Davao City, Philippines

Davao City

Davao City constantly ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. All thanks to the mayor of Davao City, who it has been rumoured has his own secret hit squads and routinely kills drug dealers and anyone committing crimes that he thinks might ruin his cities reputation.

Surrounding Davao City on the island of Mindanao is an ongoing civil war and tourists and foreigners being kidnapped and held for random or even just killed is not too uncommon if you google the news you will see plenty of information on the kidnappings. The island itself is huge and about 20,000 square kilometres. The good news is the kidnappings and other bad shit does not happen or take place in Davao city. The city itself is very safe because of the long term mayor Duterte.

Coincidentally the terrorist groups who do all the kidnapping on the island of Mindanao is called MILF. I love MILFs but sadly these are not mothers I’d like to fuck but a bad kind of MILF 🙁

Getting around

To get around town the cheapest and easiest way is to ride the Jeepneys. They all run on set routes and have the locations they go to usually on the side of the truck itself along with a number. It costs 8 pesos to jump on one and it will take you anywhere you want to go in the city itself.

The other method of transportation is trikes, or tricycles, which are a modified motorbike with a sidecar attachment for you to sit in similar to the tuk-tuk’s in Thailand. There are also metered normal taxis, but these cost a great deal more in comparison to jeepneys and trikes.

davao city philippines

Where to stay

When I stayed in Davao City itself the most recommended place to stay was an Apartelle which is a cross between an apartment and a hotel unique to Philippines called Jun and Dell’s. Their website is here http://junanddellapartment.com/

For a small studio room with kitchen it will only cost you 13,000 pesos (300 USD) a month and that includes electricity, maid cleaning service daily and cable TV in the rooms. You can blast your air-con non stop all day every everyday and not have to worry about receiving a huge power bill like you do if you rent a condo by yourself elsewhere. The area for Jun and Dell’s apartelle is in a gated community with security guards too so there wont be any scum bags coming in wandering about or any beggars around the place. AirBNB lists a lot of places however the prices are usually 5 times more than you would pay if you are on the ground there. If you want to get your own apartment or condo to stay it’s best to rent a hotel room for a few nights and scout around once you’re actually there.

Php13,000/month or Php 800/day for a studio type room with kitchen ( 15.65 square/ meters area) , Php20,000/month or Php 1,200/day for larger studio type room with kitchen ( 29.56 sq/ meter area) and Php22,000/month or Php 1,400/day for a 1 bedroom with living room and kitchen.

If you rent an apartment or condo there they will usually ask for a bond to the value of one months rent up front and also one month rent in advance. Most people will tell you that you will never get your bond back in the Philippines and so when you have one month left to stay tell the landlord to pay the last months rent from your bond money and then just vacate the place.



What to eat

The best food to eat is something like Inasal which is under 100 pesos for a meal of roast chicken and unlimited rice or even the fast food places such as Jollibee where a meal will cost under 100 pesos and give you fries or rice and a drink with your burger or chicken. Great value for food, you can also eat off the street food carts for hardly any money at all which is generally safe to eat. If you look at the cart you can see them cooking it right there and then so if there will be any problems with the hygiene of the food just go somewhere else.

Get a SIM card

First thing you absolutely need when you get to Davao City is a SIM card for your phone, if you are planning to hook up with girls and organise dates you need a SIM as soon as you land. Every single lady you meet will be texting constantly and texts cost bugger all to send where as phone calls are very expensive and charged per minute. A simple text will cost about 2 US cents where as a phone call will be 20 cents and up per minute. If you can get the girl on Facebook or Skype or LINE that will be better because you can chat anywhere you have a WiFi connection and wont need to bother with having any credit on your phone anyway.

davao city girls


Nightlife in Davao City is pretty poor. There are a few bars but nothing worth mentioning really. Everywhere closes at 1:00am and Saturday is the only real big night of the week for nightlife activities. Give it a miss and stick with getting your women during the day and get them to come visit you at night. Stock your fridge with booze if you want to drink.

Meeting women

If you have a heart beat and can speak, you will find a girlfriend as soon as someone sees you in Davao that’s how good it is. Speaking from experience it’s not uncommon to see 80+ year old white dudes walking hand in hand with an 18 year old stunner through the malls and around town. Amazing stuff indeed. At first it put me off a little seeing all these really old guys with these hotties, but props to them. They are living the dream as best they can.

To close the best thing about Davao City is that most foreigners are scared of the place due to all the incredibly incorrect warnings from governments around the world to avoid the place due to the kidnappings and MILF prescence which couldn’t be further from the truth. As long as you stick to Davao City itself, you will have no problems at all. Even beggars which are a huge problem in Metro Manila and Angeles City is rare to find here in Davao City.

Being a white guy of ANY age is a huge boost. You have the golden ticket being born white here and that adds to your value 1000000000 %

Basically you will feel like a rockstar wherever you go with people staring at you and almost every single woman you come into contact with will either come up to you and blurt out that she’s single and are you single? Or she will say she has a friend that’s shy but really wants to go on a date with you. You don’t even need to spend much money here, buy them a burger meal at Jollibee or take them for a coffee somewhere and if not the first date the second one you can get them back to your room to watch Netflix or something.

Davao City is a must visit for a single man. You can see how beautiful and friendly the girls from Davao City are by using a free dating site such as FilpinoCupid (it’s free to sign up) and you will literally get hundreds of messages a day from lonely single women wanting to snag themselves a white foreigner.

The top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines are must-see places.

Davao is one of the best provinces to visit if you would like to unwind, commune with nature and spend time with animals. This multicultural hub is home to beautiful valleys and mountain ranges as well as protected wildlife. Experience plenty of exciting moments as you visit the top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines.

Mount Apo
The fabled Mount Apo gets a place in this list of top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines. Nature lovers and thrill-seekers that visit Davao make it a point to trek this mountain, which is the Philippines highest peak. A journey up Mount Apo involves crossing creeks, encountering waterfalls and ridges, and getting a very good view of Davaos landscape. Tourists who dare to hike the enchanting Mount Apo come face to face with breathtaking flora and fauna.

Philippine Eagle Center
Situated in Malagos, Baguio District, the Philippine Eagle Center conducts studies, takes care of injured eagles, and monitors captive-bred birds. It also houses other raptors, animal species and different kinds of plants. Bird lovers and plant enthusiasts are often thrilled to discover that the Philippine Eagle Center is within the Malagos Watershed. Visitors of all ages and from all walks of life will surely enjoy seeing the eagles up close and listening to the sounds they create. Touring around the Center is like traveling through a rainforest.

The Bat Sanctuary of Samal Island
A vacation in Davao is incomplete without a visit to the bat caves in Samal Island. The Bat Sanctuary of Samal Island is among the top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines because it offers tourists a one-of-a-kind experience as they observe bats in their natural habitat. Visitors can widen their understanding of these nocturnal creatures by joining youth activities and bat education programs in the Bat Sanctuary. Drop by this tourist spot and see how you can help promote bat conservation.

Davao Crocodile Park

The Davao Crocodile Park, is a frequently visited attraction. Pangil, the largest crocodile in the Philippines, lives in this park. A visit to this small zoo, which is both educational and entertaining, is an ideal activity for families. Learn more about the importance of environmental conservation by saying hello to the crocodiles, snakes, turtles, lizards, wild cats, monkeys, birds and butterflies living in this little zoo.

Eden Nature Park

Completing the top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines is Eden Nature Park in Toril. Eden Nature Park features many vegetable gardens and tree and ornamental nurseries that will delight fans of gardening and organic food. This park houses the beautiful Matinlo Pond and Birdwalk, which are great spots for relaxing, meditating and taking pictures. Get on one of the tourist trams to see the whole of Eden Nature Park, which also has an excellent restaurant.

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