Cum Inside Me

Cum inside me.

Cum inside me please. They are words I have been hearing an awful lot lately. Compared to other Asian countries I’ve been, it’s pretty much every single woman you hook up with here in the Philippines will want you to blow your load inside her and none of them ever talk about condoms.

After speaking to a few girls about why they never bothered to ask about condoms and wanted me to cum inside them, I have figured that since a few different women have told me similar things it must be true.

cum inside me philippines

First of all is the fact that the vast majority of Filipinos are devout Catholics and the church actually forbids the use of birth control. I guess that’s the reason these incredibly poor people have so many large families, literally having 5+ kids or more even when living in slum areas seems to be quite common here. Also because outside of hookers and bar girls, a lot of the women just don’t have a lot of sexual experience compared to other countries.

When meeting a lady in the shopping mall or just walking the streets here in Davao, it’s been quite common to end up bringing a chick back to my apartment after a date or two and she will end up wanting me to raw dog her and tells me over and over to cum in her pussy. Very scary but very nice at the same time.

Then I started watching mind numbing Filipino TV and noticed all the TV actors and actresses look white, are they all half-caste? They have no real dark skinned Filipinos on the TV. Two girls told me that their dream is to have a baby from a foreigner so the baby will be very beautiful and half/half and can get a great job and do well in life and take care of the rest of the family.

So it seems if it’s not because of their religious beliefs, it seems it is because they want to make a little movie star. I’d probably recommend getting a vasectomy before coming to the Philippines as these girls are relentless for you to blow your load in them when you bang them.

So far so good, I’m really enjoying this country more than any other place I’ve been. Everyone speaks English and normal women everywhere will stop and stare at you and come up and ask if you are single or if you like one of their friends. To top that off all the bareback sex you can handle.

If you are worried about knocking one of these women up however, when you hear “cum inside me” think twice about it or you will be in a lot of trouble.

Have you had any Filipino girls get weird about using condoms? If so leave a comment below

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15 Responses

  1. There are several more reasons as to why Filipinas may want you to cum inside their pussy…
    1. Majority of Filipinas fall in love quickly.
    2. Filipinas like/want to feel the satisfaction they have made your cock give them all your sperm possible every time you make love.
    3. Filipinas are very possessive in a relationship…Keeping your cock happy is important to them as they don`t want you to be tempted to have sex with other Filipinas.
    4. Filipinas generally prefer sperm from a White male so that any baby conceived will have Western features besides being mixed race.
    5. Dark complexioned (Morena) Filipinas want White male sperm as the baby will be more Whiter than themselves..Generally think they are not good looking etc and having a mixed race baby is real beautiful.
    6. Filipinas know that the majority of foreign males who get them pregnant will stand by them and support her and the baby financially or marry them.
    7. There are also Filipinas who want a mixed race baby with no strings attached! No commitment of financial support.etc and very willing to support the baby themselves with her family.
    8. Filipinas in general become pregnant very easily, especially when they are fertile.
    9. It is always hard to resist not to go bareback with a Filipina..Having a Filipina pussy teasing/urging your cock for your sperm and telling you to cum deep inside her is an ultimate pleasure…Nothing beats a Filipna pussy milking your cock for all your sperm possible as you cum your load inside her.

  2. jim says:

    Agreed. Why wouldn’t you want to cum in her? Ever see a bull pull hick out of a cow to keep her from getting pregnant? Afraid of child support? WHO CARES? Dirt cheap to raise a child here, if u are so inclined.

  3. cam says:

    I have been to Phil about half a doz times now, around Manila and Cebu. I have found that most girls don’t use condoms but expect me to pull out and blow a load on there belly, tits, face etc. I don’t and never intended to. When I cream them they are sometimes very upset. But they still stay around for another day or two until i move on. I am planning on going back in Feb 17 and was looking at Davao City.

    • Sean says:

      Hello Cam,

      I am also looking to go to the Philippines in Feb-March of 2017. It will be my first trip. I was thinking of a couple of days in Manila then to Cebu City. Would adding Davao City be a good idea?

      Do you set up girls online prior to arrival or just show up and be friendly?

      Thanks Cam.


      • cam says:

        Hi Sean,
        nearly 95% of all the meat is organised online. I normally get to know them a little bit and find out about them as best as I can. I let them know that I am looking for a good time/travel guide but I also say that I am hoping to find the right girl to be my girl-friend. Of course, that is not true, but it helps bait the hook without making any promises. I get their phone numbers and contact details before I arrive and normally give them a call and text from a disposable sim to establish a connection before I get there. Some times I have been met at the airport, other times I got to the hotel first. But I always have set the game up before hand and have stand byes on my list.
        My criteria is that they are ‘nice girls’ and usually have never been with a westerner before. If they have never had kids it is great, so tight. But even the mums are so small that they are always tight compared to most western chicks.

        I have not been to Davao City myself, and am talking to some girls from there now. So we might be chasing some fuck-meat in the same hunting grounds at the same time 🙂

        Good Luck with the hunt

  4. Kool aid says:

    It’s cool to Cum…when I’m 60 or so I’m gonna nut inside 20 ..why not…cream pie is a art

    • Cam says:

      Totally Agree with you there Mate! I know it is frowned upon a little, but I love the Cream-pie Surprise too. You are so right, the 20 some-things are so lovely.
      Go for it

  5. sick cunts says:

    man i love sex as much as the next guy, but you are all severely fucked in the head.

  6. Steve99 says:

    Hi folks, a cautionary tale. My brother had his fun with a Filipino woman, initially picked up on some dating site, got to know her etc then went over there, he was not totally naive about these things as he had done Thailand dozens of times. Anyhow he invited her to Australia where she stayed for a couple of months but then got preggers and although he was ok with that at first, he really could not afford that, then worse, his cancer cured years earlier came back and it killed him in a short space of time (miserable for us, happy for her) . When my sister called this woman she was not shocked, not upset or any of the usual stuff but said outright ‘where is my money’ send me money now, this coming from the sweet demur girl (front put on for our benefit) . Anyway somehow or other she got a visa to come to Australia and proceeded to apply for my brothers whole estate, she got a hard bitch lawyer who gathered all her evidence and there was lots of it as you will see. Firstly she copied and stored every single conversation she had with him before they met physically, she had copied his passport details, copied his birth cert and even taken hair samples for dna early in the game (before she was pregnant even) and when she was visiting Oz she videoed via her smart phone almost every conversation, even in bed, and so on, the list was endless, a lawyers dream.
    As you can understand that someone presenting you with all this stuff could not be anything other than a schemer and scammer but I tell you what, almost every single bitch woman lawyer in Australia loves these cases and do the whole lot no-win no-pay . Worse, my brother left no will but had put myself and siblings as the beneficiary of his pension fund (superannuation to those ozzies here) however that is not binding and as soon as trustees of the fund heard the word ‘baby’ that was it, all hers. She got the lot and after all the work we had done to empty his house, 100’s of hours, all the money I and my parents had given him over the years due to his bad luck in employment we get nothing and this foul bitch takes the lot, happy as a pig in shit. Thing is these people have infinite ‘law’ on their side, we could only afford some bad advice, one lawyer even charged us $200 to tell us to hand everything over and admit that she was fully entitled to it all, what a prick!
    There is only one consolation to this. This bitch ingratiated herself to my brothers friends who all fancied her like fuck, and after he went, they all started filling her head up with how much he was worth ie $100’s of thousands but in fact he was worth maybe $20k so her and this hard bitch lawyer will get fuck all once it is all sorted, pity about the pension fund though as that was worth a bit more than that.
    Remember guys, these girls have practically an online open university (all in Tagalog of course) versed in all this stuff and this is the payoff they are looking for, white baby is a byproduct, you know they even know more about Aus/US/Uk/German family and baby law than any of us do, watch your backs. Watch for their inquisitiveness, nosiness and hide all your identification, you know even hotels will sell these girls a copy of your passport for $10 or a blowjob. Be warned.
    Personally I now believe these girls deserve all the babies you can give them but dont get lumbered with a lifetime bill.

  7. BrownSnake says:

    I prefer bareback all the time with a pinay bargirl.
    Im a “dont give a fuck” kinda guy. I admit, I am a scumbag.
    My trip is in a months time, looking forward to unloading more.
    I always promise that I will write them, take care of them, blah blah blah.
    I come back home to my good excellant paying job, nice home, etc and forget
    their names by the time I land back home.
    I do however, try to check if some of these girls are still working in the bar
    when I make my next trip, (go every 6-12 months).
    There is one thats a bit scary, Aug 2017, picture on facebook of a chick I promised
    still working at the same bar. My fav bar aswell. So maybe I will go in to check it out,
    if I see her, I shall leave and never return. leave the san mig light as is and run!

  8. Donnie says:

    Bro’s Im 39 and reasonably handsome and every single girl ive been out with or talked too couldnt get their panties off fast enough and likewise started pushing for a baby and marriage within five minutes of meeting them. Im not exaggerrating. I must admit its awesome because these girls are Hot with a capital H, the ugly ones are even hot and you know for certain any will give up the poontang. This place has enchanted my soul with happiness and self esteem.

  9. Timbo says:

    I’m not in the least gwapo it doesnt make any difference. Currently mid-50s I’ve been unloading into Filipinas since I first went 20 years ago. They do love cum inside them I think they all talk about it among themselves and it becomes like a validation that they are sexy if they get lots of guys to cream them. They especially love it when you cum a lot inside them and because of their small tight pussies it all runs out down their legs that always makes them giggle and say wow that’s a lot while running into the bathroom. I always finish off in the pussy I think it’s a waste of sperm to cum anywhere else and they seem to appreciate it.

  10. David blunt says:

    I’m not sure filipinas will be keen on having your babies if you were black. Its white guys who have to worry about child support. For me, I usually insist on condoms whether the girl offers or not

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