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Boracay is one of the most visited tropical beach destinations in all of Southeast Asia. The place is filled with thousands of tourists and it’s one of the most beautiful places you will ever have the pleasure of visiting. While there are loads of tourists, there are also loads of single Filipina girls looking for a partner or even just a one night stand whether it’s for free or pay for play.

Finding sex in Boracay is extremely easy for the simple fact that the girls outnumber the guys visiting 10-to-1 almost every place you go.

In Boracay you can even hook up with European backpackers who carry on drinking and partying on the island and there are even thousands of Korean women there on holiday who are pretty keen to hook up with you too given a little effort on your behalf.

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Best Hooker Bars in Boracay

Most of the nightlife in Boracay is between Station 1 and Station 2 next to white beach so if you are going to do a load of drinking and party the night away you should definitely decide to stay in this area. If you select a decent enough hotel, finding yourself a partner for the night couldn’t be easier than if you were staying in a cheap rundown backpacker venue.

There are no naughty bars in Boracay like there are in Angeles City or Manila or even Davao, but there are loads of discos full of freelancers and girls looking to pick up a foreigner.

Most girls will ask for at least 1500 pesos to spend the night with you, depending on your negotiation skills and your looks. Some will ask 3000 and up, but this is just taking the piss and best to avoid these superstars as they generally perform poorly once in the bedroom.

The main disco bar to find girls for sex in Boracay is Cocomangas.  In Cocomangas it will have the most girls of any other disco bar in town and you will definitely find what you are looking for here without searching all night long.

Two other bars for freelance prostitutes are Coco Bar and Exit Bar, although the women here are no where near as attractive as the stunners you will find in Cocomangas.

Epic is one of the most popular nightclubs for female tourists, so if you want to try and pull a foreigner on vacation then you should head there. To be honest if you’re in Southeast Asia I would not bother trying to game a white western woman. I come to Asia to avoid them completely. Another bar can try is called Summer Place, and there is also Club Paraw which is fairly close to Cocomangas.

boracay island getaway freelancing sex travel blowjob handjob free sex tourists

Inviting Filipinas on Dating Sites to Boracay


Almost all Filipina women know how amazing Boracay is and while many have never been most will jump at the chance to take a trip there with you for next to no money at all with Cebu Pacific offering rock bottom prices on flights to everywhere in the country. Buses are to be avoided because who wants to sit on a bus for 10 hours often with no air con just to save 5 dollars. If you want to jump on to Filipino Cupid and do a little talking with a lady of your choosing you can ask if she will come on holiday with you. If she agrees your chances of having sex with her all trip is about 95% it’s simply that easy.

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