just the really poor cuts of meat they use to cook the meal. Try not to miss out on the fresh seafood and Iloilo’s native food, especially its most popular delicacies  like La Paz Batchoy and Pancit Molo.

Hotels and Accommodations

Where should you stay in Iloilo? There are plenty of guesthouses, cheap hotels, nice posh hotels and even condos for rent short term. I personally use AirBNB

because having your own condo is great for when you want to bring multiple people over for small gatherings, everyone can get drunk, cook in the kitchen and even jump in the shower all togethe if that’s what you’re into

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Transportation in Iloilo

Iloilo is one of the most accessible cities in the Philippines. You wont find too many rip off taxi drivers refusing to use meters or even trike drivers extorting you every second trip here.

  • Iloilo is a small province of the Philippines located in the central part of the Philippine group of islands. The province comprises the southeastern corner of Panay Island with island-province of Guimaras found off its coast.
  • Iloilo City is the capital and tourist hub of Iloilo Province. One of the fastest growing largest provincial areas in the Philippines to many that are in the know.

Meeting Single Girls In Iloilo

in Iloilo meeting a nice signal girl is as easy as walking 5 meters down the street and just smiling at one. Within minutes her heart will melt and she will be all over you. Nah, just kidding. It really is that easy, but not as easy as that. The women you meet here will require at least 2 or 3 dates before sleeping with you. Many here are very traditional and having sex with you on a first dinner date wont go down well with everyone. But after the second or third date if things aren’t progressing it’s time to dump her and move on to the next one. There are definitely no shortage of single available sexy women in Iloilo, but there sure aren’t too many handsome foreigners coming to the town. It’s a numbers game and when you arrive you will be thought of as the biggest prize catch any lady can get her hooks into. Try not to fall in love, they really are special women here.

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Meeting Hookers in Iloilo

There are Casa’s which are basically boarding houses, you can ask any taxi driver to take you to a local Casa which is where local guys visit too. It’s basically a shitty run down boarding house style room and you enter the house and the girls will be woken up and parade in the lounge room for you to make your selection. Prices range between 500 pesos up to about 3000 pesos for the top quality women. If you’re a foreigner, you’re going to pay the top dollar almost always anyway regardless of who you decide to take home with you. Some of the Casa’s are fairly sketchy, I would try and avoid them if possible. There are also possibly underage girls working in these venues. Always ask to see ID, if you take them to your hotel make sure security double check the ID to confirm it actually is the girl and not someone elses ID you definitely do not want to get into any shit.

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Strip Clubs And Fully Nude ‘Extras’ Places

Here in Iloilo there is a strip club I have heard about called Don William’s Palace.  I have heard mixed reviews and thought it was time to check it out.  It was my first time there and was a very positive experience.

Showing up at 8:30 and was told the girls don’t start dancing until 9 PM.  Ok, I guess I will wait it out.  So I go upstairs, pick a table, order a Red Horse and pretend to be reading my phone messages (love these smartphones).

At 9 PM promptly the first girl gets up on stage.  There were only 2 customers so she did not put much effort into the dance. They dance one song, then there is no girl on stage for one song. Meaning half the night the stage is just empty while they take a break. Pretty miserable atmosphere at that time.

I was talking to the older lady working the counter to see how the club worked.  She said the dancing is upstairs, if you like a girl you can take her to a VIP room for karaoke which means handjobs, blowjobs and full sex is on offer in the private rooms. Not much singing here in Iloilo.

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Watching the dancers.  Some go topless, some don’t.  Mostly crappy no effort dancing, but better than what I saw in my Cebu visits at that lame joints.

One lady was so good on the pole dancing and she had a see through top on so you could see her great big breasts – great I thought – she grips the pole with her ankles, flips over and drops her shirt to the ground. Slid down the poll and pulled her panties down in front of everyone showing a perfectly waxed pussy. Another rare thing in this part of town.

She does not ask for a LD (300 pesos).  And the waiter does not come over to pressure me into getting drinks.  I appreciate that.  I end up asking about the VIP rooms.  She says it is 1,500 pesos for the room.  No time limit, And it includes 5 drinks, plus 2 ladies drinks. And in the room “anything goes”. That sounds great to me.

The room was insanely big.  The couch took up 3 walls, you could have a half a dozen people in there partying away.

We actually did karaoke for about 45 minutes, When I asked if she wanted to take a break from singing she smiles and says “wanna fuck me?”.  She originally asked 2,000 pesos, we negotiated on only 1500 pesos.

We were in the room almost 2 hours when they called and said her turn on stage was coming up and had to go back down.

The prices and setup were pretty standard for the KTV clubs here. The biggest difference was the stripping.  I have been in others where they dance – but not strip.  Everyone says this place is criminal run, and payoffs to the cops.  I don’t know… but good chance of it.  This is a pretty conservative town to have this, and everyone knows about it.  There is no secret about this place.  And it is right next door to a Mormon church. Go figure!

Definitely a place you need to visit when you go to Iloilo if you’re looking to see some pussy and ass and fuck in a huge karaoke room for cheap.