Celebrities in Chiang Mai, Thailand generally attracts a lot of normal tourists but it’s absolutly nothing like you see in Bangkok or even Pattaya. Chiang Mai is the forth biggest city in the country and the best way to get there is a cheap AirAsia flight for only 30 USD rather than sit in an old clapped out bus for 12 hours.

Chiang Mai is considered “off the beaten path” by most visitors that come to stay long term in Thailand but the truth is that it is a pretty major population center with its fair share of sexual entertainment and much cheaper than the larger cities.

Celebrities is one of the soapy massage sex parlors in Chiang Mai and probably the biggest and most famous one for the location.

celebrities thailand soap massage sex footjob handjob blowjob

Celebrities is in a massive pink building with a sign outside that doesn’t really explain what it is from the front..

Once you enter Celebrities you will come to the lobby reception area and you will see a fishbowl glass wall and behind that there will be 20-50 sexy Thai ladies willing to service you. English is not well spoken but hand signals work well. Once you select the service provider you like the look of you pay the sum of 1700 baht or $45 USD. There are a few ‘models’ that attract higher fees but they don’t really give better service so it’s best to just pick whatever lady you like the look of.

Once you select the lady via the number she will be called down and lead you into an upstairs room where she will run a bath in a huge bathtub and fill it with soapy bubbles and strip down and jump in the bath with you giving you the worlds best scrub down using her breasts and feet and everything else. For some reason in Thai soapies they love to give you a soaped up footjob to get you hard and going, if that’s your thing you will very much enjoy it.

The rooms in Celebrities will have porn playing on the TV while you go about your business, it’s rather run down compared to other venues in Thailand but the service you receive is just as good if not better than anywhere close by.



Most ladies working in Celebrities are early 20’s and you wont really find the older ones working here, they probably get shipped off to a beer bar once they hit around 30 years old.

Celebrities sessions go as they usually do at soapies. Once you get a scrub down in the bathtub with a sexy naked lady, she will give you a footjob and handjob in the bath, often she will suck the life out of you and make you cum there and then. Then you will be placed on a blowup mattress and she will give you a great body to body massage and get you hard again before placing you on the bed and fucking your brains out for the final release.

celebrities thailand soap massage sex footjob handjob blowjob

Celebrities is a good venue out of Chiang Mai for a soapy massage parlor. There are a few others in town but Celebrities for the most part is the best one to visit.

Celebrities also known as Celeb@CNX. Charoen Prathet Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Open seven days a week from 2:00 PM to midnight. Click here for a map.

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  1. Albert says:

    The place is not pick but a old run down dirty white former hotel. The rooms are dingy, dark and a bit scary even the hall ways are enough to scar the shit out of you. Most of the white girls are plastered up with so much makeup they aren’t real. I been with a few girls there and its all mechanical. #38 needs to go back to farming. #58 is okay. I understand most of the girls are married women whose husbands or boyfriends take the money for the habits. That’s just great news to hear. Condoms don’t help much if you are infected with hepatitis.

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