Emerald Emperor Yoshiwara Soapland – 700 Dollar Japanese Pussy

Emerald Emperor Soapland Yoshiwara is a shop that can’t be missed if you have so much money you need to throw it away as soon as you can or you just won the lottery. If $700USD pussy for 2 hours is appealing to you, then Emerald Emperor is for you. As with mongering anywhere in the world, some shops in this area pull the old bait and switch where they have really hot girls on their website but once you get to the shop find that they are either heavily photoshopped or haven’t worked at that particular shop in years. Put up some photos of really hot girls to lure customers in and then switch with whatever average looker you have working once there. Some people will just accept what they get.

So at Emerald Emperor they have a large staff roster with some serious talent on display the only problem is that for a foreigner for 2 hours of nuru and sex massage the price is 70,000 yen or $700 USD. Sure, if you have the money for that go for it and have a great time but there are plenty of other much cheaper options. If price is no concern read on. Here’s the image gallery of some staff members anyway just so you know what a $700 Japanese hooker looks like for your money. Click the photo for a full size image to load.


OK to be fair, this is not the most expensive place in Japan by far but holy hell it’s pretty expensive for what it is. For the cost you could buy a return ticket and stay in a fancy hotel in Bangkok or Manila for the weekend and bang top shelf pussy there and still have some change left over when you return. Upon arrival and being quoted the 70,000 yen no one was game enough to drop that sort of coin to try the service out and instead went to Kinpeibai which was posted about before. If anyone is game enough to pay the 70k yen please write in the comments about your experience and this will be updated only if the lottery is won.

Emerald Emperor is found on their website here with photos of their staff and you can place your bookings as well. They are open daily from 12 noon until midnight and the price for foreigners here is 70,000 yen for 2 hours. No other options were presented when asked. Here’s the link to them on google maps if you really want to blow that much cash.

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