Dio and Emotion in Gotanda

Both Dio and Emotion are two Pink Salons in Gotanda in Tokyo where you can go and get a blowjob or two. Or three, or more. They charge a hefty 7,000 yen (70 USD) and then you will be taken downstairs into the action.

With the 7,000 yen you will get two different working girls to give you a 15min blowjob each. Again with the other Pink Salon blowjob bars in Tokyo, the girls don’t look that great. Often staffed by older chubby ladies that have probably been doing the rounds in the Japanese sex business scene since the 1980’s. However they do their jobs to perfection having had so much experience. Sometimes you will find a decent looking girl, perhaps a 7 out of 10 but it is not common.

Dio and Emotion blowjob

The usual setup happens here where they will take you and seat you then wipe your junk down and give you an absolutely mind blowing blowjob to completion, while you are free to touch and lick and squeeze wherever you want on the naked service girls. Most of this is semi public, so if you are shy don’t turn around and look anywhere else because you will see other punters getting a right knob gobbling right out in the open. Some people get off on this fact I suppose.

Dio and Emotion open every single day from 12pm to midnight and you can find more information on the Dio website or here is a link to Google Maps with the bar location bar map.



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  1. February 1, 2017

    […] Generation suck shop is found in the suburb of Kamata in Tokyo and if you’re down near Gotanda or even Shinagawa you are pretty close already its only a short two hops from there you need to jump […]

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