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GUIDE only :
Use the information below as a guide only.

It will be helpful in getting you started.

I personally visit Thailand as much as possible , and then update info below. Otherwise updates are based on proven reliable sources.

Arrival at Bangkok Airport :


The Bangkok airport is called : Suvarnabhumi Airport (SUV).
This is a big baby. On exiting plane , follow the leader (other passengers) to the Passport Control section. Have a look and select the shortest queue , usually the one furtherest away : ) From there , down the escalator to Carousel and bags. Have a look on tv screens for your flight number , and thus carousel number. Keep an eye on big sign at your carousel , sometimes whilst waiting for your bags , they change carousel number for your flight. Exit baggage section , passing through “Nothing to Declare” point , but only if you have nothing to declare : ) Pornography is forbidden. Yes a big Sin City and no porno , cop that. Thais are strict with their laws and penalities are harsh , do not take a risk. However , in many years of going to and fro Thailand I have always passed through ‘nothing to declare’ and have never ever been inspected. Maybe you will be the first one to be inspected : )

On exiting Baggage section , and if needed , head for any one of the many Airport Information Desks in the Arrivals area (Level 2). Staff here speak and understand very good English. They know all there is to know , although last trip one lady gave me wrong information , first time that has ever happened. They can clarify for you where the taxi can be found , buses etc. This is your best opportunity for getting information. Do not ask any others at airport , you might be talking to a Tout or mini/major scam artist. Unfortunately authorities allow some of them inside the airport. They must be bribing airport officials to do this. Mostly scam artists are trying to direct you to a car that will charge exhorbitant fare to Bangkok/Pattaya wherever you are going , and/or to a Hotel where you will pay exhorbitant rates. Of course the tout/scammer gets a hefty commission for finding the ‘tourist sucker’. Whorists are not tourist suckers. Why ? They read this website : )

Back to getting out of this huge airport …

And before exiting airport .. Have you got Thailand currency , called ‘Baht’ ? There are many Money Exchanges inside the Airport. They all seem to offer the same exchange rate. I feel more comfortable with the major players. I used Siam , a major player. If you take an Exchange that is part of a line of other Exchanges you have better chance of the right exchange rate (competition). Maybe an isolated Exchange would not give you the same rate. But as I said , I have found them to be all identical or nearly so. Get some coins , and notes in 10/20/50/100 denominations to kick start your trip. Say 33% those denominations , balance in Baht500 and Baht1000 denominations. Generally speaking Thailand is good for change , can not say that about Philippines where getting change at the Airport is an important ritual. Manila Airports will try and avoid giving such change cause they do not have the stuff themselves ! Fair warning you need change in the Philippines. Now back to our main target … Thailand. Some say exchange rate not so good at Airport , I really dont notice the difference (big spender : ) … so , just in case , change about $200 to get you started and get better exchange rates next day in Bangkok city itself.

So you have got some Thai currency , including some small change for your first transaction , taxi/bus ex Airport.


TAXI to Bangkok City :

Taxi Booth is on Level 2 , the same level when you exited the Baggage area. Look for Exit 3 (or 10) and you will see an official taxi booth just before the footpath . Get your taxi ticket here. Booth staff write down your destination on ticket. So its important you read the Hotel information below and make a choice from those listed , or google for other hotels , and write the name and address down before you depart on the trip.

You keep one copy , ask booth employee which one is yours , if necessary. Important you keep this copy = driver more likely to behave. Its the copy with taxis number etc on it for reporting purposes. Phone No. etc re authority to report to on the ticket. For example , reporting overcharging , if applicable. If driver has both copies of the receipt he knows 1. you are a newbie , a true blue tourist , and chances are he can scam you eg inflated price to get to city. But if he sees you have kept your copy of the receipt , he knows you are most probably experienced and have the phone number to report him if his behaviour is not up to scratch = less likely to be trouble. Most of them will try and extract as much money from you as possible , its their big chance to hit a sucker tourist : ) Keeping your copy of the receipt diminishes their expectations somewhat : )

There is an airport tax of Baht50 you pay to taxi booth lady. Do not pay it again to taxi driver at end of trip : )

After taking ticket join queue for taxis , if any , varies. Do not leave the queue , wait for your taxi. Ignore anyone who might approach you , just wave taxi ticket and indicate your staying in the taxi ticket queue.

Before putting bags in his car (preferably back seat with you , and not in the boot) say to driver “You use meter” ? He might say “How much you pay”. You say : “Use meter and I give tip”. If he says “How much tip”. You say “You good , tip good”. Do NOT put your bags in his car (back seat or boot) if he does not agree to using meter. Do not. The amount of tip you give at end of trip is ‘up to you’. At end of trip , get your bags out of his car first , then hand him meter money and tip. Bags out first , fare and tip last thing you do. If he does not like tip , too bad , its not compulsory. Typically I round up the money I give him = Meter + anything from Bt50 to Bt100 tip. Along the way you have to pay for two tolls Baht 65 in total. This is where the coins/notes you got at airport come in handy. Best if you give him exact toll amount , otherwise he might try and keep change. I do not like people being presumptious with me , I like to be in control , so I usually give him precisely the toll money only , then he starts to realise you are in control and not him : )

You can see from these notes I am a control freak. You do not have to be if it spoils your hol’s. Spoils my hol’s if I encourage folks to take advantage of me , and they do … so I normally do not encourage them.

Regarding putting bags on backseat with you ….. I had one experience , admittedly in Philippines a long time ago , where the taxi driver took off when I got out of the car. I had about $50 of supermarket purchases , including beer , in the boot : ) Unlikely to happen in Thailand , especially when you have taxi ticket/coupon/receipt (whatever you like to call it : ) But I suggest you do not put bags in the boot , I never have since the phils incident , regardless of country I am in. Always in the back with me (not boot). Little cramped , but you will not lose your valuables that way.

Because I am getting on top of the driver with my ‘control freak’ approach , to ease tensions a bit , a trick of mine is to ask driver to put some Thai music on , and say “Thai music good , I like Thai music”. That will start the softening up process , and help to avoid an unnecessary long trip into town to garner him more on the meter (to offset original rip off attempt). When opportunity arises , ask him if he has children etc. That will also soften him up , Thai and Filipino’s love to talk about their family. In essence try and get him talking about his world , = less likely to scheme , eg how to go longest way etc : )

All this stuff might sound paranoid , but its automatic behaviour for me , I do not have to consciously think of this type of modus operandi. Its all part of being in Thailand (or Philippines) for that matter. Butter them up , and things will go more smoothly and cheaper. If you come across as a Cheap Charlie foreigner , things might not go so smoothly , and the tension in the taxi might become palpable : )

Yes , he might have waited a long time in the airport taxi queue (have a look at queue … long/short ?) but remember , you are taking him back to the city where he will most probably make more money. One of the reasons they try and overcharge on airport-city trip , more money to be made elsewhere , unless of course you are a sucker tourist : ) If he says “Tourist” ? Say , “No , whorist” , that’ll stuff him : )

All up how much is the trip to Bangkok City going to cost ? If your arriving in the recommended Soi3/4 accommodation area (see notes below) then all up the fare should be around Baht300/350 (Bt50 + Bt65 + Meter). Depends on traffic conditions. Add Baht50/100 tip to meter reading and he should be happy. Baht50 if he was a bit slack. Give a tip , gotta have karma , especially at the beginning of your trip : )

By the way , if the guy behaves like an asshole after telling him you will give him a tip , please do not give him anything (tip). Just give him the basics (meter). My experience with airport taxi drivers has been ok once they understand I am not a sucker and I am not a Cheap Charlie (ie tip offer). Do not get freaked out about the taxis at airport. I always tell the doom and gloom side of things so you are well prepared. I do not like anyone making a fool of me , bit of a control freak , hence I always give warnings about this/that , as I do not want to see you being made a fool of either.

BUS to Bangkok City :

UPDATE : No bus to Bangkok ? Apparently this service has been withdrawn , and I am guessing it has been withdrawn to help the struggling new train service ex Airport , which would have cost a huge amount of money to build.

Problem is , bus went a different route to new train service. I do not see how they could dump the bus service indefinitely. Anyway , you can check with Information Desk inside airport re buses to Bangkok city.

If you see any info from me about getting back to Airport via bus , treat it with suspicion , cause maybe they have stopped that service too. Either Information Desk at SUV Airport , or Info desk at Nana Sky Train Station (Bangkok City) will be able to clarify re buses to and from SUV airport.

Here is what I wrote , before bus service AE3 was apparently withdrawn

Bus to bangkok city ….

“Proceed downstairs to Level 1 (Ground Floor). If got a few bags , use the elevators , they are in convenient locations. Using a baggage trolly on the escalators is not recommended , and in fact mostly prohibited. Sometimes I pulled it off smoothly (escalator), other times , even with brakes on , I was holding on with all my might , when the escalator had a steep angle downwards (no steps , flat type escalators). Some times baggage nearly got away from me , what a mess , and what an embarrassment , if it had. Sometimes guards at start of escalators prevent ya from putting baggage trolly on escalator. Use elevators if got baggage trolly.

Once on the ground floor/level 1 , walk along until you come to Exit 8. Now it is here that I found I was approached by numerous touts. Ignore all of them , look straight ahead , no eye contact , and nod your head ‘no’. Pass through exit 8 , now the worst touts are outside the terminal. Authorities have kicked the bad ones , or the ones unwilling to pay a bribe to operate inside the terminal out , not allowed inside. So do the same , ignore anyone who approaches you and head straight for the “Airport Express” bus ticket booth on the footpath. It is straight ahead after you pass through the doors of exit 8 , slightly to your left , on the footpath. IF you have selected any of the hotels I have recommended below (Accommodation section) you need Bus AE3 Baht150 and tell ticket sellers your going to Nana Skytrain station stop. She will issue you with a ticket and tell you when next bus is arriving. It will have AE3 prominently displayed on it.

You can stand near the footpath if you like , in front of ticket booth , or go back and take a seat. So long as you keep your eyes peeled to your right looking for AE3 you will be right. So , bus arrives you put your baggage in special baggage holding area , then take a seat behind baggage so you can keep an eye on it. Do not have baggage behind you , someone might ‘mistakingly’ take your baggage when they get off the bus : ) Highly unlikely , but just in case , do it the way I describe. Ticket seller lady will come along and write down your destination on drivers clipboard. She will most probably write it in Thai language for the driver. Then she hands clipboard to driver with all his stop off points. The trip can be anything from 45 mins to 2 hrs , depending on time of day/traffic.

On one such bus trip the driver flew past my stop (Nana Station) , I had to scream out and insist he stops , but he didnt do this until he was 300 or more metres down the road , and I had lots of heavy bags. He had me on the clip board , but went to sleep on me. So , some suggestions , around 45 min mark ask a Thai fellow passenger “are we far from Nana Station” etc. And if you think your getting close , when driver stops in traffic , walk up to him and say “Nana Station please” , just to remind him. Keep on this otherwise you might end up back at the Airport : ) He does a total loop from Airport to City to Airport , and this might be his last trip before knocking off and going home : )

Nana station drop off point is the best for recommended hotels (see below). It’s on evens side of Sukhumvit Road. In accom section below you will see plenty of recommendations for hotels on evens side , not far from Nana station. If your hotel is on odds side of Sukhumvit Rd , you can use the Nana station overpass.

Later on in your stay , when hol’s finished , and you return to the airport you catch same AE3 bus at same spot you were dropped off on arriving in bangkok. Its a regular bus stop on Sukhumvit Road. During journey to airport a ticket inspector boards the bus and thats when you pay for the trip. No real bus schedule , so go to bus stop early to make allowances for having just missed a bus and allowances for heavy traffic to airport. Last trip I had to wait one hour before my bus came along. Bus was clearly marked AE3.

If you cant wait for bus , catch a taxi at same spot , insist on meter and pay tolls along the way. Use taxi strategy as explained above , when originally catching taxi from airport at beginning of your trip (arrival)”.


Airport train to Bangkok city :

Refer to :

Overall : The general opinion for those who have tried this way …. not worth the hassles. Smoother ride via taxi , right to your hotel doorstep or close to. What would I do ? Catch the  taxi at airport itself  , your on holidays , there to enjoy , frig the hassles , take the easy taxi way , it will only cost you around U$6/7 more: )

This is how it most probably happens via train ex Airport :

You arrive on Level 2. If me , ask at Information Desk inside the Airport ,  “which way to Train Station”. Also ask about which station to get out of etc whilst your at it and confirm following info is correct : )

I have heard there is a moving ramp to the Airport Station  , but have also heard there are elevators to it down below , level B1 , basement of Airport. Think the latter would be more correct , unless the ramp takes a steep curve downwards : )

NOTE : Possibility they have changed train schedules. Check Tourist Info Office inside the Airport , before proceeding to trains.

1. Express train (Baht 45) , every 20mins  , to Phaya Thai Station. Then a choice of :

(a) BTS Sky train to Nana Station (10 mins). Baht30 ? . Problem with this one. BTS usually crowded , problem if got bags.

(b) Outside Phaya Thai Station , catch a taxi to your Hotel. I say “catch a taxi from airport “, forget the train way..

You can reverse this procedure , Bangkok City to Airport. Viz catch BTS at Nana Stn to Phaya Thai Stn express train to airport. Or simply catch a taxi to the Airport (my way). Believe exit 4 at Phaya Thai station is the right one for the train to airport.


DON MUANG Airport (former international airport) :

For example , I arrived back from Pattaya at SUV Airport , and had a cheap ticket to Chiang Rai. Plane was leaving from cheap ticket terminal , the old Don Muang Airport. The following info might help you in such a case , when you arrive at SUV you have to get across to Don Muang airport  …

If you want to get across to Don Muang from SUV go to Level 1 (SUV) , Exit 8 , turn left and you will find a small desk in front of brick building with green sign above it. There is a ‘Don Muang’ sign on this desk. Baht 50 plus Baht 20 if you have bags. White Mini Van. Quite some distance and time to Don Muang , 45 mins. If any queries , ask AI (Airport Information) beforehand.

Alternative to that would be catch the free Airport Shuttle bus (SUV) to Government Bus Terminal and catch bus to Don Muang (No.554 ?) there. Not recommended. Take Mini Van (above).

And final alternative , catch taxi at Level 2 (SUV).

If you want to get to Sukhumvit Soi3/4 area ex Don Muang …. Best to confirm with Airport Info (Don Muang) but I was told : Exit Don Muang Airport , turn right , walk past Car Park to Bus Station. Catch bus 29 or 510 to Mo Chit Sky Train station. Catch a train at Mo Chit to Nana AE4 station , alight there and your in the Sukhumvit Soi3/4 accommodation area. Only problem with that … maybe long walk to bus station (Don Muang) , then your dealing with government bus service which was terrible for me to Pattaya (another trip). Make sure they know you want to get off at Mo Chit. Too many hassles this way. Catch a taxi to Bangkok City : )



Free maps at Airport (SUV) on arrival. Ask at Airport Information Desk.

Possibly more extensive maps , available after you drop your bags in Bangkok City. You can buy maps at conveniently located Asia Book Store . Convenient if you stay at Hotels recommended below. Walk up the steps to the main entrance of Landmark Plaza on Sukhumvit Road , near soi .4 , and before Soi 6 , for the Asia Book Store. Up the steps and past the Restaurant/Coffee Shop to Asia Books tucked in behind. Bookshop opens 10am. Convenient to the Hotels recommended below.

Maps available –

Note : Buy ‘bilingual’ versions , if you can. They are easier for taxi drivers to read. PS : I have never seen a bilingual version yet : )

1. “B&B” Bangkok by Berndtson & Berndtson (laminated). This is a good map , and for years I carried it around , but its a bit stiff (laminated) and heavy/thick. The freebies at Airport are ideal (a) free : ) (b) light and thin … something you can take around with you if you like. But sometimes limited in information (free : )

Maps are a good way of orientating yourself before leaving the hotel room. I dont carry a map with me , but sometimes make a simple map on notebook paper and take that version with me. Pulling a map out will encourage touts/scam artists : ) Piece of paper is so much more convenient to carry around.

2. “Insight Map” – Bangkok (laminated). Possibly a copy of .1. above.

3. “Groovy Map” – Bangkok by Night. Nowadays , I think forget this one.

4. “Bangkok Walking Tours Bus Map” by Bangkok Guide. Can be handy.

B&B and Insight Map look identical at times. Perhaps you should only buy one or the other. B&B gets my nod. You need more than one map cause no one map is comprehensive or totally accurate. So you will find a street/spot on one map that is not shown on another.

Walking Tours is not jammed with info/streets and therefore it is sometimes easier to find basic roads and places with that map.

Groovy Map (Bangkok by Night) is the weakest so far as individual Streets go. Nightlife info on this particular map is of very limited value to a whorist , it’s more of a yuppie guide to Jazz Venues : ).

Note – Shasta’s Suk’ Area Map seems to be out of print; So too ‘Blue Map’ (Tour and Guide Map to Bgk); “Nancy Chandlers” Map is for shopping/sight seeing tourists , not testosterone loaded whorists.


Sex Hotels – Guidelines :


Online reservations … Popular ones : (price quoted incl’s taxes etc). does not incl. taxes when quoting prices , and others.

Make a reservation “room for two” = no joiner fee (normally).

Note – Single Room normally means a room for one with a one and half to double sized bed. Double Room means a room for two with one double bed (size for two persons on it)  or two single beds. Thats why I say it is always advisable to have a look at the room before putting any money down. Checking rooms before booking in , is par for the course/normal , in S.E.Asia. If you do not book a room for two and if you do not follow my recommendations , you might be faced with extra charge for the lady of your choice and/or room with a small sized bed. Normally you avoid this if you book a room for two. If they ask you where is the other person , say “she is coming later”. But I do not think they will ask , I will be surprised , especially cause hotels listed below are monger hotels. No hassles with overnight guests , with my recommended hotels. The only “walk of shame” is when you enter without a lady : )

Sorry , I talked double dutch about the beds …. in Hotels I recommend below , you can be almost certain there will be a double sized bed in your room. To be 100% certain check before you pay : )

Reservations :

High Season , approx November to March , at its peak December -February. Pays to reserve a room before arriving , if high season , especially December. Decent accom sometimes difficult to get during high season. Make a reservation 2/3 months ahead , if important to you. Websites : 1. and/or 2. ,  are the flavour right now for booking hotels. Personally I prefer to make reservation with hotel itself , or just walk in , but no longer visit during Nov-Feb anyway.

Check List – Now, I have given you check list info below , for your benefit. You do not have to take it too seriously , and if you like you can ignore it altogether. I say read through it and take note of the salient points that interest you.

Its best to have at least a mental check list that you run through before handing over any money at the Hotel Front Desk , as refunds are difficult , if not impossible to get , in SE Asian countries including Thailand. On your first night and after a long flight , you might have to stay at a Hotel that does not necessarily measure up to your requirements. You will then have to get up early enough the next morning and find something better before check out time of your first hotel. Try and avoid checking into the new Hotel before their check out time (12 noon ? , varies , can be 10am) otherwise they might charge you for a full days rent (unlikely but can happen). Some hotels will try and pull this stunt on you. Best to ask if you can lob your bags in the room (10am/11am whenever) without being charged for a full day. Some hotels its 10am , 11am , 12noon for checkout. Varies. Enquire beforehand.

Here is a check list you might consider. I’ve arrived at this list after many years of booking in and out of Hotels. If you have arrived tired , then you most probably won’t care too much about your accommodation for the first night and will give the following Check List a miss : )
Check List :
1. Are front desk security boxes provided and is there any extra charge for them ? You might need a security box for your Passport and any other valuables that are not required on a daily basis. Myself personally I do not use security boxes. I am a bit paranoid in handing over all my valuables to an unknown person who hopefully places all of them in the security box then give me the key. Usually there is a duplicate key. Is that secured away from the lowly paid staff (cleaner) ? Does someone on the staff , poorly paid at that , know how much you have in the security box ? Is that amount more than he/she would earn in a year ? Is that same person unhappy with her job and about to go home to the province and visit family and friends ? = risk he/she will empty your security box and ‘head for the hills’ : )

I have not heard many stories about this , but have heard the odd one here or there. It does not happen often but it can happen. Highly unlikely management will give a refund. Such has happened to me way back in 1970’s … valuables missing , no refund , no help , no sympathy … got the police , no help , no sympathy from police.

Alternatives to security box …. carry passport , cash , credit cards whatever around in ankle pouches (strapped to ankle under long trousers) and/or waist pouches (under t.shirt)

Maybe some in a locked suitcase , other in ankle pouch/waist pouch , thats what I do. Suitcase cause its extremely doubtful that an employee would pick up your suitcase and walk out the door in front of other staff : ) Another thing , I would lock laptop inside suitcase , do not leave it out on display , might be too much of a temptation : )

Some hotels have combination lock safes in their room. Enquire via email , if  important to you.

Having nice relations with staff helps too. If you abused say , a cleaner , especially if you did it in front of others , you might start finding things missing from your room  : )

But your biggest risk is with the girls you bring to your room , not Hotel Staff. In particular , Freelancers , not girls employed at a venue.

Anyway , whatever YOU feel comfortable with , do it.

2. Do they allow overnight guests and is there any extra charge for them ? Normally only (overnight guest) friendly hotels , without additional charge , are listed on this website , but Management and policy changes some times. Best to confirm that there is no problem with having a lady overnight before you check the room. I never do , a little embarrasing for shy me to ask such questions. I simply check in to hotels recommended on , and if they happened to charge me , I’d check out very next day , because I only pay one day at a time , no need to sweat over refunds : )

3. Checking a room beforehand is quite normal in SE Asia. Do not be backward in this regard. If you do not ask to check the room they might allocate you an inferior room. For sure , this is correct advice. Look at 2/3 rooms (with a smile , do not behave seriously/aggressively) before settling on the best one. For sure many will offload their inferior rooms first. I did not follow my advice last trip and got a noisy room. They know , once you have unpacked your bags etc your unlikely to re pack to move to another room. Everything in Thailand/Philipines beforehand , repeat beforehand. After the deed its too late. “How much” beforehand. “Can I have a look at the room” before handing over money etc.

Have a look at the room and check the following – General condition of room (any cockroaches scurrying around ? : ) ; Air con/fan working ? and does it make a noise (rattle etc) ? Hot water system works (turn on tap and test); Excessive street noise ? ; TV and cable/satellite channels work ?. And for the ‘fire freaky‘, you might like to check the Fire Escape. Some hotels have them permanently locked to prevent people from skipping out before paying the bill and also to keep crims out. Keep the tenants in and the crims out. Not nice if your way up , and there is a fire raging below : ) Once again , i rarely if ever do those checks , especially fire escape , but then I make sure I am not high up , that one I do : )

4. Ask if there is a Hotel Laundry service. Usually there is. Nowadays I cram extra clothes in and do not have any clothes washed whilst overseas. Got a freaky story I could tell you , but wont : ) Most guys use the hotel laundry service. If they do not have (99% will have) , Front Desk will tell you where its available nearby.

If the room is unsatisfactory, ask to see another. They might then pull out their best. Sometimes hotels try to offload their less than satisfactory rooms first , in the hope that someone takes them, and if that fails they get serious and show their better rooms. Make sure the better room is the same price. Yeh , do not presume anything , including price. “Same price” ? If they take you as a softie/newbie and raise the price on the room you like , you can bargain IF it is off season. High season you might have to toe the line and pay what they are asking.

5. Pay for one night only, with promises of more the next morning when you change money. Its just a ruse to give you time to ‘road test’ the place for one night. This might be hard to do on internet , not sure , I never book on internet. But my ‘change money’ story works every time. If you pay for 3/5 nights and after 1 night you dont like the place , you will have a hard time getting a refund. I would not spoil my holiday by arguing over a refund , I would just stay on at the same hotel , never to return again : ) SE Asians (Thais/Filipinos) are not inclined towards refunds. These countries are “buyer beware” countries , hence ask “how much” before each and every transaction , including when you rent pussy : )

Next morning , if the hotel proves to be unsatisfactory , move out before check out time and try the same routine as explained before, at a new Hotel.

Make sure you get your Hotels business card. They are handy for showing tuk-tuk/taxi drivers, as they are usually written in both English and Thai. Avoids misunderstandings with taxi drivers , when you want to return to your Hotel. They might not understand your verbals (accent). In a big city its amazing how you can get ‘lost’. Thais sometimes are not very good at understanding english even if it is a common landmark (your hotel) , so a card with your hotel written in Thai (and address) is handy to always have with you.

ABOVE check list is a bit daunting isnt it : ) To short circuit all this , just check in to any of the following hotels and cross your legs (or is it fingers ? : )
List of Recommended Hooker friendly Hotels:
Note – Even at ‘recommended’ hotels , management can change etc and a place can deteriorate. Always stay on the alert re your valuables and do not pay for too many days up front. That will give you flexibility to check out , if things are not as they should be. Refunds difficult , if not impossible to get in SE Asia.

I have not listed upmarket Hotels that charge for overnight guests and ask for girls ID etc. Much more casual approach at the places listed below. But check beforehand with places like Marriot and Landmark Hotels listed below , beforehand , just in case.

Focal point for accommodation – I have taken NEP (GoGo Bar Complex in Soi 4) as the focal point. Myself on hol’s I do not want to travel here there all the time in taxis. Walking distance is fine for me. See under Nightlife Section further on for information on NEP and its Go-Go Bar activities. NEP area is the ‘heart’ of Bangkok Nightlife and thus we will take all our bearings from there. Accommodation closest to NEP is convenient and thus is given priority. Most of the accommodation listed is within walking distance of most of Bangkoks popular farang/foreigner orientated nightlife activities.  The ‘heart’ is the only truly condensed monger area for foreigners , others scattered.

Sukhumvit Road is a very big road and impossible to cross other than at specific overhead walkways or at intersections. Its also the longest road in Thailand, stretching to the Cambodian border (hookers all the way : ). Apart from the Soi.4. crossing , and other similar intersections , you have to usually use the pedestrian overhead pass to get across Sukhumvit. Bit difficult if you have to carry all your bags up and over those steep stairs. When you get your freebie map at the Airport on arrival (Information Desk) locate Sukhumvit Road , it is THE road for you to know. All good things emanate from Sukhumvit : )

I have divided accommodation into those places on the NEP side of Sukhumvit Road and those on the opposite side. Streets (Sois) leading off the NEP side are the even numbers and those sois/streets on the opposite side of Sukhumvit are the odd numbers. Nowadays , more entertainment on the odds side , but that is not where the more appropriate accommodation is located , normally.

Soi – is the Thai word for a road/street or alley leading off a bigger street or road.

Numbering of streets – The Thai way of numbering Streets. Best way of explaining it is to give you an example. The Atlanta Hotels official address is : 78 Soi 2 Sukhumvit Rd. This means that the Hotel is number 78 in the second street/soi off Sukhumvit Road. So you go along Sukhumvit Road until you come to soi/street number two, proceed down that street until you reach building number seventy eight. PS : Atlanta nowadays is strictly off limits to types. Hooker girls not allowed to enter that building anymore. Management is very aggressive about this , including a large sign next to entrance “Sex tourists not Allowed”  , blatant as that , yes : )

Sex Hotels – List 

Budget Bangers :

Concentrate on Majestic Suites … Dynasty Inn … Dawin Hotel ……………. when considering which one to stay at.



The evens side of Sukhumvit Road is where the more appropriate accommodation is located , and not on the other (odds) side of Sukhumvit. Personal opinion only, of course. For your first trip and first night , and if your a budget banger (not a big spender) you can confidently select from the first three listed. After the first night you might like to look for something else : ) Accommodation is very ‘subjective’ and personal. However the asterisk* ones are popular with most budget mongers , not just with me.

The currency quoted on this website is the Thai Baht. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

All of this info belongs to :

1. Majestic Suites* –

More popular than Dynasty (No.2 below) or Nana (No.3 below) and therefore advisable to book beforehand (see email address below). Cleaner , better standard smallish rooms than say Nana Hotel. Good service. Well regarded place , very handy to NEP (2 min walk) etc. Location : on Sukhumvit Road in between Soi.4 – Soi.6. Address .. 110-110/1 Sukhumvit Rd , South Nana , Bangkok 10110. Ph. 66 (0) 2656 8220. Email .. Website .. Not far from Landmark Hotel (5 star) , which is also used by Mongers.

After reading my glowing report , do not expect heaven , but expect to come across a place that most budget bangers like.

Various rooms with various names = confusion as to what your actually going to get. Some rooms are a little on the small side , ie , area surrounding double sized bed. Try and avoid Single Studio rooms , they are smallish. All rooms have the same size beds – King , but cause actual rooms vary in size , space around bed varies. Superior and Deluxe rooms are the bigger ones. Others called “Superior Queen” at Bt1450. Room prices from Bt1250/1350 up. Check with email provided if any price increases. An OK breakfast is included with some/most of the rooms. No overnight charge for girls , but they ask for ID sometimes. Room safe in addition to Front Desk safe. Mini fridge ; cable TV. No swimming pool. Free wi-fi (apparently). Street noise minimal , to 2am NEP (GoGo) noise audible , Hotwater etc … everything works. However sometimes the noise emanating from the Reception Desk at Ground Floor can be heard on the 1st Floor (UK) , so take a room higher up , and preferably not one facing Sukumvit Road itself (traffic noise a possibility). Recommended. My first choice , and most other folks 1st choice , if wanting budget monger accommodation , close to the action. Book early , popular budget place.

Problem with taxi coming from airport .. it can not drop you and your baggage at front door , cause its located in busy ‘no stop’ Sukhumvit Rd. But taxi can stop at Landmark Hotels drop off point on the same road , Sukhumvit Road, and just a short walk from Majestic. Get out at Landmark drop off point and walk a few short metres along the same side of Suk’ with your luggage towards busy intersection not far away , to Majestic Suites front door. Short distance , no probs.

Email to clarify various categories of rooms , prices etc : , or ,

The only real criticism of this popular place is the rooms are a bit on the small size for some. So reserve biggest room available if that worries you. Location , location , its got location plus a good reputation at reasonable price. Reservation therefore advisable , especially if high season.

Majestic Grande … hotel. Same owner as Majestic Suites = Monger hotel. See notes below , if you want a step up in class. Its nicer and very well located. See notes down below

2. Dynasty Inn* –

Phone (66) 2.6568100-6 Email : . Also website : Address 5/4 – 5 Soi 4 Nana Tai, Sukhumvit Road. That is, in Soi .4. off Sukhumvit Road. Opposite side of Soi.4. to Nana Hotel and a few metres further down. Excellent location. Take room in 2nd bldg at the back = less public entrance with your choice of hooker , if that worries you. Shouldnt , your in a red light district   : ).

Various rooms at various prices Baht1480 to Baht1680. You can add Bt200 to those rates during high season (say Nov-Feb). Best to have a look at their website : , to sort it out , and get latest room prices. Check room to see if double sized bed or two one and half size beds. Second building/back wing (newer) , possibly better beds and no ‘walk of shame’ , past Bar/Coffee Shop patrons : ). Actually , this is a mongers abode too , so strictly speaking , no ‘walk of shame’ involved , unless of course you are towing an ‘ugly’ one : ) Overnight Ladies, no problem and no extra charge , except if you have two gals , then they charge Baht300 for the 2nd gal. Sec box – yes. Nice budget place (lobby, bar, 24/7 coffee shop/restaurant). Only hitch with front building – elevator only goes to 2nd floor (uk). You have to walk from 2nd to 3rd (uk). Generous sized rooms with generous sized beds and good cheery service , incl. for the girls you bring back to your room. They take copy of girls ID for your protection. Preference for back wing (‘no shame’ , more discreet : ). Recommended. My second choice if I am having a ‘splash’ (normally I suffer even cheaper places : ) , but of course not the first choice of all mongers , but yes , most budget mongers like this place. Accommodation preferences is ‘subjective’ and personal. Dont blame me , if you dont like it (big Spender !)

Also , they offer free transport to their sister Hotel in Pattaya , but only if you pay for two nights (presumably in advance). It’s called : New Dynasty Inn , Soi.13 , between Beach Rd and 2nd Rd , but on return there is a transport fee of Baht350 or more. Maybe not , if you were returning to their Bangkok Hotel ? See Pattaya notes for many other transport options (Bangkok to Pattaya and vice versa).

Note : They have a new Dynasty Grande Hotel  in Soi.6 Bangkok ,  ‘nearby’ , costing more , Bt1800/2000 and up. No Joiner Fee , to my knowledge. Email .. or … , however I paid Dynasty Grande a visit , managed to lose their calling card with important info on it. My advice is forget it , if you like avoiding taxis (like me) , cause 1. There is a long walk from Sukhumvit Road to actual hotel , and there is currently nothing on either side of this ‘abandoned’ laneway/soi , last time I inspected it , maybe construction by now ? . I believe there is another way heading north and ending up in Soi.4 , but once again , you are traversing little unpopulated streets which are not necessarily safe at night. Slight potential danger at night , Front Desk agreed. Must taxi in or out at night. Day time no problem. 2. Personally I would not want to be entering/exiting this hotel with a hooker , especially a budget one. Not a monger hotel in my opinion , yet mongers do stay there and bring their hookers with them. Seemed more tourists and families to me. But then if your cheeky and dont give a nought what others are thinking , give it a go. Myself I am 1. A Baht 700/800 room boy (website keeps me broke : )  and 2. Sensitive soul , especially when I am three times older than the girl I am towing : )

3. Nana Hotel* –

Update : Lot of Baht2000 and up guys disparage this place as a dump. Admittedly I have never stayed at Nana , but heaps of guys do , and most of them say its ok , especially location , location , which is excellent.

Nana is another one to consider , providing you get one of their better rooms (see further on). I see type of guys staying there when I eat at Nana’s daily breakfast buffet , free to residents. For sure Nana has got ‘location , location’. Phone (66) 0-2656-8235. Email : Also : website : . Address – 4 Nana Tai, Sukhumvit Road. That is, in Soi.4. off Sukhumvit Road. About fifty metres down on the right hand side and therefore an excellent location for all things good/naughty : ). Double Air Bt1500 incl’s reasonable Buffet Breakfast. Discounts available , depending on length of stay. More expensive rooms available too. Email them and get latest room rates.

Front Desk not cheerful like say Dynasty etc , even so , check room bef checking in , odd room bit jaded , which they might try and offload to you , especially if they smell you are a newbie. Apparently 11th and 12th Floor rooms are better. Double Room = king size bed. O/n girls ok, no extra charge (in the heart of sex district) , Sec box – yes. Open to Public : Buffet Breakfast , free if tenant. if not a tenant – Bt220 , all you can eat. Not a bad sort of Buffet , there are worse elsewhere. If you live in the area at a Hotel other than Nana , nice and convenient place to eat , plus you can fill your face to your hearts content. I usually have my brunch (breakfast/lunch) buffet there .. cheap and adequate enough. Closes 10.30am , best to be there before 10am for full selection. Also Nana has Liquid  pick up Disco on the ground floor  , which is active 2am onwards , plus swimming  pool (3rd Flr) and massage service , apparently. Front Desk a tad on the ‘constipated’ side , compared to cheerful Dynasty. It’s a convenient mongers abode , that is for sure. If you dont walk in with a Hooker , they will be disappointed and wonder why your staying at their Hotel : )

4. Rajah Hotel –

In short … forget it.

Otherwise , read on ………. Location , Sukhumvit , Soi 4 entrance , 100 mtrs or so down from Nana Hotel (same side). Very good location, but personally don’t know anything about the place. Rumour has it , its at a lower level than Nana (above) , and for sure I never hear anyone saying they stayed there. Not a good sign. Russian hookers apparently operating inside the building somewhere. Ask front door. If desperate 1st night , ok , give it a try (Popular Annies Massage located in Rajah car park area).

OTHERS , including couple of 4/5 star (evens side) ….
Nanatai Mansion :
I hear about this place but never have inspected it. Reason , its supposed to be at the end of Soi.4 , and if that is the case , too far from the action for lazy me. Could always catch a motorbike taxi or tuk tuk , suppose , take about 2/3mins to the action (Nana area).  Plus side its only Baht900 per night , hooker friendly , and significant number of Mongers use it , so Nanatai must be doing something right..I stay at grotty Thai House Inn , mentioned below , instead. Donations accepted : )

Another one in Soi.4. that sometimes gets mentions : Blanket and Bean , opposite entrance to Liquid Disco. Bt1200/1400. Good location. Monger friendly.

Dawin Hotel :

Now , this one is growing in popularity. Got a new , fresher look about it , with a small pool at the top. Definitely budget priced. Location , a little further down the road from Dynasty , same side (Soi.4) and so close to the action also. Therefore , extremely convenient location. Monger friendly , ie , no overnight charge for chick. For your safety , they might want to keep visiting girls ID , until they leave. Looked a nice enough place , when I called. Think it was around Baht 1,500 and up. Most rooms might be Baht1800 , nowadays. Email .. , for latest rates …… You can see from the email address, Dynasty Inn are the owners of Dawin. Its newer fresher than Dynasty Inn. Should be ok , rooms reportedly good. Because of convenient location , recommended for serious consideration. Update : In Soi.4. preferred over Dynasty nowadays. Nana Hotel still languishes as a last choice (Soi.4.).

Marriott* :

I place this one in here cause if you want to splash the cash Marriot Hotel is a short walk from NEP and surrounding action too , and allows girls overnight. Most would rate it a 4 star hotel , I think.  Entrance in Sukhumvit Rd , Soi.2. and therefore a 5 min walk to sex action central , the intersection of Soi3/4. Google it. Guys who stay there like it (expensive .. Baht 3500 and up ?). Guys who can afford it , use it as a Monger hotel without probs. No ‘walk of shame’ (in front of families) especially if you use the ‘side door’ , check out side doors location before you go out on your first night.

Majestic Grande* ..

This is a good one for those who want to splash a little more cash. Its a brother/sister to Majestic Suites (see above) , only more grand(ios). It’s in Soi.2. , just down from Marriott , but on the opposite side of the road (Soi.2.) Very close to Annies Massage. Enter Soi 2 from Sukhumvit Road , 3 mins walk down on right hand side. Baht2500/3000 and up , I believe. Mongers with money , like this place. No Joiner Fee , to my knowledge. Great Location , better than Marriott , in my opinion (mongering) , and cheaper. Exiting Majestic Grande (MG) walk 20mtrs to Rajah Hotel car park , Annies elevated on your right (see Massage info)  and continue on through car park to Soi.4. On reaching Soi.4 , turn left and your in the thick of nightlife action. 2/3 min walk only. (Annies Massage info will help you understand MG’s location). for more details. Recommended monger abode , if you want to splash a little more cash. Has a pool. Breakfasts are apparently good.Their lunch time buffets at Bt300 gets good mention too. Public welcomed.
Hotel Solo …

In Soi.2 also (Majestic Grande/Marriott). New boutique hotel. Further down Soi.2. … further down from Marriott and Dynsasty Grande , that is. Would be hooker friendly cause close to red light area. Possibly Baht1800-2000 range.  See :

Landmark Hotel* …

Most would say this one is a 4 star hotel. Always been monger friendly , but lately they have started taking ID from girls on entering. Others have reported a less than friendly attitude if your towing a hooker into their Hotel , dont know personally if correct or not. What I do know , less timid mongers are still staying there and still towing hookers into the place. Some report they are paying a Joiner Fee for ladies , most are not paying the fee. Update : Landmark is ‘girl friendly’. Located on Sukhumvit Road between Soi4 and Soi6. Best to clarify before via email before making a booking. Excellent location. Also taxis can stop there for pick up drop off. Would be on google for sure , eg , ‘Landmark Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok’ and all the info you need , including Joiner Fee IF you ask. My observations made me think mostly tourist types stay here , including families. I didnt see any monger types around , but then it was mainly day time when I was passing by. For sure its slam bam in the middle of a red light district , so common sense says they will always accept monger activity there : ) For big spenders (in excess of U$100 per night). Girls expectations might be bigger in a place like this , but you do not have to pay any more than the going rate , as per this website : )

ODDS SIDE ………….. 
Overall – The odds side budget ones I inspected were not over inspiring , except for , the first one listed here … LL :

Livingstones Lodge : Soi 33 Sukhumvit (Street/Soi number 33 , running off Sukhumvit Road).

I place this one first cause its popular with mongers willing to pay in the vicinity of Bt1500 and up for a room , free internet , pool , and sports bar with takeaway girls (p4p) , but barfine apparently a bit hefty. The european management on the premises can help you with girlie info too. This place is designed and organised for mongers. The owner himself is well informed when it comes to mongering , and is willing to help too.  Very friendly service. For me , only problem is , its not walking distance to Soi.4 and surrounding action. Short walk to Phrom Pong BTS (skytrain) station and then to Nana BTS station (Soi 4). Maybe 15/20 mins in all , depends if waiting for train or not. Yeh nice happy well organised monger place , but cut off from the ‘heart’ of the action. Has a pool. For me , Majestic Suites  , Dawin , Dynasty Inn (see evens side hotels above) would take preference. Or Majestic Grande , if splashing the cash , a bit more. More info re LL :    Update : Recently renovated , and mongers like it.

Grace Hotel –

In short , for non middle eastern man , forget this one nowadays.

Soi.3.(Nana Neua) No… in the street, close to Sukhumvit Road. Middle Eastern area nowadays. Baht 1700/1800 range. Possibly building C is the better building. No probs w’ Ladies. Middle Eastern owned. Signif. number of Middle Eastern and African residents. Reasonable location , but not popular with everyone , incl. most hookers. Phone 02-2530676/9 fax 2530680. UPDATE : Not recommended , lots better available for same price. I would never stay at this place nowadays. It’s virtually a purely Arab domain. I dont mind Arab folks or others staying at my hotel , but I do not like feeling like a minority/outsider : ) Add to that you have got to walk through a Middle Eastern enclave of barber shops , restaurants etc. If your from the Middle East you will feel at home : )

Thai House Inn* .

A bit grotty , but absolutely excellent location , hookers no prob whatsoever and very cheap (considering its location). Low level budget accommodation.

Location : 1/1 Sukhumvit Soi.7. Note : Grand Inn listed below is most probably superior to this budget one nowadays.Have a look at your freebie map secured at the airport on arrival. Coming from Soi3/4 intersection with Sukhumvit Road you walk along Sukhumvit on the odds side to Soi.7 (off Sukhumvit Road) . Short distance up Soi 7 and on left hand side before Beer Garden you will see a little crowded alleyway/walkway to your left , go down there and Thai House Inn is only a few short metres on the left. Look in the windows to your left , and you will see a beauty parlour (barber shop look about it). Enter that glass door with small Thai House Inn sign on left of door. Straight ahead is a small reception counter. To your right are about 3 beds , yes beds , for foot massage , not open air sex : )

Baht 750 single or double , incl’s air con and hot water , but no tv. Free Internet. This is one place you should check the room before you pay any money. Last trip I was disappointed how the place under new management (Thai wife of former British owner) had gone down since previous stay , but I was tired from carrying 4 bags a long distace along Sukhumvit Road and checked in. Admittedly , the only grubbiness I saw was on the walls going up the stairway and a bit on the carpets. Unusual for a Thai place to be grubby but it was in that respect only. My actual room was not grubby , it was in the ok category. Bit of modest noise coming from outside but only needed to close small portals to stop that. Hotwater etc all worked. Big double bed for the deed. Reasonable sized room , double bed. Thick walls , couldnt hear anything from outside. Ideal for shagging those Beer Garden hookers nearby : ) I was on a short stay , so soon got used to the little bit of grubiness outside the room , and low budget feel of the place nowadays. For odds side , absolutely excellent location , hookers all around you : ) There is more action now on odds side (where Thai House Inn is located) than evens. But most , if not all of the better monger accommodation is on the evens side. Work that out : )

Procure on evens side , shag on odds side ? : ) All close to each other and certainly no walk of shame between a place like Thai House Inn and say NEP GoGo or wherever. No walk of shame in the ‘sex’ area , which is also the area you are reading about right now.

Now , take Majestic , Dynasty or Nana Hotel if your a ‘normal’ monger with normal 2nd millenium budget style accommodation needs. If your willing to slum it 2nd millenium style , then check out places like Thai House Inn. For 1st millenium , Thai House Inn was acceptable , but as years tick by , folks expect better standard places. Not me , not yet anyway : )

Thai House Inn , continued ……. Security box – yes. o/n girls no problem. It’s a monger hotel. Phone 02-2554698/8695. Fax (66) 0-22531780. Email , as at May 2010 : [Earlier I was given the following email address. It might still work :] Overall rating : “ok lower level budget bangers place for short term accom”. You feel a bit confined/cramped in this place , especially buildings all around almost touching your building etc. Even so , for budget accommodation , and location location , I stay there when too lazy to find something better for the same money. I do know a better place for same money , much better , but they do not allow hookers on the premises. Strictly enforced too (Atlanta Hotel … I love the decor , and the restaurant : )

Don’t know about you , I am willing to ‘suffer’ budget style accommodation , as all I do is sleep or shag in it. Don’t want a ‘palace’ for either. Also , if you stay in a 4 star hotel the girls might expect 4 star payment : ) Some say … “Oh impress the lady , stay in 4 star”. I say bollocks. The girls have to impress us , not us impress them. Have a look at girls typical accommodation , a place like Thai House Inn is pure luxury by comparison : )

So long as there are no cockroaches running around , no bed bugs , clean linen , civil service … I am in. Keep the money for more trips in the future : )

Another budget one that gets occasional mention : Best Value Inn , Soi 7/1. Baht 1200. Monger friendly.


Maxims Inn

Soi 7/1 Bt1190. Google it , some say quite nice , for a budget hotel. Convenient location.  I presume its in better condition than Thai House Inn , listed above.
Miami Hotel –

UPDATE : I’d say forget this place , being left behind by more progressive management elsewhere. Only if desperate and one night stay.

Location : Soi.13, No.2. in the street ( right hand side 30/40 mtrs from Sukhumvit Rd). Phone 2530369/2535611-3. Fax (66 2) 2531266. Dbl Fan Bt 480, Dbl Air 600. Monthly deals can bring the cost down significantly. The condition of the rooms are ‘fair’ at best. The one I saw needed upgrading. Overnight guests no prob ( girls ID surrendered at Front Desk) and the only really strong thing going for it, apart from its convenience for odds side venues (Bier Garten; Thermae; Soi Cowboy) . Full on whoring here, no problem. S. Pool; Coffee Shop; Discounts for long stays. Unfriendly, constipated service (was when I called in the day time anyway) . No ambience. If you don’t care about front desk service and want moderately priced , full on whoring accommodation conveniently located on the odds side then consider Miami , but check the rooms before handing over money. Like me , you might not like them.

With all those negatives , you might wonder why I have listed this one. Well , it was ok and reasonably popular , was. But with time it has been left behind. Acccommodation is very subjective , you might like the place. Check it out if your down that way. It’s certainly a monger abode.

All of this info belongs to :

And another one , in the same street … Business Grand , Soi.13 …. 1800 Baht , bookings necessary. Better than Miami.
Others you might like to consider :

Note : I do not know these places personally. But they get mentioned by other mongers as being ok or good. Suggest you book in advance over Internet one of the evens sided places I mentioned up above , rather than the following. Handy to know if its high season and other budget places are booked out ….
10. Nana Inn –

Soi.3. (Nana Neua ) No.13 in the street, opposite Grace , not so far up , before Best Inn. Two/three mins walk from Soi.4 and the action. Bt850/1000 per night. Well regarded by some.

11. Best Inn –

Soi .3. (Nana Neua) No.75 in the street, too far up ? Same street as Grace but on opp. side. Baht 400 Fan. Baht 500 Air con. smallish rooms. Dont expect much : )

12. Grand Inn –

Soi.3. (Nana Neua) Baht 800/1200 apartment style place. Website: Phone:02-2549021, Fax 2549020. Various room prices incl. Bt900. Hookers can not redeem their ID until Front Desk has called you and confirm gal can go. Well regarded by some. Update  : This one seems a good alternative to Thai House Inn.

13. Grand President –

Soi 11 . Reasonable location for odds side venues. Has swimming pool , tariff should incl. breakfast. Buildings 1 & 2 are better (than 3) . Baht 1400 and pos. up. Popular with some , unpopular with others. They check girls ID’s.

14. Business Inn

Soi 11/1. Bt800 and up per night. Reasonably popular with Budget Bangers. No prob for mongers. Location is good for Thermae and not too bad for Beer Garden or NEP. Phone (66) 2 2557155-8. Email :

15. Ruamchitt Plaza –

Location : No. 199 Sukhumvit Rd between Soi’s 13 & 15 in Sukhumvit Road. Phone 02-2540205 Fax 2532406 . Reasonably popular with Mongers. Rooftop pool , largely unused. Home to Thermae hooker Coffee Shop (entrance to Thermae right underneath Hotel). Thermae is largely dominated by SE Asian male clientele nowadays. Western foreigners will most probably find it difficult to secure top hookers , who prefer the big spending SE Asians (Japanese and Korean). You should be able to get a room at Ruamchitt for Baht 1500 – 2000. The new rooms and/or the rooms at end of corridor are the better rooms. Other ones used for ST I suspect. Short time rooms at Baht400. Remember , its quite a  walk to NEP area from here , but do-able. This one is for the folk who like the odds side of Sukhumvit Road. Overall : Not a high priority hotel , but not a low one either : )

Note – any accom. further away from Soi.15 is too far away (from king spots of NEP ,  Beer Garden , Gullivers etc etc). That is , not convenient walking distance for someone on hol’s , who likes to meander without getting involved in a lengthy 15-20 min walk. Of course there is always the BTS Sky Train , but in the main , I lay emphasis on the popular places within walking distance of the action (NEP/Nana ‘heart’) , as illustrated up above.

And there is more ! : ) – Possibly you can find more via : (for special offers) , Those three are the ‘flavour’ right now. Or As stated before : are a well known booking agency , although it’s better in my opinion , to deal directly with the Hotel of your choice via email or phone , if pos. Me , I just front up on spec. Makes it easier to pop around the corner if my first choice is full/no vacancy. High season different, have a reservation.

Plenty of upper class/price places in the same ‘action’ area. Sorry , no info on those other than Landmark and Marriot above , I’m a “Budget Banger” (but not a Cheap Charlie ! : )

“Budget Bangers know best” : )

You can spend as much as you like on accommodation , but please restrain yourself with the Ladies. You might spoil it for the rest of us less endowed ( $ , not penis : ) Thanks : )

Short Time Sex Hotels : 

Short time (ST) hotels – As you most probably know these hotels are geared for short time liaisons and not regular twenty four hour accommodation. Even so, it is possible to come to an arrangement with management for twenty four hour accommodation, although usually these places are rowdy with a lot of coming and goings and thus not suitable for a good nights sleep. See Bangkok “Other Nightlife” Notes (right at the very end of those notes) for limited and updated info on ST Hotels.

You really do not have to know anything about these places , just ask the girl of your choice , she will know the most appropriate one for you needs (shagging : ). Bt300 usually.

Additional basic info

Food/Restaurants : 

Getting a good feed in Bangkok is not a problem. There are restaurants everywhere and no doubt you will come up with some favourites of your own. Here is a list to get you started.

Soi.4 Area – You can’t go wrong dining in any of the major hotels in this area.

Nana Hotel :

Soi.4. Nana Tai, about 50 metres down from Suk’ on right hand side. Restaurant – yes. Buffet Breakfast ( open to the Public ) 7am – 10/11am (flexible) popular – Bt160, all you can eat. Good value. Lunch time Buffet : 12noon (pos little earlier) to 2.30pm , Bt180 (?). Evening Buffet : no have. Food via Restaurant Menu in evenings = fair only when compared with better value Buffets earlier in the day. There are better Restaurants in Bangkok , and plenty of them , but Nana is so convenient and relatively cheap , inhabited by fellow mongers. That is , you can dine with the girl of your choice there without any ‘eyes’ on you (tourists : ) Email
Majestic Grande Hotel : See detailed info above (Hotels). Worth a try for their lunch time Bt300 buffets. I know I will try it , next time in Thailand. Currently stuck in Phils : )

Dynasty Inn – Convenient :

Address 5/4 – 5 Soi 4 Nana Tai, Sukhumvit Road. That is, in Soi .4. off Sukhumvit Road. Opposite side of Soi.4. to Nana Hotel and a few metres further down. Another monger abode. You will be perfectly at ease here , dining with your babe , or alone for that matter.

Atlanta Hotel :

At the end of Sukhumvit Soi2. Catch motorbike taxi at c/r of Suk’ and Soi.2 Baht20. Alternatively , some 10/12 mins walk from NEP area. Ambience, good food, moderate prices but Mongers and their Ladies not admitted ! They have a big sign out the front “Sex Tourists not Welcome”. Whorists no problem. So long as entering by self and not towing a hooker , all is well. For a vegetarian type , I find the food here very satisfactory (sweet and sour). When you want to get away from mongering , and the molls , this is the place. It’s got old world charm and ambience ….. for me anyway  : )

The Old Dutch :

C/R Soi 23 and Soi Cowboy . Nice decor, atmos, waitresses , but for me , food is only so-so , yet folks I know , rave about the food here, so might be just me (fastidious) . Average sized breakfasts at a moderate price. If you have arrived too early for Soi Cowboy GoGo Bar action , have a beer/snack at Old Dutch. Then a few short paces and your into the thick of it – Soi Cowboy Go-Go strip.

Jools :

This Lonely Planet listed Restaurant/Bar is located in Soi.4. Nana Tai. Coming from the Suk’ junction its about 50 metres past NEP on the same side. Almost opposite the entrance to Rajah Hotel. 21/3 Sukhumvit Road. Jools Bar & Restaurant (British). Downstairs Brit. bar, upstairs Restaurant. My personal opinion : Bit musty on entering (carpets). Food bit greasy , nothing special, and above ave prices. Buffets at Nana Hotel , also a little greasy , but much better value (see above).

All of this info belongs to :

Hospital for STD’s :

If you get something suspicious coming out of your dicky bird (penis) then head to :

Cheap , but good : STD Clinic Soi.11 (off Sukhumvit Road). Haven’t heard any negative comments about the place. This is where I would go and all good god fearing (STD fearing) Whorists should go. Bumrungrad , see below ,  is for sucker tourists , not for the true blue whorists  : )

How could a tourist get an STD ? From the elephants ? : )

Expensive : Bumrungrad Hospital , 33 Sukhumvit , Soi.3 and the “Outpatients” where you will find Urologists who’ll fix you up right and proper. No pain , no gain : ) Well regarded hospital and treatment for STD’s , but at a price. Believe STD treatment can be as high as Baht5000 or more. Screwing the tourists , and they should screw them too , especially those tourists who encroach on our whorist play grounds …. Soi Cowboy etc  : ).


After reading all the above you have got a general background on important basic matters which can affect your fun sex time in Bangkok. Now information on the actual hooker sex scene itself ……………


this was taken as an archive after the website went down. All articles linked are written by, who sadly disappeared off the internet.

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