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Angeles City is really one giant dump of a town. I seem to enjoy the beggars, the grime, the stink, the place just reeks of a place where old pensioners go to die out the remaining days of their lives drinking Red Horse and banging 18 year olds. Many guys wonder where to get cheap sex in Angeles City, especially with everyone complaining now about 3000 PHP ($80USD long time barfines paid in advance) so the girl can fuck you once and run off with a problem and there are no refunds.

perimeter road don juico walking street angeles city pampanga phippines cheap sex bars hookers KTV korean town

For the longest time the best answer was probably to head to Santos Street and Raymond Street, but these bars were raided a year or two back and now basically non-existant. You can take a walk down to see if they are open and available, one or two bars such as the Black Pearl might still be open but it’s a shadow of it’s former self.

Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of options when it comes to finding cheap sex in Angeles City. Any time you are dealing with freelancers you should be able to find cheap options because you don’t have to pay any fee to the bar. Organising Sneak Outs where the girl meets you after she finishes her shift is the best, the bars take the majority of the cut of the barfine money anyway most of the time and don’t give a fuck about the girls. So why should anyone care about lining the bar owners pockets with money?

Down on Perimeter Road you can find some barfine prices that aren’t high though, although it used to be an all in price for long time but now it’s almost only a short time street where the girl wil lstay for an hour or two and bugger off back to her back to get more business or go back to her trike driving husband for the night.

perimeter road don juico walking street angeles city pampanga phippines cheap sex bars hookers KTV korean town

Cheap Barfines At Perimeter Angeles City


How the Angeles City girly bars work is that you get cat called and come inside and watch a bunch of sexy dancers on stage, some in bikinins, some in t-backs or g-strings doing dance troupe shows. Often times they just stand there eating their fried chicken ignoring all of the customers in the place. Don’t expect to see any nudity like the bars in Pattaya, it’s completely gone now after all the raids taken place over the past few years and huge crackdowns.

If you fancy the look of a girl you can call her down and she will come and sit with you and you can purchase her a ladies drink for anywhere between 120 – 300 PHP, they almost always push the scam of a DLD or Double Ladies Drink where you are forced to pay 300 pesos for the ladies drink. It’s just a scam, always tell them single drink only.

It’s a little easier these days to let the women pick me as opposed to me picking the hottest one I can find on the stage. At least if they run over to me, they want to go with me. As opposed to me pointing and clicking like the Koreans do and picking the knockout stunner and her turning into a starfish 2 minutes into her job later back at the hotel and complaining the entire time. Nothing worse than when after 30 seconds of sex the girl asks ‘why haven’t you cum yet?’

All of the bars on Walking Street Fields Avenue are much more expensive than the girly bars on Perimeter Road. You can jump on a trike to Perimeter from Walking Street but the trike drivers will be demanding at least 100 pesos to take you such a short distance to sit in a tiny tin can cramped taxi. It’s easier to pay 8 pesos and get the little buses that go back and forth every few minutes. So long as you hold onto your wallet and phone as pick pockets galore on these buses.

perimeter road don juico walking street angeles city pampanga phippines cheap sex bars hookers KTV korean town

Cheap Freelancers In Angeles City


Some say that High Society is the downfall to Angeles City as now most girls do not want to work in the bars all day long for a pittance. Instead they can sleep all day or hang out with their friends or families and then head to HiSo at night where they can party and drink the night away and possibly grab a customer if they feel up to it. The cheapest you can grab a girl here if she likes you is only 1000 PHP ($25USD) so it makes High Society probably the best value in town as it’s chock a block full of single women looking for a hookup every night of the week and the Korean Invasion hasn’t yet hit this venue fortunately. If you go real late at night I’m almost certain if they like you they will go for less than 1000 pesos even.

Girls at hooker discos are generally going to charge more than girls on the street cost. They buy nice clothes and take the time to get all dressed up, so they will expect to get paid more for putting in more effort to look good for you.

If you want to try and find cheap sex from prostitutes in High Society look for the girls standing around the perimeter of the walkway that make eye contact when you pass. They are the hungriest for a customer and will be the easiest to negotiate with.

On the street is where you will find the absolute cheapest sex going around but my take is not to fuck around with the freelancers / street walkers, there is a good reason they arent’ employed by a bar and maybe that is because they failed their weekly hygeine test or maybe they are on shabu or maybe they are well known around town for causing a lot of trouble. Either way, steer clear of them and pay the extra dollar or two get one from a bar or from HiSo. Make sure to lock all your valuables in the safe at the hotel and even have the hotel reception empty the minibar snacks and drinks because many girls will fill their handbags with as much stuff as they can possibly walk away with, while you foot the bill as she was your guest for the night. Most importantly check their ID and make sure they are 18+.

Don’t go anywhere near Phillies bar especially as the sun goes down because it’s nothing but a filthy disgusting ladyboy hang out area, nothing against ladyboys, however they are known to acost you, pick pocket you and kick your ass in just because they feel like it. They are bad for business and bad for this town.

perimeter road don juico walking street angeles city pampanga phippines cheap sex bars hookers KTV korean town

Santos Street and Raymond Street Short Time Bars

5 or 10 years ago these were some of the most popular bars in town, now not so much. There were some raids on Raymond Street awhile back that scared many customers and girls away, now they have a hard time getting attractive girls to work there. It’s pretty hard to recruit talent when everyone is scared of being locked in jail for human trafficking.

Most of these bars such as the Black Pearl have now closed, one or two may be open, but it’s basically a graveyard of what it was. Best to avoid this area completely and not waste your time here anymore.

They used to be known as ‘blow row’ because many guys would go there to get a quick blowjob in rooms upstairs where you could also have sex in a filthy mattress in a filthy bedroom made of plywood. If you happen to find a girl still working here for some unknown reason, you can take them back to your hotel for 700 to 800 pesos for a few hours of raunchy sex.

Don’t expect any stunners here, but every now and then you may come across the diamond in the rough.


Meeting Cheap Hookers Online

Angeles City is definintely not a good place for online dating. For a start, if a girl is online dating in this town she is 99.9% chance she is a prostitute and using the apps as another business tool to drum up some business in slow times. You can use any dating app like Tinder or Badoo and they will be flooded with prostitutes.

You can also use dating sites Filipino Cupid or to try and meet hookers in Angeles City online. If you want to know if she is a prostitute you will find photos of her in bikinis and have a school locker setup behind her where all the dancers keep their street clothes and also their dance uniforms. You’ll know it when you see it. The good thing about the Filipino Cupid app is that a few weeks before you come on your vacation you can talk to as many of these hookers as possible and possibly setup some sort of hit list of the top 20-30-40 you want to bang when you arrive. At least 50% wont be around, so go for high numbers.

Manila and Cebu City are better places for meeting Filipinas online that aren’t prostitutes on the game.


Good Luck Finding Cheap Sex In Angeles City

When you are trying to find cheap sex in Angeles City, Philippines you have to keep your expectations low. You shouldn’t come here expecting 9’s and 10’s but rather 7’s and 8’s being the top women you will meet in the bars. You are paying rock bottom prices already. If they were super hot they would be making top dollar in a Manila KTV or P Burgos or EDSA gogo bar.

If you can put in some time trawling the bars and bar hopping generally you will find one you think looks completely acceptable to you to have sex with. Why would the hottest girls be at the cheapest spots?

The more time and effort you put in the more likely you are to get a good deal. A few people I know make business cards with their LINE ID, WeChat ID, KakoTalk ID (it’s a Korean chat app) and then wait for desperate girls with no customers to start flooding them with messages. This is where you can low ball them and win every single time. Hope this post helped answer where to find cheap sex in Angeles City.


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  1. john says: going to the sm mall angeles. pede b mkipag meet?

  2. rodger says:

    I wish i had that info before I went.
    there was nothing in blow row.
    really didn’t have much luck there.

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  5. mike says:

    Raymond street has improved in 2018. There is another short time bar on Santos up toward Kokomoz that is better than Black Shadow.

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