Club Asia – Angeles City, Philippines

Located at the Walking Street section across from Color Bar and Texas, Club Asia is a massive mega bar (or even an agogo if you can call it one) and is part of the Doll House Group of bars. They have two types of girls working here with the first being the show performers who are very active dancers and do coreographed dance routines to set songs while the second group of girls working here are just incredibly hot girls who just stand around looking rather bored waiting for someone to come along and throw money at them for lady drinks and who will eventually end up refusing to be barfined for some reason or another.

club asia philippines is a great place for sexy young pinays

Inside Club Asia they have a huge stage that is in the shape of a wave which encourages the bar girls and the customers to interact with each other a lot more and the padded bar stools are great in comparison to other bars where the furniture is often run down and just horrible. They have couch style seating as well when you want to sit with a girl and get a little bit closer and more intimate in the bar. Club Asia even has a generator for when the blackouts or brownouts happen so the power will remain on when other bars will just have you sitting in the dark.

There are no pool tables in Club Asia and they are open between the hours of 19:00 PM and 04:00 AM daily.

Drink prices in Club Asia are higher than most other bars as is common with Doll House Group owned establishments with a Single Ladies Drink costing 200 pesos and a Double Ladies Drink 250 pesos. Barfines start from 2500 pesos and go up to 3000 pesos for the ‘spotlight’ dancers but there really is no difference between a 2500 peso girl and a 3000 peso girl. Single customer local drinks are 125 pesos each and forget about drinking anything imported unless you bring your credit cards because it definitely isn’t worth it.

club asia angeles city philippines

The girls from Club Asia often compete in all of the pool parties in Angeles City, Pampanga – they make for some very enjoyable experiences as the majority of girls working here are very attractive. You can find Club Asia on the google map’s link below and find their official Facebook page here

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  1. Dave says:

    Ahhhhh can’t wait to escape the first world again and start getting balls deep into some young tender coconuts!

  2. Maria says:

    Let us repent and convert for the doors of Hell is ready open for the many evils especially that of the flesh! God’s mercy is for all who are truly sorry for the sins committed… then, Philippines and the world will TRULY be a better place to live in!

  3. Maria says:

    Repent for the fires of hell is ready to devour us for our evil doings… Yet God is truly merciful for those who are really sorry for all their misdoings.

  4. gay says:

    nice write up, definitely a fun bar

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