Cebu Philippines General Info – Whorist Archive


Use the information below as a guide only.

It will be helpful in getting you started.

I personally visit Philippines as much as possible , and then update the info below. Otherwise updates are based on proven reliable sources.
cebu sex

Manila was once described as the pearl of the Orient (2nd Millenium , no more : ). Then along came the popularity of Cebu which was described as the Pearl of the South. Not as a whoring destination , but as a place to live. You will decide whether its a pearl or a sows ear : ) Perhaps you have already been to Cebu and have drawn your own conclusions.

It could never be a pearl to me because of its pollution and peak hour traffic congestion, but it will never be a sows ear either. It has a nice balance between being sinful and provincial . Provincial meaning, relaxed friendly natural people and environment.

For some the sin side is lacking, when compared with Manila and Angeles , and they are right.

Even so , Cebu might be for you , you’ll never never know if you never go !


Maps – Asian style maps in general , are not up to scratch, Filipino ones no exception. A respectable one for Cebu is the “E-Z Map”, which I purchased at a National Book Store.


Population – Cebu City has a scattered population of around 1.5 million. It’s spread out , with few high rises.

Overview  :

Transport .. On arrival : See Transport/taxis info below. Important you read it. Smooth start to your trip is important.  Around Cebu City itself … taxis are cheap and usually free of hassles (not like Manila : ). I like Cebu taxi drivers (and Davao too) , but I do not like Manila taxi drivers , a small number of which have migrated to cebu to con newbies  : )

Accommodation … Budget accom : 1. Kiwi Lodge 2. Holiday Plaza Hotel 3. Cebu Midtown. Then , medium to higher priced accom … 1. Marriot 2. Waterfront Lahug. Details below.

Restaurants … Kiwi Lodge , or for seafood … Lighthouse Restaurant Mango Avenue. Fast food McDonalds or Shakeys Pizza. Details below.

Transport/Taxis etc

Cebu is a great spot for checking out the many surrounding Visayan Islands. It was my base for such reconnoitres in days of old, but now that I have satisfied my curiosity regarding all the important islands of the Philippines I stay mainly in Cebu with forays into the ‘new territories’ of Mindanao, on odd occasions . But I always return to the ‘Pearl’. The only sensible way to get to Cebu from Manila is by air, taking about one hour. Three airlines to choose from : Philippine Airlines (PAL) ; Air Philippines (budget airline owned by PAL) and Cebu Pacific Airline (usually the cheapest fares).
I have tried Ocean Liners on a number of occasions, in days of yore , but its not such an exciting trip, awfully slow (18/20 hrs and P1300 on the cheap ) , and if you look back on the RP’s sea tragedies you’d never step on one of their ocean liners. The more modern Ferries cost even more than P1300. Check : for details. Short inter- island trips on the modern Catamarans/Trimirans , a different matter , recommended when the alternative is small plane air travel. Avoid small planes (accidents).


TAXI …..from Cebu Airport

(a) Newbies :

Yellow Taxis : Relatively new service for Cebu.  I have heard of a fix charge (no meters) with these cars and fix price is P350. If this is the case , too expensive and use procedure (b) below , not Yellow Taxis. Personally I think they would have to use meter. They are on ground arrivals level only , havent seen them on Departures level , ever. Their flagfall is P70 and kilometre rate higher , but overall , should only cost about 30% more than regular taxis (see below). Safer means of transport for a newbie. Ask inside terminal , baggage carousel/ground level , an aiport official “where are the Yellow Taxis”. Do not take any other taxi , especially if anyone approaches you and says “you want taxi” …. ignore such person. Should be a yellow taxi booth there somewhere and ticket with taxi number issued to you.


(b) Cheaper Alternative , if you dont mind carrying bags :

Departures level … I catch a regular and cheaper taxi upstairs , departures level , as follows :

Get your bags at carousel/ground floor level , ask official inside terminal “elevator to arrivals” , its to the left. Hop in elevator , exit , turn hard right , walk through Departures check in bag area , till you see an exit sign on your left,  turn there , through glass doors , turn hard left until you reach the main entrance doors to Departures. Exit these doors to your right and White Taxis are there. Security guy issues you with ticket , hop in taxi , away you go. You have to show this piece of paper/ticket to Security check point further up the road. On showing it  from inside the taxi , roadside security knows you have got an authorised taxi. Keep this piece of paper/ticket until you arrive at your destination without any hassles. Its got taxis number on it and complaints phone number , if probs with taxi driver (unlikely).

Make sure meter is switched on and when you get to Cebu City proper itself (some distance away) your meter will be showing P200/250 approx. P150/200 if driver is not using the newly calibrated meters (doubtful). Its quite a long distance to Cebu City central (Fuente area). Maybe 20/30 mins depends on traffic.

Within Cebu City there are ample, modestly priced and honest taxi’s. P45 flagfall. Average fare after that around P80 all up. In addition , a bundle of Jeepneys go hither and thither like ants , P8 regular trip. Might have inflated a Pesos or two , since gasoline hike. Watch your pockets whilst on Jeepneys wherever you are in the RP. On occasions a fellow passenger pulls out a gun and empties everybodys pockets. That is , daylight robbery on the Jeepneys. Doesn’t happen often , but does happen , especially away from the City Centre itself. Out of town, the motorised tricycle taxi is at your service for off road trips. That is, roads feeding into the main roads. One of the things that sets Cebu apart from Manila , is the sedan taxi’s and their pleasant and largely non conniving drivers. Exceptions prevail : )

All of this info belongs to

Accommodation info re SEX with HOOKERS – CEBU City Philippines :

Cebu Sex Hotels List :

In short :

Budget accom ? 1. Beverley Boutique/Eddies (details below) 2. Kiwi Lodge (details below)

Upmarket accom ? 1. Waterfront Lahug (details below)  2. Marriott (details below)


Accommodation is subjective. Hotels are in abundance. Reminds me of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. Always plenty of accommodation. I think of Chiang Mai as a sister city to Cebu in the Philippines. Similar size, similar charm and provinciality, with ample pussy if you know your way around. One difference is the cost of accommodation. Thailands accommodation overall is cheaper and usually cleaner, tidier and better maintained. Superior accommodaton ? yes but only marginally. As usual, if you have no choice of your own, give one of the following a try and if not to your satisfaction keep searching until you find something that suits. I must have tried fifteen or more places over the years ,  until I settled into my current secret hideaway and I found this hideaway through a Filipino. Intermediaries in the Philippines are important. I suggest you try them , with caution. They can make things go ever so smoothly. And they can also be a ‘pain’ (eg misinformation : ) and even worse they can con you. With experience , all these things will smooth out for you : )

The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

Pay attention to 1 , 2 , and 3 below :

Budget :

  1. “Kiwi Lodge” , 1060 G.Tudtud Street , Mabolo , Cebu City. Phone : 032 2329550. Within Cebu City : 2329550 .w.Email: ……..

Budget accommodation , not grandiose. Some say ‘slum street’ , but its typical Philippines. Nice neighbourhood (people , not buildings) , potential street robber absolutely minimal. If old guy like me happy to walk down it from main road , 100 mtrs to Kiwi , you can too. Alternatively taxi to and from front door no prob.

And others say ‘out of the way’. I say rubbish , taxis cheap. If you only want gogo bars then stay at Beverley’s (see below).

Tudtud pronounced : Toodtood. Standard Room P991. Deluxe Room P1232. Share Twin Room P1227. Rooms P991 – P1774. Nice enough rooms (subjective personal opinion only … I’m a budget traveller). All rooms are air conditioned , Cable TV , IDD Phone , Ensuite bathrooms with hot water. Also basic Restaurant with good food , Basic Bar with old guys hangin around. Karma is good at Kiwi. About a P55 taxi ride from Fuente Osmena (uptown heart of Cebu City). All taxi drivers know it. Give this one serious consideration fella’s I like everything about the place , only qualification , hard core whores might feel out of place sitting at the bar , or in the restaurant. Regular pay for play girls (hookers)  and regular girls , no problem. They can stay overnight , no prob.

Something of a ‘family’ atomosphere pervades this place , hence girls with a hard core whore look/attitude about them might feel out of place. I would say no more than 10% of guests have overnight pay for players with them at the breakfast table next morning. New entrance , a little bit on the ‘walk of shame’ , but these people are friendly and well meaning. No one will say anything to you or think anything. They keep to themselves , drinking beer or eating at the tables. But if you bring in 2/3 girls at a time , drunk , giggling , making noise then suggest you find more of a ‘red light’ district place. Cebu is provincial in nature , discretion prevails : )

Plus : Good food , nice laid back ambience , efficient service. Subjective budget bangers opinion (mine) only. High rollers/big spenders go elsewhere please : )

Minus : Not close to GoGo Bars etc , but only P50/60 (U$1.25/1.50) taxi ride away. Your catching taxis all the time in Cebu City , but they are cheap and hassle free. Not like Manila : )

  1. Beverley Boutique/Eddies : Little bit higher standard than Kiwi Lodge , mentioned above : Beverley Boutique , formerly ‘Eddies’ F. Manalo Street , which is off Maxilom/Mango Ave, just before the imposing Sto Cristo Church (in Mango Ave) . Yes its called Beverly Boutique Hotel nowadays. Taxi driver might still only know it as “Eddies”  , try both names. P1500 – P2000. Make sure you book a “room for two” (ie ‘double’). Some vague attempts to turn this place into a business mans hotel. No chance , with GoGo bars close by mongers will always be staying at this place. No problem with hookers and no extra charge for them staying overnight. Cebu’s main gogo bar scene (about 7/8 bars only) 2 mins walk away.  Other small number of GoGo’s elsewhere in Cebu City.

The Hotel is relatively new and thus the rooms should be still in good shape. Your virtually in the centre of the up town nightlife. Cause it is located in a side street , it’s not so easy to get a taxi from , although walk a hundred metres and your on Mango Ave and heaps of passing taxi’s. Info re Beverley’s :

Minus : Only time I used their Restaurant , the food  was terrible. Place has no heart/soul , but fairly new. I can not relate to this place , but can to its founder , Eddie , who is now deceased. He is in Whorist Heaven , no doubt about that , chicks all around him : )

Kiwi Lodge for my budget mongers money is far superior , its got ambience/heart/soul. Feel I belong there. But then I am old. One could call it the “Mongers Retirement Village” : )

All of this info belongs to

  1. Holiday Plaza :Something roughly similar to .2. above  : Holiday Plaza Hotel – F. Ramos St , 100mtrs or so from Robinsons Department Store/Cebu Midtown Hotel. Phone : 032. 254 9880. Not far from the GoGo Bars.

If your not in the Rajah/Fuente Osmena area , get a taxi to Kanirag Hotel , Ramos Street Cebu City (uptown , not in sleazy downtown) (pronounced : kar-nee-rug ….and every taxi driver knows it) and walk a few metres up towards Robinsons Store (Nth ?) /Mango Avenue and you will see Holiday Plaza Hotel on the right hand side. Some guys are even saying the rooms are getting a ‘tired’ look. Geez , you cant build a new hotel every day. This Hotel has a better reputation than Kanirag (forget Kanirag , except for nice restaurant) and is a quieter location than Park Place Hotel/Rajah Park Hotel (name changes like the wind). No problem with chicks at Holiday Plaza. You will find booking agents/prices etc on Google. Rooms are P1900 and up. Internet showing P2400 and up , most prob those are the ones that include their reputedly nice Buffet Breakfast (?). Nice rooftop Restaurant. Give this one serious consideration , if budget conscious. Google it for more info and pics. For latest info :

Plus : I like the area and location.

Minus : Really do not know of any , but there is bound to be something wrong with the place. Especially if your all the time looking for a hotel that has just been built yesterday   : )


3b. Diplomat Hotel : Never tried it , gets mentions : Diplomat Hotel .. F. Ramos St. I put this one in here cause guys seem to be staying at this place nowadays. Further down (down , not up) Ramos St from Holiday Plaza (3a) above. Short walking distance. P1000 standard room , P1200/1300 other rooms. Difference apparently is the level of floor your on , not the room (?), Overnight ladies no problem. Make sure your room has a double bed and not two single beds. Worth consideration.

  1. Summit Circle (formerly Cebu Midtown) :

Taxi drivers will most probably still know SC as Cebu Midtown , for some time yet , though. The place has been renovated and room prices have increased accordingly.

Mentioned a fair bit , mongers use it , varying opinions on it : Summit Circle , very close to Hollywood Plaza. Phone : 63.32.253 9711. Built on top of Robinsons Department Store and Supermarket. Not far from GoGo Bars. Good location but a bit pricey for a budget monger like me , P1900 – P2500. Online can be P2000 incl. breakfast. They might try and get higher sucker prices from you. Keen competition between Cebu hotels nowadays , try and bargain price downa bit. Overnight ladies no problem IF you book the room for two (‘double’) . It’s got location , location. Taxi drivers know it. Popular with Mongers (location). Check Google for latest details re Summit Circle. Personally , I would go for Hollywood Plaza Hotel before Summit Circle. UPDATE : Rumour has it that Summit Circle sometimes try and extract an extra P300 if you have an overnight lady. If you booked a ‘double room’ , they can not charge you extra for x 1 overnight guest. Clarify this before handing over any room money. Some guys get charged , some dont. Suspect they do not book a ‘double’ (room) in the first place. It could be a little racket Front Desk are operating to supplement their slave wages , dont know.

Plus/Minus : This place does not do anything for me , but plenty of freer spending Mongers use it.
Upmarket/Not Budget (cost more) :


If me , my choice : 

  1. Waterfront Lahug …. 2. Marriott ….. .3………. Crown Regency , or Radison Blue.

Details below …………..

  1. Crown Regency Hotel :Definitely upmarket compared to the four mentioned above : Crown Regency Hotel …. Osmena Blvd/Jones Ave (same road) .. near Fuente Osmena … .and next door to Silver Dollar GoGo Bar and Robinsons Shopping Centre. Good central location , but big grotty area (personal opinion).  Walking distance (10 mins ?) to Mango Ave GoGo Bar scene. Safe enough to walk there day or night. It’s a relatively new incredibly tall hotel , P3000 and up , room. Book ‘room for two’ = no prob with overnight girls , who are required to sign in at Front Desk. Think tariff includes a breakfast buffet. Bit of a grotty area compared to Marriott and Waterfront (see below).

If I had money , my choice would be either 5 or 6 below :

  1. Marriott Hotel :Definitely upmarket : Marriott Hotel – Cardinal Rosales Ave , Cebu Biz Park. Walking distance from Ayala Shopping Mall. Not cheap ,  P3500 approx and up per room. Nice hotel. So far as I know , no problems with overnight ladies (see update below). You can always google and ask by email “overnight guests ok” and if they say yes ask them “any surcharge” ? My understanding overnight is ok and not charged for , but check beforehand. Booking a ‘double’ room or ‘room for two’ should qualify you for overnight hookers. Possibly they take ID info from girl before allowing her to go up to your room. UPDATE : Getting small number of reports mongers feel uncomfortable bringing hookers back to this hotel. I think you can ignore that and bring them in.

  2. Waterfront Hotel – Lahug (suburb). Every taxi driver knows it. Similar to Marriott level of class hotel. Marriott ‘superior’.  Waterfront is in the P4000 to P6000 range. If you book a ‘double room’ there will be no extra overnight charge for girls. Confirm that beforehand. After 10pm they usually check girls ID’s. Convenient location , especially for Ayala Mall. Nice hotel. Popular with upper budget mongers. Email … …… re overnight guests , if your concerned. My first choice , if I was a big spender : ) Update : Rooms getting a bit of a tired look nowadays.

6b. Radison Blu Hotel  : P5000/6000. They might quote lower prices online , but there is usually a variety of charges and taxes on top of quoted prices. Has Pool and Gym. Good breakfast buffet for a price. Taxi to nightlife might be a bit of a problem. Waterfront and Marriott better for that. R Blue is close to S&M Shopping Mall , Ayala Shopping Mall better (Marriott and Waterfront for Ayala). Quality hotel that takes overnight ladies , so they say. Mostly a family hotel , not a Monger hotel. Has website , Google it for details. My personal opinion , tucked away a bit , prefer more on main strip , closer to action. Better value at Waterfront or Marriott.

  1. Only consider if desperate : Rajah Park Hotel

Location : It’s opposite Fuente Osmena (circle park) , and so its location is described as ‘Fuente Osmena’. For my interests , its ‘central’. All taxi drivers know it. There is a big sign outside on the building “Casino Filipino”. Phone : 032.412 3337 Website : Email :

The Park opposite , is a small circle , and in days of yore (not now) was a pick up place , but not now. Hotel rooms P1500/2200 and up. No extra for overnight guest. Security Box , Sky TV (Cable ) and Laundry – yes. Price includes Buffet Breakfast and government taxes. Very good central location. Possibly Massage on the premises. For the first timer with a little bit of money to spend on accommodation , it’s worth considering. But I would put the nearby Holiday Plaza (above) before it. Ignore taxi touts and any beggars/street touts , outside this Hotel , walk away (northerly/uphill) from the hotel and flag a passing taxi. You might google for latest email address etc.

Plus (Rajah Park) : It’s got location , but unfortunately beggars/touts in area too. For me no problem , I just ignore. For newbies maybe a problem : )

Minus (Rajah Park) : Not so fresh anymore. Touts hanging around the front. Catch a passing taxi , not a standby taxi. Standby taxis are noted all over Philippines for con in some way or another. Lazy buggers hanging around. Catch the ‘hungry’ taxi driver passing by.
SHORT TIME Hotel/places  …. Place you can take chick for sex , when you dont want to take her to your particular Hotel  : “Princes Court” , formerly known as Kings Court , in Mabolo (suburb) , all taxi drivers should know it. Around P450/500 for 3 hrs , excellent rooms , great atmosphere for quality sex. Various rooms with various themes , great place (compared to some of the other ST places).

Also … Queensland , Victoria Court , Jade Court ….. taxi drivers know them.


Downtown , downmarket , area :

Also potentially dangerous eg after 9pm.

Bit too sleazy for most guys :

Run down , and pimps frequent the area. I would never stay downtown. But if you like a bit of sleaze , and potential for pick pockets , cheap chicks beer etc , here it is :

9-10  (below) should be considered , if your interested in extreme Budget accom …..

  1. Cebu View Tourist Inn , 200 Sanciangko Street, near the corner of Pelaez St. In the pimp area admittedly , but if your going to be in this area (pimps will approach you all the time) this Hotel is most probably the best value. New , fresh , solidly constructed. Double size rooms P5/600 and up. Air con, Security Box available. Absolutely no problem with chicks overnight and no extra charge. . Surprisingly they did not have an email address to give me. Phone 254.8333 Fax 254 9777 PS : Myself , I would never stay in this grotty pimp area. But for someone else , new to Phils and SE Asia , fraternising in this area could be quite an experience. World famous ‘Our Place’ (OP) foreigners bar is located close by. OP is a ‘collectors item’ nowadays that you easily give a miss : )

Plus/Minus : Your right in down town ‘sleazy’. Might be for you : )

  1. Sogo Hotel, next door to Cebu View. This is principally a short time hotel where you can take your Jonquera girls (see Nightlife notes) or whoever. P660 24 hours , P160 2 hours plus P85 per hour over the 2 hours. Cable TV and porno channels. A respectable brothel hotel , with lots of cummings and goings : ) PS : Myself , I would never stay in this grotty pimp area.

Plus/Minus : Your right in down town ‘sleazy’. Might be for you : )

Not far away from the above two …

Cebu Century Hotel , on corner Pelaez and Colon Sts. Mama-san pimps operate on opposite side of street. Take care , sleaze , underaged sometimes etc. Deluxe room P920. I would not stay there , dont like the rat infested area , but if you like sleaze , its for you : ) You’d find it on google.

Uptown and more conveniet location , budget  :

  1. Modest budget type : Fuente Pension , 0175 Don Julio Llorente St. Uptown. In a side street behind Rajah Place (No.5. above). Taxi drivers know it. It’s illustrated on the E-Z Map (look for Osmena Circle/Fuente Osmena. Just to the right of that). Its been upgraded internally and not cheap pension anymore. P900 to P1800 range. However did not check rooms cause they had no vacant rooms at the time (good sign). It’s located very conveniently to everything , including public transport and is ‘up town’ , which is always a plus. The only thing that disturbed me a little was the street it is located in is rather too quiet , and ideal therefore for some one to ‘jump’ you late at night. Day time , no problems whatsover. Late at night , maybe a security risk. At night taxi in , taxi out front door , absolutely no probs. Only prob taxis do not pass by it’s door , so you would either have to walk through to Osmena Blvd (2 mins) and catch taxis passing by Rajah Park Hotel or get Front Desk to ring for a taxi. You should check if Fuente Pension charges extra for overnight guests, P100 would be a normal charge , if they do. But what I hear they do not.  If you have paid for a double room there should be no extra charge. Check room and make sure double bed and not two single beds. Switch on air con and make sure not rowdy. Phone (032) 412 4988/989. Fax : 032. 253 4133

Plus : Good location in that it is central to most things good (girls) etc , except maybe walking to it late at night might be dicey.

Minus : Well it has a conservative ‘catholic’ feel about it. No harm in asking them “overnight guests ok” ? Nice ‘secret’  location  : ) Update : I believer if got double room , overnight girls no problem. Same as Kiwi Lodge , rowdy hard core hookers might not be welcomed here : )

More Hotel info : and/or .

Restaurants : 

These are in abundance. As you know, I’d put Thailand ahead in the Restaurant department. Even so, I eat well in Cebu City cause I know where to go for what I want. You might have to search around for your kind of Restaurant. To help you get started here is a list of places that I sometimes frequent. See what you think of them.

  1. Basic wholesome food : Kiwi Lodge , G. Tud Tud St , Mabolo. (Pron: Tood Tood) About a P55 ride from Fuente Osmena area. All taxi drivers know it. Serves food 7am to about 9pm daily. I can confidently recommend this one. Try it first , if you dont like , maybe your going to find it hard to get a decent western style feed in Cebu City : )
  2. Well regarded seafood : Lighthouse Restaurant , Mango Avenue. All taxi drivers know it. Seafood. This was ‘paradise’ in days of old , havent been for a while cause they closed the place down for more than a year for renovations , plus prices kept going up and up. Definitely worth one visit if you like seafood. Nice ambience and atmosphere days of old . Great place to bring a girl. Arrive before 8pm to be sure of seat. Old days difficult after 8pm , dont know about right now , shall try again one day … but I simply love Kiwi and cheery waitress girls there.
  3. Filipinos eat here (not me) : Ayala Shopping Centre – P45 taxi ride from Park Place Hotel. Prop at ‘Idea Italia’ Coffee Shop, ground floor near main entrance. Have a snack. Nice view watching the passers by , and the odd Freelancer might give you the glad eye. Alternatively eat at any of the restaurants/bars in the Ayala Entertainment Centre (see nightlife notes , Freelancers)
  4. Filipinos eat here (not me) : Shoemart Shopping Mall – 2/3 kms from Ayala. Plenty of Restaurants upstairs, and ladies walking around ‘shopping’ , working in Department Stores etc. Have a snack at the “French Baker Restaurant” , good for perving on passing babes. The new Northern entrance has a string of Restaurants , to your right , as you walk up the stairs. Taxi ride (P60 plus) away from Cebu Central (Fuente).
  5. In a hurry/snack :McDonalds, Shakeys Pizza Restaurants and many others, a-plenty. They are scattered everywhere. All neat, tidy and efficiently run. Well, not all, but most.


All of this info belongs to :


Changing Money : 
Travellers Cheques – Nowadays it is not so easy to change Travellers Cheques. Changers cite too much fluctuation in the value of the Pesos and ten days to collect their money , as the reason for their reluctance to change TC’s. No problem with Amex though :

Ayala Shopping Centre/Mall , is where I change my money nowadays …

I use No.3. below nowadays ….

  1. American Express , located at Ayala Shopping Centre , for changing of Amex TC’s. Just tell taxi driver “Ayala Est entrance” (East is pronounced Est). When you alight you will see Turista Shop , to its right ‘Adventure Intl Tours’ where Amex resides (small Amex Logo on glass door). Phone 231.6747 Ask and insist on some small denominations (P500’s at least) at Amex , otherwise they will give you all thou’ notes, which aren’t always easy to change. Sit down in the Lounge chair and secrete the cash away , before you step outside the Amex Office. Cash not exchanged , only TC’s.
  2. Facing Amex and to the left there is a narrow entrance to Ayala , Security guy at door checking bags. Enter there and when in side Ayala , turn hard right and walk down to the circle , taking left side of circle and you will see a little Booth : “GPC Money Exchange” (Ground Floor).
  3. There is also another Money Changer upstairs , on what they call the Terraces. Ask “where Terraces” , then ask “where Money Changer”. Rumour has it better exchange rates. Myself think GPC (see 2 above) AND ‘Terraces’ same.
  4. Not recommended for inexperienced travellers , but another alternative : In addition to Ayala , budget type accommodation places will ring around for you and get the best rate. Changer calls to your room , if you want. No extra charge. Count each and every note in front of the ‘messenger’ who delivers the money , before you hand over your U$. I used this method in days of yore , but not anymore , change at Ayala nowadays. Last guy I change in my room was murdered , lol.
  5. ATM’s – Just about everywhere. I would not feel comfortable getting money on the footpath though. Fairly high street crime in the Philippines. Equitable Bank is well organised for that kind of transaction. NOTE : Last trip I noticed I lost 5% on the exchange rate , using ATM’s. See Cash Advances below. Secure ATM’s with Guard can be found in Citibank building not far (40/50mtrs) from Starbucks Ayala. Very secure and private. But I have decided to bring cash notes with me nowadays. Dont like the bank sharks ripping me off with poor exchange rates and bank charges. Convenient though : )

All of this info belongs to :

  1. I used the following cash advances procedure in days of yore , but not any more. ATM’s quicker , more convenient.

Cash Advances – I usually have an ATM card and cash. Found a bank that did not charge one single cent for giving me cash advances . A Bank not charging – unheard of ! My home bank only charged U$1.25 for each transaction , regardless of the amount of the transaction. Equitable Bank (Cebu City) was the bank who gave me an advance without any charge whatsoever. Pesos 20,000 (min.) and up to 50, 000 max cash advances every day pos. Two pic ID’s necessary. Secrete the money away BEFORE stepping outside and stand close to the armed Bank Security Guards outside the bank , to hail a taxi straight back to your room with all the loot. Safe and secure way to collect a bundle of dough.

Equitable Banks : The one in F. Gonzales Street downtown is the best. Also there is a big one in J. Luna St , Reclamation , opposite SM Mall. My experience , not so good (SM one) eg ‘slow’.
Medications : 
Cialis/Viagra : You should be able to purchase without prescription at all of the major pharmacies.Some mongers use the upstairs supermarket (v. small) pharmacy at Ayala Shopping Mall for this.  Angeles City purchases are apparently the best for this. Myself , I don’t use substances , make sure I have got a hottie = dont need any extra help : )

I use almost exclusively Mercury Drug store at Fuente Osmena (all taxi drivers know it) for any medications etc. Possibly best stock supply in town. Too many others say “out of stock”.


Now that the ‘Basics’ have been taken care of we can consider ‘nocturnal (sex) activities’.

Cebu has sufficient for most.

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6 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    Thommo, Hey I am still around here in Winter Park Florida and have greatly enjoyed your web page over the years- last time I looked it seemed to have disappeared. I am 65 now and wish you the best-Peter
    PS- Please say HI

  2. KevinKinerney says:

    Most information I noticed here is outdated / irrelevent for 2018.

    Cebu City: Ayala Mall – Bo’s 2f in the courtyard. Freelancers will hound you here while peddling their wares.
    AirBNB is a must – cheaper than hotels and no bullshit hotel problems with additional guests. I had a 4 some and staff said nothing cept a raised eye brow.

    Clubs: Liv – most popping club with heaps of women available if you have more than 0.001% game
    Rumors – Same shit
    Complex – This one hard to find, but is on A.S. Fortuna st near 711. Same shit

    Stay away from Manggo unless you down for some booty action Male on male or some decepticon tranny action.

    Regular fucking women: Just be discreet as possible. These gals are hyper concerned with public image. The ole phone number on napkin bit still applies. Be nice. Smile. Tell them they sure are cute, and hand over the napkin. Ask to watch a movie some time. (In your room, you autist fucks because #cheap)

    Hotels/AirBNB – All things are centric to Ayala mall so if you’re staying there or near there, (don’t stay in Hippodrome because that place inconvenient as fuck), you will be a short GRAB / ANGKAS ride away from everything.

    Getting around – Angkas is the app for motorbikes and recommended for good weather solo travel. Of course Grab is the uber of Philippines and recommended over taxis. Never ever take a taxi in the Philippines because fuck wasting valuable pussy money on taxis.

    Old fuckers – If you’re an old retiree fuck who needs some young pussy, Bo’s Coffee @ Ayala mall OR actually Mactan has an abundance of young girls you fucking Cretans. Good to see you guys walking around with 12 year olds in the mall. Bravo. Don’t fucking get caught by the cops because they kinda frown on that heathen shit. Ok, daddy?

    Web – Use or okcupid to get your free pussy without issue. Do it after you’ve arrived. Remember, you haven’t met any girls yet since you arrived in Philippines, you virgin. I’ve been here for a month now and have fucked a couple dozen girls from each website. I haven’t paid a single pound on memberships or whatever. The only one p4p was at a Nuru massage place in Manila just for kicks. Almost every girl here is available if you just act like a normal fucking human being to them for a few mins and save all your perverted sex shit till you back in the room. They will do whatever you want. Not a single girl turned me down on anal, bareback, CIP, CIM; anything was game. I did have some issues getting 3-4somes but just depends on the girl and how wild she wants to get with her foreigner. My last girl wouldn’t stop begging me to come back to her place to meet her room mates till I finally acquiesced and fuck them all.

    Game – you don’t need much here. Unless you’re fucking awful at life, if you just smile at them, it’s pretty much enough. Being white makes you a rock star. Being black makes you a celebrity/novelty. Being something else? I don’t know; just don’t be Filipino. These girls don’t need munch in the way of being wooed. Just call em pretty, dance with them (they are worse dancers than you are, no matter how awful your 3 left legs are), drink a san miguel and bounce to back to the room to rest because you’re tired and used all your energy dancing and she should come too. But seriously, the only time I needed game was with the instagram hoes who seem to surround themselves with the fancier trannies and faggots up near the Social bar. I actually needed game because she was getting hit on by essentially everyone and rejecting all of them. Be cool, don’t be desperate. If you get shot down, who cares; there’s a coffee shop 100m away with all the ugly pussy you will ever need.

    Safe sex: I haven’t worn a condom yet since I got here but #vegaslife. I found that busting in them is a bit tricky. They get mad, then clingy when I do that. Hella virgins here? I couldn’t believe that. 4 in 2 weeks. Not my thing but some of them even lied about not being virgins just to give the old leg push when I’m getting in for the first time. wtf. Virgins obviously didn’t require condoms. A few of the girls I fucked at the end… I probably should have wrapped up. Watching for signs of bad shit now kind sucks but that’s life. Most girls will not ask you to wear a rubber, which is autistic as fuck but #christianlife.
    Just remember that your name is Kevin from Montanna and all will be right with the world if she some how contacts you about that little bundle of misery on the way in a couple months.

    Overall: I have fucked way more girls here than I normally do in Thailand. Prices are unfortunately getting higher as the years go on in both locations. Hotels, food, booze, all double in price from the old days in early 2000s. Free fun in Thailand is less and less common without significant game. Convenience wise, I’d say that Philippines still remains the way to go in so far as the LBFM factory of the world. Cheaper here. More non whorey shit to do here. Basic quality of life shit is getting better here. Wifi is now up to 50mb/s for you silicon valley nerds. They have pizza delivery. Donuts everywhere. You can get your diabetes fix here basically everywhere. The taste of things here is a bit off compared with Thailand or other SE asian countries. It’s never quite what you expect. Not a terrible thing but makes eating less interesting for me personally. Mainly, people speak reasonable English here. Unless you’re really out in the sticks, everyone can get what you’re saying and a few pesos will make everyone an expert.

    Cops: Pretty lazy here but they will fuck you up if you mess about with drugs or basic crimes like breaking and entering / trespassing. There’s plenty of fun to be had here without snorting coke off a hookers ass.

  3. Coby says:

    Does anyone know how to find Thommo’s old journals/diaries from the whorist website? I read a lot of them over the years and would like to read them again… If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be awesome!

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