Crazy House aGoGo – Fully Nude Hands On Bar – Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Crazy House in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok certainly lives up to it’s name that’s for sure. You can find it located on the corner between Sukhumvit 23 and Soi Cowboy itself. You can’t miss it really, even after every other bar closes for the night for some reason this bar stays open pumping music and never seems to have any trouble. The open hours are 7pm til whenever they want to close which is generally much later than any other bars in Soi Cowboy and it’s probably the hottest aGoGo Bar you can find in Bangkok at least for the past few years anyway.

crazy house soi cowboy during the day time closed

Crazy House A GoGo is filled with nothing but extremely hot young Thai girls and none of them have any clothing on. None at all. It’s also the best ‘hands on’ bar where once you buy a lady drink for a girl she will be sitting in your lap and laying all over you completely naked with roaming hands and for some reason your fly always seems to come undone magically in here. It might be best to wear loose fitting shorts and if you can, underwear can be left at home in your hotel as it just makes things… easier.

There’s generally around 50 naked girls working at any one time apart from the girls who have already been barfined and are out having sex with their customer of the night. Once you head inside the Crazy House you will not know where to look as the place is buzzing with hot HOT women completely naked rubbing their tits and walking past you constantly. If you sit on the bottom floor, the roof is made of glass and the dancers on the second floor have either mini skirts and no underwear on or just nothing at all. It makes for some very interesting viewing.

crazy house gogo bar in soi cowboy bangkok where you can see fully nude girls all the time

Head to Crazy House if you want to see the best Thai hookers and you will not be disappointed that’s for certain. Be careful with your drink tab here and just check it every now and again to be sure you aren’t going to be ripped off. There have been some instances of being too drunk in here and having magical slips put in there some how. So just be warned on that.

The prices for drinks in this agogo bar are fairly standard at 170 baht for a bottled beer. It’s also 170 baht for a ladies drink and what’s great about Crazy House is that the barfine for long time is only 800 baht and the barfine for Short Time is 3000 baht all in (includes barfine, payment to girl for sex, etc) the girls will try and hit you with some ridiculous number if they don’t really want to go with you for long time but average price if you’re decent enough in the hygiene department and seem fun to the girl is around 4000 baht for long time however your mileage may vary depending on how ugly or fat you are or if the girl doesn’t like you all that much. It all depends on the day, how much rent is due, etc etc.

Best time to visit Crazy House in Soi Cowboy is generally around 20:00 when all their dancers should be fully nude and up on stages or wandering around trying to rub the customers dicks and a whole lot more. Here is a YouTube video of inside the bar although it doesn’t show much of course because it’s on YouTube.

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  1. Tim says:

    owned by a military or army boss thats why they can get away with whatever they want – i think they also have raids here not long ago because of underage girls from Laos working in here that were busted in nana plaza… crazy house lets them all work there no problem be safe my bud

  2. golden says:

    Am looking for a girl

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