Ben Ny’s – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ben Ny’s or Benny’s is a blowjob bar in Vietnam called a ‘hot toc’ or hair salon with possibly the best value blowjobs from hot young Vietnamese women possible in Saigon, Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the blowjob bars are a little different to elsewhere in Asia. In Vietnam they are themed like a hair salon but you’ll rarely find a pair of scissors in one. For a few dollars, you’ll be taken inside and either upstairs or out to a back room and given service there for only a few dollars.

The location for Ben Ny’s is on a huge main road and the entrance is right out in the open with a large sign which makes it obvious to all around what you are up to and where you are going. If you jump in a taxi or motorbike taxi let them know you’re going to Bihn Thanh District or they will probably dump you in some other area or venue where they get a kickback, which the store will include in your inflated priced ticket.

Now Vietnam has Uber, that’s the best way to get around town and will only cost a few dollars at the most for a trip from anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City to the venue. Once you get to Ben Ny’s you just walk through the entrance and find yourself in a small lobby area. Give the cashier 120,000 dong (6 USD). If you ask ‘how much for service?’ they will likely rip you off.

Once you hand over payment for your ticket you will notice a group of ladies standing around and one of them will lead you into a small room out the back. If you would like to select from the line up you can, but most people just take the next in line. The service is going to be amazing anyway and for the type of service on offer, looks definitely do not matter.

Compared to the blowjob bars of Japan, the girls here are quite young and attractive and the staff here wear nice short dresses of an evening. Local Vietnamese men do frequent these places so it’s not uncommon to come inside and see them with a lady or two sitting in the chairs already. Not speaking the language does not matter either, once a lady takes you into the back rooms she will wipe you down with a cold wet wipe and clean you up and then go to town on you. If you want, most girls will let you have a play with them and remove their tops to reveal the beautiful pink nipples Vietnamese girls are famous for.

Once you finish, the lady will give you another quick clean and then go off somewhere to spit and clean her mouth. Once you’re cleaned up and dressed again, you are required to pay the lady her fee for the job, the standard payment is only 100,000 dong and maximum if you really want to give a great tip would be 200,000 dong. Overall Ben Ny’s is probably the most famous and one of the cheapest and best places to visit when you spend any amount of time in this great city. You will also find many other ‘hot tocs’ all over Vietnam with similar pricing.

Ben Ny's blowjob vietnam

The address for Ben Ny’s is 110 Dien Bien Phu, Bihn Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is open daily from 10am and closes at 10pm.

You can find Ben Ny’s on Google Maps here.




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34 Responses

  1. ayoub says:

    sen pictures

  2. dannyglover says:

    REVIEWS of Benny Hot Toc Saigon – August 2016 – Blow Job BJ Salon – Ho Chi Minh
    And 2 random NPK Hot Tocs, Saigon

    I read someplace that Benny Hot Toc has gone down hill and the girls are chubby and provide poor service. Well, I’m here to tell you guys that it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. With all the free promotion from fellow mongers online, business is going well for Benny as you can see from their total remodel of their interior and exterior, as well as the uniformed guard out front. The place is reminiscent of Dr BJs in Bangkok, in fact, with bright inviting lighting and semi-english-speaking staff. But due to the steady stream of business that they are getting, the place has lost its touch. On top of that, the location is facing a very large crowded street (Dien Bien Phu) and privacy can be a slight concern there. Well, I didn’t even need to try the service. When I entered, some of the chubby providers either had an apathetic look about them and the rest wouldn’t even look up from their phones. In most places there will be one who girl who will rush you upstairs because it’s her turn in queue, although if you indicate that you want to choose, the girls will gather around so you can simply look and point. I took one look and simply asked if they accepted credit cards (my go-to excuse for politely exiting such scenarios, works very well except at higher-end spas).

    Here is my recommendation: If you are in the mood for a Hot Toc experience, check out Nguyen Phi Khanh street. There are several “salons” with obvious setups – the darkened windows, the totes sitting out front, the sight of skimpily clad ladies approaching you as you enter. I tried two different places. One was from the Dinh Tien Hoang side — entering past the hat shop with the giant pink frontage. As you walk down the street, there is a salon on the left, and I declined the tote’s offer for 500k (400k is the standard rate although supposedly locals should pay 300k. There are guys who claim that you can pay local prices, but don’t bother looking too hard for those shops — it’s a 5$ difference). The next one was a short way down on the right side, and I believe I walked passed it to a second shop further down on the right. The providers lined up and I chose a young cutie, short haired w/ athletic body and above average height. Super big firm ass and medium sized tits — she didn’t seem too Vietnamese. She didn’t like me fingering her, but I got to do everything else. Very good BBBJ and CIM and fondling. Loved her service and she was totally clean (not a street walker type). The second shop is closer to the end of the street (you can enter from the opposite side by wading through the small streets connecting to Thach Thi Thanh). You can see a bright Hot Toc on the right almost immediately, then another on the same side, both with totes offering 400k service. I went past them and into a shop on the left where the providers were not lookers at all, so I left and after this shop was another on the left and there you may find a little pro with died hair who will provide an awesome service. This chic was pushing me around to get me to follow protocol (lay down, don’t do much sucking or kissing, etc), so I had to relent a bit (as opposed to the first provider I tried) but after she washed my right hand for me, it was game-on! I fingered her tight wet cunt and she loved it despite the semi-fake moans and groans. Finger-lickin’ good pussy with a nice trim. I had to bust at the seams rather quickly from the effect of fingering her wet tight nasty little snatch and the expertly blow job that she was mouth-pounding all over my cock (is that a real phrase?!). Oh man it’s just a crime to feel that good from this type of shady service. Both the providers had attention to hygiene and made sure to wipe off any saliva and fluids you may get on them. Keep in mind that you aren’t immune from catching things in any case without a condom, however, doesn’t matter what you do. Same for her. Just FYI.

    Just a little experience to share. Fellas, make sure to take care of your providers. If you are not a Japanese business man who will tip stupidly, at least be nice. THE MORE YOU KNOW 🙂

  3. naseer elsebay says:

    yes i went to this nice shop and get the most nice blowjob i had ever in my trips and i will come to visit it again and again whenever i can ….most red nipples and nice asses ..

  4. Webslicer says:

    The address you gave is completely wrong and led me to some residence.

    • admin says:

      Not wrong at all, I gave you the exact address to the correct place. I’ve been hoovered there once a month for many years now. Please note, Ho Chi Minh City has different districts and it’s important you get the right one. Benny’s 110 is in Binh Thanh District which is right over the bridge on Dien Bien Phu Street if you’re coming from District 1. This can be confusing because you will see another 110 Dien Bien Phu Street on the opposite side of the bridge in another district.

  5. naseer elsebay says:


  6. naseer elsebay says:


  7. MAX says:

    Hi, I’m in Ho Chi Minh now and I would like to go at Ben Ny’s. I didn’t really understand the prices of this place, because many websites and people say that the price of Ben Ny’s is fixed at 400.000 dong. I don’t want to pay more than required, but giving a lady only 120.000 or “maximum” 200.000 is not too cheap for a blowjob?

  8. SaigonForAWeek says:

    The service and experience I had at this famous spot was extremely lousy and I wouldn’t bother going again. Chubby, old service provider working with no enthusiasm, just wanting it to be done and over with fast, cash in hand (400k firm) before the “fun” begins. I realize this is only a sample size of 1 but I would not repeat. Way overhyped or things have changed.

  9. Jeff says:

    The adress Danny Glover mentioned is pure gold, nothing more to say thanks for the tip. I went today and got sucked off by a cute tiny little girl . 400k, forget ben nys, phi khanh st. Is it……

  10. Ali says:

    I am Planning to visit both Ho Chi Nimh and Hanoi in 3 Weeks. I hear much that it is really hard to find Stripclubs if there are any !!!

  11. TT says:

    I went to the bennys today on 9/2/2017

    there were only two girls when i arrived around 530 pm.
    one lady just directly lead me to the back of the room.
    The place is clean and pleasant. She told me to pay 400k first.
    Well, i think the price is fixed. Luckily she was the cute one.
    The process was just as the described.
    And her blowjob is absolutely amazing comparing to my ex gfs.
    I got suck off within 3 mins. fuck she was good.
    She then asked me if I want another shot. Fuck yeah, I spent 15 mins on Uber to get here.
    The second round was 200k extra. and I lasted for a while. Her blowjob is PROFESSIONAL…

    We had a good talk, she speak same english, good enough for a short conversation.
    I was in for about 30 mins 2 shots 600k. I think it sounds OK. Hopefully they would have more pretty ladies to choose.

    I would be so mad if I got pick from the other not attractive one.

  12. STeve says:

    Folks. DO NOT go to benny 110.

    Today me and two friends went there and we were simplely shocked by the lowest visual standards in the industry.

    Girls were all ugly, stocky, short and dark skinned. They are not even vietnamese. They are either cambodian or gaoshan peasant girls.

    As all of you know already, typical vietnam girls are slim, well proportioned and very fair skinned with ivory toned.

    Benny is complete waste of time.

    You want young pretty and slim vietnamese girl? Then goto hotel saunas in district 1 such as vien dong, liberty or dainam. Most girls at hotels are negotiable for simple tasks such as blow jobs and total nudity for more tips.

    Sure you will spend more…but quality is 100x better. AND IT IS ONLY 30 or 40 us dollar difference. No big deal….

    Only idiots or total novice would head for benny

    • Toby says:

      Man, I totally agree with you. The service and girls are disgusting to say the least. The nasty peasant girl kept on spitting on the floor near where I had placed my shoes. After a while, I had to see if they could change the girl because she was disgusting and didn’t know what she was doing. No luck on that front. After a while I told her to stop and I left the shit hole!

  13. STeve says:

    As danny glover mentioned, nguyen phi khanh street is the goto place for blowjob cafe as more than 10 cafes are clusted there.

    Benny 100 is just a third rated NON-vietnamese cafe only well known in english language websites.

    I hope this will close the verdict on the benny 100 for good

    • Dude says:

      I actually enjoy Ben Ny’s, only once did I have a bad experience. I’ve had my best BJs there. The girls varies and there are some on the older side occasionally. That never bothered me though, I only care about quality BJs. They always let me touch them as well. The price I’ve always been given is 400K. I’ve never been to nguyen phi khanh street, any recommendations? If there’s a place that does less than 400K then I’ll become a regular.

    • Rob says:

      I agree with Steve. Been to Nguyen Phi Khanh and there were plenty of cafes and girls to choose from. It’s kind of a dark alleyway however. It’s where the locals go and they’re open late!

  14. Luke says:

    Any where I can find full serivce for a good price?

  15. Sleepycat says:

    I was there today around 12 plus and was quoted 400k also. Only one girl available. So off I go. No worth going if you are not driving.

  16. Austin says:

    Thank you Dannyglover ^^

    I came on the street and it was very nice.
    At 90 Nguyen Phi Khanh for 400K : little massage (before and after !) ; blowjob and I could fingered the girl. Just ask to wash your hand and she understand.

    Beautiful girls and a lot of choice.

  17. Tiger says:

    I’m going to saigon next month.
    Are these bj bars still open?
    Thanks heaps.

  18. Destiny says:

    Just come back from Ben Nys 110 and I thought it was ok. 400.000 dong and the girl was a small, smooth and beautiful. Small room. Gave me a little oral but mostly wanking me off, shame as I would love to have cim.

  19. naseer elsebay says:

    ben ny 110 the most sexy girls u can se in ur life ..

  20. New To This says:

    Ok, so I tried both 90 Nguyen Phi Khanh for and Benny’s this week. The first was a bit dingier but I got to choose my gal and the place seemed to be better from a hygenic perspective. Benny’s was a little cleaner but on the main road, and I was just rushed in. Both chicks did what they had to and it was ok. Far too much hand usage for me personally but I wasn’t complaining as I was blowing a gale in her mouth..

    Bottom line, I wouldn’t go back to Benny’s

  21. anonymous says:

    Visited today around noon and there have been at least 7 girls there – some of them very cute.

    Price for BJ was 450k (paid to the girl in advance – there was no need for a ticket of some kind).

    Picked a very young and tiny girl coincidence and was surprised about her skill 😉

    Also maybe a kind of a filthy place, but not dirty – can definitely recommend that hot toc.

  22. Anon says:

    Hit Bennys 2 days ago, $450k upfront, no choice of girl, but she was decent. Cleaned me off with cold wet nap, sucked my nipples, went down on my balls, then slurred the D hard. Was impressed with the porn star type sucking approach. Def enjoyed, would go back, but not raving about it. Just a good time, and what I was looking for/expecting.

  23. Spectre says:

    Its 450k as of april 2019…cant complain for the price one is paying..certainly cant get a bbbj/cim in a western country for 450k dong.. had a small cute lady who sucked me off like a dyson v6

  24. Toby says:

    Folks, I read all the good reviews about Benny’s, and felt that I needed to experience it first hand. Yesterday was my birthday, so I went to Benny’s for a birthday treat.

    What a big mistake. On finally getting there, I was taken by an average looking girl into a cubicle. This girl collected 450,000 from me upfront. She then proceeded to treat me like she was doing me a favor by doing her job and what I had paid for. In general she had an attitude and she didn’t hide it. After 45 minutes, I had enough of her second rate services and told her to just stop. I put my clothes on and left the shit hole of a place.

    Folks, I then took a taxi to 152 massage spa for a massage spa treat to remember. The service was fantastic and the young lady gave me a fantastic birthday treat. I blasted off like a true champion.

  25. HR says:

    toby where is 152 massage?

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