Ace Anma in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

Ace Anma is located in the Gangnam area of downtown Seoul and is a full service sex massage and sauna that is foreigner friendly. Anma’s are Korean spa businesses where customers can get a great massage and fuck from sexy Korean women.

Ace Anma is just outside exit 3 of the Gangnam-gu Office train station and it’s clearly marked with signs so it’s very easy even if you understand no Korean language.

When you enter Ace Anma you have to pay 230,000 Won as an entrance fee to the receptionist and then you get taken to a small room while you wait for a sexy Korean service provider woman to arrive.

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You will get the best wash from top to bottom and they give your dick and balls a thorough cleaning and after being scrubbed down you get taken to a side room for sex. Almost all the women working in Ace Anma are mid-20’s and very attractive, the ugly ones don’t seem to last long before getting fired. The women here are also very strong during the massage and very good at the sex, probably due to the high traffic that comes through this business.

Ace Anma is open 24 hours a day


Here is a map of  Ace’s location and you can find the place very easily if you take the train to Gangnam-Gu Office station and exit number 3 and if you get stuck just follow the google maps for instructions where to go from your location. It’s best not to turn up here at 4am reeking of booze though, the girls might not give the greatest performance if that’s the case. For the most parts this is probably a firm favourite with foreigners in the Seoul and even Gangnam area for sex so pop down and fuck some hot Koreans for very little money.

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2 Responses

  1. Shan says:

    Give me nevi number or addrass

  2. Tommy says:

    Different places you are from, different prices. They don’t let u pick, they said chose for you that meant they do like foreigner, I don’t recommend it

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