EDSA Complex – Manila, Philippines

EDSA International Entertainment Complex in Pasay City is the second largest red light district in Manila. It’s popularity means you can jump in any taxi, GrabCar or Uber and just say EDSA Complex and they will know what you are talking about. Heritage Hotel is across the road if you want to stay literally right there.

EDSA Complex is lit up like a Christmas tree and is owned all by the same person so prices are the same across the board. Upon entry you will get scanned with a metal detector and there is heavy security all around the bars. Because of the high levels of security you will find that there are no street urchins or pick pockets loitering around inside and you are relatively safe.

EDSA Complex is a lot cheaper than P Burgos Street bars and GoGo’s. The bars in EDSA open at 7:00pm however the place doesn’t really fill the podiums until 9:00pm or even later. It closes at 2:00am on the dot.

Bars in the complex with names like Space Girls, Pit Stop, Casino Bar and more all have unique themes and uniforms for the staff. Some bar layouts are great, some not so much. The women that work in EDSA bars are always very attractive compared to bars in Malate and other areas. Often large white van loads of Korean customers will turn up and “point and shoot” and take the best girls as soon as they arrive. Unlike bars in Thailand, you will find no nudity here.

A lady drink costs 250 pesos (6 USD) and sometimes they will ask for a “special drink” which costs ~400 pesos so it’s best to avoid the “special drinks” if you can. A normal lady drink will do just as good. Barfines to take a lady home with you is 2000 pesos (50 USD) and they will expect the same as a tip in the morning before they leave you. It is best to ask the lady what she expects as a tip before you take her from the bar, some will want somewhere between 2000 and 6000 pesos ($60USD to $140USD) but if the girl genuinely wants to go with you it will be at the lower end of the scale. The price obviously goes up the less she wants to go.

Once you pay the barfine of 2000 pesos she will go and change out of her bikini into some normal clothes, they will stamp her wrist so she can show the EDSA security guards so she can leave the building. The stamp thing in itself felt a bit off the first time, that the girls were not allowed to leave unless they had a stamp but it is what it is. When leaving it is best to use GrabCar app on your phone or Uber to get a driver waiting there for you to whisk you away as there are “EDSA Complex” taxi scammers sitting at the entrance who will only be too happy to rip you off if you don’t know where else to get a ride. Often times the girl will not say anything if you are getting ripped off despite in other countries such as Thailand, where the girl will go into bat for you to protect your money (if anyones getting all your money, it’s going to be her. That’s her way of thinking anyway)

There are less drink sluts here compared to Burgos, where it is quite rampant these days. Almost all the girls want to go with customers. I much prefer EDSA to Burgos any day of the week and find it a must visit. You can find EDSA Complex directions on Google Maps here.

EDSA Complex Bars Manila

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3 Responses

  1. Gerald dent says:

    Hi , please could you help me and find the the best gay nightclub for barfine in manila so I will be very grateful tell me exactly the name of the nightclub that my wife would love to go to visit it for a wonderful experience with a guy. Thank u for time for a reply soon.

    • admin says:

      unsure – I’ve never been into any gay bars there – there are plenty around though. Perhaps just head to a local nice bar and buy drinks for a good decent guy and hit him up to fuck your wife, if that’s your thing.

      sorry I can’t help out.

  2. Sanchez Niclaus says:

    Prices have gone up significantly. Ladies drinks are now 395 and barfine is 2500. In addition to that you have to
    tip the girl 3000 which adds to you barfine bill. It means you have to pay at least 5500 just do take the girl our.

    The athmosphere is very aggressive in the bars. They really want you to consume a lot of expensive drinks. Even the mamasan asks for ladies drink. In some bars the music is so loud you cannot talk.

    I would not recommend you to go there. You are better off with less hassle if you order a girl at a escort agency.

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